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  • 15 Jul 2019

College life is busy but it is fun as well. It's not only about taking classes and earning a degree. It is also an opportunity for you to get involved and be a part of different clubs, communities, events and programs that will help you make new friends, score you a good resume, make a difference in community and feel connected to the campus life.

Your college life is the beginning of a new phase where you get to experience new things. College campus activities are a great way of breaking away from the monotonous plethora of classes and assignments. You should experience most of your college life by taking part in the fun activities and surrounding yourself with fun people and even fun environment.

So how exactly can you become a part of your college life? Let's have a look.

  1. Join a Club

Join a club that matches your interests and passion. These clubs are generally student run and include either interest based programs or activity base based programs. So if you have a passion for dancing or singing or maybe your are passionate about specific political or social cause, then join a club of your interest. Who knows sharing your beliefs and thoughts might turn out to be a good way to interact with other students and maybe even change a few minds. There are various clubs, probably the clubs that you might not even have heard about. Don't think of it as time consuming and forgo these opportunities. Keep on checking with your student service center of the college to learn more about these clubs and associations. You can also have a chance of starting your own club. Think about that now!

  1. Join a fraternity or a sorority

The concept of fraternity comes from the Greek system. It is now widely accepted over most universities around the world. It is a popular choice for college students who want to get involved in structured social opportunities such as philanthropy and extensive alumni network. Living in a fraternity or a sorority will help you develop new everlasting bonds and relationships. But mind you, it is not easy to join these fraternities and it can be a bit competitive. Think about when you would know multiple people belonging to different fraternities and all taking part in inter university competitions together and like this you grow a lifelong network of professional connections as well as social support. Think about all the happening parties you will be invited to!

  1. Participate in Community Service

Join a community service group if all that you have always wanted to do is help people and contribute to the betterment of society. Joining such a student organization that is devoted to community service will broaden your horizons. Think about the strong resume that you will be able to build by gaining a valuable experience and certain skills and the feeling of sense of pride in contributing back to your society. Apart from this, community service projects frequently remove you from school and help you become progressively acquainted with the territory encompassing your grounds, presenting you to a large group of new assets.

  1. Join the Sports Team

Are you an athletic person? Do you want to try your hand at various sports that you have been wanting for so long? You probably would have heard of intramural sports. Joining a sports or athletic team doesn't always mean that you need to step out and work; there are numerous indoor games such as chess and table tennis that you can be a part of in your college. So if you are looking for camaraderie, some fun and yet be athletic, and an approach to fabricate companionship, let it all out. From dance clubs to intramural Frisbee, there's something for everybody. You simply need to discover it.

  1. Join the School Paper

Oh so you like to write? Then show off your writing skills by being a talented writer or poet for your college magazine, yearbook or paper. This is one of the most invaluable learning experience that you will ever gain in college. Regardless of what your major is or your future profession, the capacity to write will always make you ahead of all others in the game. Hone these aptitudes while diving into the nuts and bolts of college life by joining the college paper. There are probably going to be open doors for article scholars, photographers, editors, specialists, and lead editors. Know that writing for the understudy paper is another incredible thing to have on your resume.

  1. Volunteer

Sometimes what happens is that you get so immersed in your studies that you have little time left on your hand. You must wonder that you cannot join any club because of the time constraint. You can always volunteer in an animal shelter or maybe a private nongovernmental organization where you can serve in the time frame preferred by you. Volunteering will help you in keeping things in perspective and give you time off from your college life and studies to make you feel better while also having a constructive outcome. Keep checking your college website and bulletin for updates and posters mentioning about volunteer programs and local associations needing help.

  1. Find an On Campus Job

Are you need of money? Do you work part time as well? Is all your time lost in commuting for your part time job? Well in that case, quit your off campus job and find an on campus job for a certain deprtment of your interest. So if you have time and are looking for a job to bear your expenses, the on campus job is the time effective way if you want to gain work experience, make some professional connections and build a vast network for yourself. You can always find out about these part time jobs or internships at your college career centre or maybe the college student body council.

  1. Become a Research Assistant to your Professor

A standout amongst the best alternatives of college is testing yourself scholastically and adapting new things. Numerous universities offer college students who have a good academic background to conduct research for their professors and work under their guidance. This will give you an incredible opportunity to strengthen your academic experience. This way various students have a chance to show their research to a more extensive network. So if you are starting with a new semester, it is probably the right to consider beginning on a new research project that you have been wanting to for quite some time now.

  1. Attend Campus Events

Numerous universities and colleges host campus visits that includes music festivals, performances, lectures, dances, movie screenings and many more. The entry to such events is generally free for all college students and it is the time when you meet new people and form your professional network.

  1. Become a Tutor or Teaching Assistant

Are you one of those people, who are expert in a subject, be it math or science? Are you the one to whom all your friends approach during the time of examinations? Consider offering your administrations to your college's coaching centers. Numerous universities hire students as a supplement tutor where you can also work with a volunteer organization that helps school children who need help in studying. You may also act as a teaching assistant or maybe a lab instructor in your spare time. This helps in developing good bond with your professors and faculty and pursue you passion of researcher as well. This can be a decent method to meet individuals outside of your major while also gaining the experience of teaching that you can put in your resume.

Now where might you find the information of the clubs that you want to join or any other activity that you want to be a part of? What do you think gets most overlooked in college? Yes, it's the campus postings on the bulletin. Take some time out to walk around the campus and have a look at all those posted flyers and posters that something you would always over look. It is the best way to get to know what events are taking place in your college so that you can be a part of it.

The college days are going to be the best days of your life and probably your existence, so try to seek out your passion, join a group, start a club, step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and develop new friendships that would end a lifetime. It's never too late. Give it a try! It will be worth your time.

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