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  • 16 Apr 2018

The largest part of students’ lives involves preparing assignments, presentations and working on various projects and on the top of that preparing for the examinations. Some students like to work and study alone while some find group work and group study enjoyable and effective. Well, forming study groups is a very effectual strategy if you want to enhance your learning process. We are not saying that if you study alone, you wouldn’t be able to learn or understand but the sharing of unique ideas and insights in groups makes the learning process more productive and creative. In a group, you don’t study just because you have to pass your examinations but you like to share your ideas and develop a better understanding of the concepts. For example, if some topics of your course material are hard to understand for you, you can take help of your group members to understand and learn them or perhaps you missed a lecture and want someone to help you build your knowledge of some important topics, your group members will help you understand the tricky material.

So, if your examination are approaching and you are confused how to proceed, then prefer group studies.

Read the following benefits of group studies

  • Faster and effective learning : Group studies help you learn faster as compared to studying alone. For example, if you are confused with some part or chapter of your textbook, you can take help of your fellow students instead of spending precious time puzzling over the difficulty. Likewise, you can help other students if they have any doubt. When you study in groups, it enables to pool your ideas and gives more opportunities to learn from each other. You can accomplish tasks because a variety of expertise and competencies combine while learning a complex topic. Since everyone has different skills and insights, group members learn from each other. You analyze and discuss the topic and explore new questions and ideas which makes the learning faster and effective. 
  • Helps in avoiding procrastination : Group members meet at regular times so it helps the students in eliminating procrastination while when you study or work alone, you tend to procrastinate and put off important tasks until the last minute. If you study or prepare an assignment in group, you will have a set time to meet the group and you are accountable to your group members if you procrastinate. Groups create interactive work and study environment so there are no or rare chances of procrastination.
  • Breaks up the monotony : Studying alone for a long time can become monotonous. When you start getting bored, you lose focus and might indulge in other activities. Study group has a social aspect and when you interact with fellow students, you find studying together interesting. So, if you find some topics tedious, join a study group to make learning enjoyable.
  • Improves your notes : You can compare and evaluate your classroom notes and correct them. In fact, if you do not take notes during the lecture, your group members can help you in getting useful information. Similarly, you can help your group members if they have incomplete or erring notes.
  • Hones your study skills : You observe different study methods when you become a part of study group. You get new perspectives to learning and earn new techniques which helps you in sharpening your study skills. Your study methods may be excellent but you also get to know new ways to make learning effective.
  • Promotes creativity : When you study alone, there is no motivation to promote creativity. Study groups are cooperative and competitive at the same time. The element of competition in the group promotes critical thinking and help you in enhancing your creative skills. For example, if you are discussing a certain concept, the members provide different perspectives and prompt new ways of thinking. The group creates interactive environment and ensures deeper understanding of the topics. You can also hold tests in your group to make it more competitive and entertaining.
  • Instant solutions to your problems : Many questions pop up in your mind when you study a concept. If you are studying alone, you will have to wait to ask your queries from your teacher or tutor while if you are studying in a group, you will get instant solution to the query. Again if you are solving a mathematical sum and get stuck at any step, there is no one to help you. This gives rise to annoyance and you start losing interesting in your studies. On the other hand, when you are in a group, other students will help you in solving that sum.
  • Improves interpersonal skills : Studying in groups gives you opportunity to interact socially and develop your social networks. This is an excellent way to improve your social and communication skills.


These are some of the reasons that make group studies effective. However, when you join a group, always choose your group members carefully. If your group members are dedicated enough to work and study together you can make learning fun. Choosing right members for your study group will help you in becoming active rather than passive learner and promotes cooperative skills. So, choose group study to make learning effective.

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