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Numerous educational institutions all across the globe ask the students to work on the Qantas case study. So, here’s a little description of the aviation firm that can prove to be beneficial for you. 

Qantas group, the largest Australian regional airline organization, has built a reputed name for itself in the aviation industry all across the globe. The company recently completed 100 years of proudly serving top class flying facilities to the passengers in Australia as well as other nations of the world.

Being in the industry for almost a century the firm has earned the trust of thousands of flyers and businesses operating in the aviation sector. 

A quick overview of the Qantas aviation 

Formed in 1920 Queensland, Qantas has made an unparalleled reputation for itself in the aviation industry. Now in 2020, the organization completes a century of safely and precisely serving the flyers all around the globe.

The entire approbation of the success lies with the citizens of Australia who have always stood with the organization throughout its ups and downs of achieving success in the competitive times.

With premium-quality safety measures, dependable operations, customer satisfactory services, adequate planning, regular maintenance, and advanced engineering the company is well-recognized as one of the most trustworthy long-distance airlines among the flyers. The maximum crew of the airline belongs to the Aussie land. 

The prime operations of the Qantas group involve helping consumers move from one place to another under its two airline brands, the Jetstar and the Qantas.

The group has been safely transporting regional, domestic, and international consumers. Along with the airlines, the group also has a wide array of contributory affairs that start from the Qantas Freight Enterprises to the other supreme services for the flying consumers.

Historical facts about the Qantas aviation organization

Originally called the Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited, Qantas started its operation in 1920 from Queensland. Under the guidance of the founding chairman, Fergus McMaster, Qantas boarded its initial flights.

Because of the rise of Qantas airlines western Australia got connected to the rest of the world. A lot of investors who bought shares in Qantas bought tickets as well to get in touch with the outer world via Qantas.

Qantas was launched with the objective of introducing and mastering a completely new trend of traveling among the Australian citizens and other flyers of the world. Fergus not only wanted Qantas to become an airline but he wanted the group to conquer the sky.

The organization first expanded its business overseas in 1935 by flying between Brisbane and Singapore. The cabin service was introduced between the two major locations Sydney and Singapore in 1938.

Interestingly, from 1939 to 1945 the Qantas operated in the frontline during the first world war and played a crucial role in the evacuation process. The organization built a strong service network within Australia to establish a smooth flow of transportation and communication for the citizens.

Qantas put in the best of its efforts to come out as one of the most glamorous airline services in Australia with the jet age in 1959. The most advanced and dynamic airplanes were introduced during this era. It was from the year 1922 till 2019 privatization was announced by the Qantas group of airlines.

A large number of services were started and resumed as well as long distance flights were arranged to showcase the progress of the organization in terms of service and developing a huge name for themselves in the world of Aviation. March 2020, Qantas completed a century in the air with exceptional growth in its bag.

Impeccable business strategy of the Qantas aviation group

Forward-thinking, the safety of the passengers, sustainable operations, unmatched reputation, top-class crew members, and high-end infrastructure, a strong customer base, acquiring feedback, and being environmentally responsible are some of the factors that attained a major position in the Qantas business strategy.

Apart from this the aviation organization also focuses on diverse types of business models such as cost leadership and differentiate but majorly the organization focuses on rising above from other Airlines. 

When we talk about forward-thinking, Qantas has been taking advanced technology to the next level with astonishing performance and become a leader of the airline services and products.

Secondly, considering the security of the passengers the organization trains its crew members to ensure safety management, the security of the flyers, flying safety, occupational health, and safety and performance safety. A large amount of money is invested to enhance the operational safety and performance of the Qantas airlines. 

Talking about sustainable operations, Qantas sets up long term and short term goals to reduce risk, grabbing the attractive opportunities, and doing the right things for the consumers, shareholders, and the community as a whole.

Considering the reputation of the organization, Qantas focuses on two major factors, i.e. punctuality and loyalty towards the consumers. It majorly wants to preserve high-performance standards.

The skills of the crew members are also of utmost importance to the Qantas organization. The company invests an adequate amount in enhancing the leadership skills of its managers to guide the crew members and ensure 100% customer satisfaction at every stage.

Superior infrastructure is one of the other crucial aspects of Qantas business strategies. In order to succeed in the flying industry, it is essential to invest in the up-to-date aircraft and guarantee safety, comfort, cost efficiency, fuel efficiency, and range capability for maximum output to the consumers.

Along with premium quality infrastructure, Qantas also concerns for engineering and building its trust, enhancing production, and improving customer security. 

Thinking about customer experience to achieve high levels of satisfaction Qantas provides the passengers with top level of comfort, happiness, and convenience while traveling.

Being environmentally responsible allows the Qantas group to always focus on giving back to the environment and preserving as much as possible to support the natural organizations around the company. 

Providing feedback is one of those aspects that increases the Qantas team to give in the best of their efforts, offer attractive opportunities to the travelers, and save the environment. Qantas also sponsors multiple sports events to support talented individuals in society.

A quick look into the complementary affairs of the Qantas group

For over a century now, Qantas has become a household name among the regular flyers of the world. The organization is the reason for a family having meals on the table and an individual having inner peace in life.

Not only just the aviation business, but Qantas also trades in multiple complementary affairs which are listed below for your reference:

Qantas loyalty

An innovative business model by the Australian aviation group which provides attractive loyalty points and offers to the regular and frequent flyers of the Qantas airlines. This facility allows the organization to continuously stay in touch with its customer base. 

Qantas holidays

 An innovative under the Jetset airline of the group, starting from destination promotions, holiday packages, sports events, stage shows, to packing for airlines the Qantas holidays has a lot to offer to those associated with the brand.


 An entity entirely under the Qantas group of aviation. Located in New Zealand, the subsidiary has its operations spread all across Tasman. This service is responsible for providing cabin crew services to the entire Qantas Airlines.

Qantas link

 The regional airline of the Qantas organization was introduced to dedicatedly serve the loyal Australian citizens and impart comfort in their everyday traveling and transportation needs.

Approximately two thousand flights are boarded in a week to multiple locations in Australia under this service of the organization. 

Express ground handling

 Another complementary affair of the Qantas aviation group which is completely owned by the aviation organization. The service is responsible for providing complete ground services to all the regional airlines operating under the Qantas group.

Qantas freight

The largest independent cargo service in Australia that ships over 4000 items to more than 500 destinations all across the globe. With the support of a large team of trusted business associates who are efficient in providing transportation and home delivery services, Qantas successfully completes its delivery cycle.

Jetstar group

A complimentary affair that is known for economical fares and the comfort of luxury flight services. The Jetstar group as a whole board around 4000 flights in a week and travels to approximately 75 destinations spread across 17 nations almost With almost 120 jets, r this subsidiary has another is another beast of the Qantas group.

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