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An academic year demands individuals to submit a well drawn research paper. For a number of students, it might mean varied sleepless nights, stress and impending work; however there are solutions that can ease you out.  

Writing a good paper can be quite daunting, especially if you have never done it earlier. Seeking help from a professional resource helps you to walk across every stance in life. Apart from reducing stress, it also helps to acquire the grade you are looking at.

A few steps and resources need you to craft a strong research paper. The art of writing a research paper can get quite challenging, however with the help of professional assistance, it can be a smooth ride.

An insight into understanding a research paper:

A research paper refers to a kind of academic writing which needs significant and theoretical data which has succumbed to in-depth research. It is a type of academic writing that comes with substantial and theoretical information which has witnessed a proper in-depth research process. It comprises arguments being based on evidence and thesis attained from varied reliable and supportive sources.

Although the process is somewhat similar, the paper is different from a research proposal. The proposal refers to a persuasive piece that is intended to convince the audience about the value of a research project. Although it might seem like a complicated task at the beginning as it involves a number of intensive researches, however with the help of valuable assistance, the process becomes better.

Let us dig a little deeper into the research process:

Although a quantifiable amount of effort is put on the writing style of a paper, research forms as one of the most pivotal steps. A research helps you to understand a number of factors such as the following:

Understand the subject

Formulated core ideas for a paper

Develop the thesis statement

Speak about a topic with utmost authority

Steps to write a research paper:

A few steps will help students to learn an in-depth knowledge of the essential ways to write a research paper well. Let us explore a few steps that will helps you get started with the process:

Choose a topic that engages readers:

Choosing a topic is a crucial task. As the research paper entails studying a topic from a variety of approaches, techniques, hypotheses and others, hence you need to ensure that you choose a topic that is investigated well by the scholars.

In addition to this, a topic should also be such that it can engage readers and keep them hooked to the entire research. It should not bore the readers out, as the entire effort will otherwise go to waste. When you choose a topic, make sure that you ask yourself whether you will be interested in the topic or not. If you feel the topic is not that engaging, it is best to drop it right there.

Write a few questions down, that will help you be curious and find answers on them. At the same time, do not forget to ask the instructor to formulate a topic as based upon it. Make sure, you ace this step as choosing a topic predetermines the level of success in a research paper. Choose the topic wisely!

Search for a reputable source

In order to craft a resourceful assignment, it is essential to dive deep in the topic. Without searching for a varied reputable source, it would not be possible for citing a reputable source. Ensure that you make use of nothing but only vital information sources.

Search your resource out from popular services such as Google Books, Google Scholar or Microsoft Academic. It allows you to avail a number of scientific articles, books, journals and other types of research material. Make your search query and shortlist the helpful websites.

Some of the common primary resources are scientific magazines, textbooks, official reports, e-books, newspapers, films, documentaries and so on.

The secondary resources might provide a lot of valuable insight, however are less reliable as compared to the primary insights. Here are a few facts that are collected by the researcher from a group of individuals. A few sources of secondary resources are polls, interviews, quizzes, questionnaires, surveys, and others.

Students pick Wikipedia along with other open-sources as the primary resources to rely upon. As the sources are an open source one, hence it is often not trusted upon by the faculty in the university.

  • A few resourceful research sources are listed as following:
  • A number of websites having .edu and .gov extensions
  • Online libraries with category lists
  • Try researching on encyclopedia which will offer you an insight on the most precise facts about achievements, theories and other valuable insights

While writing down a list of sources, it is crucial to ensure that you search exactly what you are looking for.

Craft a thesis down

One the research sources are ready, it is now time to craft a thesis statement in a precise manner. It is time for you to give your best shot instead of fearing anything. Browse through the list and place each and every source in a logical manner.

Instead of concentrating on something very lengthy, it is time to be extremely precise. Instead of writing too long sentences, prioritize writing shorter ones. If you have developed too long sentences, it is crucial to divide them into smaller sentences.

The primary purpose of writing down a thesis is to explain the concept of the paper out to readers in one single line. Once you are done writing the statement, you would need to get it approved by the instructor.

Create a well crafted outline

The outline of a research paper is a map that helps you reach the final destination. There are several routes that help to reach there. Creating a well drawn outline is almost like winning half the battle. Once you are done with writing the notes down, you need to start brainstorming! The process does not necessarily need to be structured as it is just a brainstorming that you are doing. It serves as one of the most crucial parts and might take a lot longer as compared to other steps. However, it is extremely important and well worth the effort and time taken.

Let us here give you a brief insight into the integral sections:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Equipment and methodology
  • Findings and discussion
  • Conclusion
  • List of references
  • Appendices

Defining the sections

The title is the main part of the paper and should define the intention of the topic, followed by a table of contents and writing a crisp introduction. The methodology section is cited to list the professional tools beneficial for collecting and analyzing the information. Another goal rests upon explaining the manner in which the raw data gets evaluated. The process further allows other researchers and scientists to analyze the findings.

The quality of results usually tends to depend on the chosen tools and equipment. Hence it is ideal to trust the lab equipment, the value of computers and other stuff that make it possible to perform research. A multiple choice questionnaire is an ideal secondary source that helps to collect a number of public polls.

Example: The topic is shopping preferences. If the topic is based on a single case study, it needs the author to make use of multiple processors to analyze the data and tools for gathering information through surveys, pools and questionnaires.

Findings and discussion

As the name suggests, the section primarily discusses the findings and the results derived after performing the research and research processes. Students need to write down the findings in paragraphs stated in past tense.

A discussion is primarily intended to interpret and explain the findings, answer the primary question asked initially in the research paper, justify the findings and analyze the research critically.

Get the sources cited

Writing down an authentic assignment is the need of the hour. Hence, on failing to cite the resources down will lead to a plagiarized assignment. In order to avoid the situation, it is crucial to cite the sources by adhering to the rules of distinct styles like MLA, APA and other popular academic styles.

Conclude well

This is the last step of the research paper and at this step; you need to first proofread the content followed by writing a conclusion. Ensure that the text is properly structured and also easy to understand. Acknowledge the authors, cite sources and provide an in-depth understanding of the research topic in a summarized manner.

If the steps seem too confusing for you, do not worry as a professional assignment solution is available for you within your reach. At My Assignment Help Au, you can seek the help of multiple expert professionals with a detailed understanding of research papers. With the incorporation of their knowledge and expertise, you can attain a worthy paper. 

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