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  • 03 Mar 2020

International student loans are available in Australia to the students who have come here from other countries for their studies. In the past few years, there has been a major increase in the number of students who have come to Australia from foreign countries. These students often require loans to cover their study and personal expenses.

Of course, there are the students that take My Assignment Help and this too is the main expense that they have to cover. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before you apply for an international student loan in Australia.

The first thing to decide is the college or university that you wish to study in. You will have to conduct complete research regarding the course fees, tuition fees of the college, the courses offered, and the cost of living where your college is located. The cost of education living expenses etc. are higher in Australia compared to developing countries. This is the reason that you need to understand the total expenses that you will incur. More than 600,000 students come to Australia from foreign countries.

There are a large number of recognized colleges and universities in Australia and this is the reason that many students from abroad come here for their studies. A degree from one of the reputable colleges in this country can help you to create a strong career base in Australia or in any other developed and advanced country. The student loans in Australia can help foreign students to study their preferred subject in the college or university of their choice.

Let us look at the eligibility criteria for foreign student loans in Australia

  • The student should have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • The student should be a citizen of the country where they are coming from
  • They should have secured admission in one of the lists of universities and colleges approved by the particular bank.
  • The student should be from a financially strong background so that the loan is repaid within the time limit.
  • The student should have a valid Australian visa
  • The academic record of the student should be strong.
  • The student should be a minimum 18 years in age if the age is lower then the parents have to apply for the loan.
  • Banks in Australia prefer a job-oriented course, hence it will be easier to get a loan if you are studying a job-oriented course.
  • For post-graduation like MCA, MBA, MS, and other diplomas should be from government approved colleges.
  • You may have to provide some kind of security to the bank like government securities or public sector bonds. Bank deposits, building or land which are in the name of the parent or anyone who is signing as the guarantor for the student.
  • If you want to get a loan from the university then you have to be a full-time student. At the same time, there should be proof of financial background. All previous dues should be cleared before you apply for the loan.

Once you have taken admission in any university or college, the loan will be very helpful if you opt to buy assignment online. The amount of loan that you apply for should consider this expense also, although you should not disclose to the bank that you are going to get your assignments done by professional assignment help providing companies. You can include this amount in the living expenses while applying for the loan.

There are three types of student loans available in Australia:

Undergraduate student loans – this is a loan that is taken by students who have completed an undergraduate school diploma and wish to study a graduate course with the help of which they can get better job opportunities.

Professional or graduate student loans – the students who take these loans should have a graduate degree and they want to pursue higher education in colleges and universities in Australia. For this type of loan, the student should have an undergraduate degree.

Career education loan – these loans are meant for students who want to pursue undergraduate career programs in technical or trading colleges. For this loan, the student should have a high school or equivalent degree or diploma

The students who study in Australia are often burdened with the task of doing assignments. The college and university curriculum don’t leave much time for the students to do their assignments. This is the reason that most students opt for essay writing service, which not only provides help with essay writing but also with the other assignments of the students. This is also an expense that the students have to consider while applying for a foreign student loan in Australia. They should include this expense also while deciding upon the loan amount. In order to understand the amount that they will spend on assignment services, they should contact one of the companies that provide such help and take an estimate from them.

Let us look at some of the banks in Australia that provide student loans to foreign students.

The most popular banks for student loans in Australia include RateSetter, Harmony, HSBC, ANZ, Moneyplace, CUA Life rich bank, etc. These banks have different criteria for offering loans to students. Even the amount of loans that they easily sanction for foreign students is different. You should conduct thorough research online as well as by contacting the customer service departments of the banks to understand the amount of loan that you will get and the criteria that you have to satisfy in order to get the loans.

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