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Quantitative research refers to the procedure of collection and analyzing of numerical data. This can be beneficial to finding averages and patterns, while making predictions, testing several casual relationships, generalizing results to a much wider population.

As the name suggests, the research is completely opposite to qualitative research and involves collecting and analyzing non-numerical data such as video, text and audio. The research is used across natural and social sciences: chemistry, biology, economics, psychology, marketing and sociology.

What are the methods of quantitative research?

You can make most of the quantitative research methods assignment help for developing a rather correlation, descriptive and experimental research.

  • In the realm of descriptive research, you can look out for an overall summary of the study variables.
  • In the realm of correlation research, you can investigate the relationship formed between the study variables.
  • Lastly, in experimental research, you can systematically examine the cause and effect relationship.

The experimental and correlation research is beneficial for formally testing the hypothesis, statistics and predictions. The two types of research involve a condition where the results can be essentially generalized to a lot broader populations as depending on the sampling method utilized.

Steps to write a stunning quantitative research paper

Presenting a stellar introduction

The introduction of any academic paper is the foundation stone to writing a stellar introduction. It comprises of a number of important aspects as the following:

Finding the research problem

With any academic paper, you need to offer clarity on a specific research problem. Seek operation research assignment help from the professionals.

Reviewing a literature

Finding books and scholarly items that have a particular form of research is a part of this step. At the same time, you also need to evaluate the primary gaps existing within a research.

Theoretical framework

At this step, students need to outline the hypothesis and theory that is connected with the study and also define any terms and words which might seem a little unfamiliar to understand.

Govern the research methodology

This is popularly known as the methods section and needs to elaborate the way in which the objective is to be attained. Let us explore the primary essentials of this step:

Analyze the population

Students performing the research need to analyze the step and check whether the data came from. Additionally, you also need to ensure and analyze where the gaps came from.

Process of collecting data

You also need to enunciate and de-clutter the methods and tools beneficial for collecting information and also identify the variables that are measured.

Do not forget to elaborate the methods beneficial for gathering data, and check whether the data was pre-existing or they have been gathered all by yourself. If the data has been collected yourself, you need to define the kind of instrument used while justifying your pick.

Carry out the data analysis

At this step, you need to explain the methods well and analyze the data. Do not forget to elaborate the instruments beneficial for studying the research objective.

Derive the results and findings

The research needs to be presented in an objective manner, and in a crisp format. It needs to be presented by supporting it through graphical representation such as charts, tables and other elements, beneficial for understanding data.


The analysis needs to be wrapped up by offering a brief summary of the topic, and a final comment made.

Summary of results

It is recommended to not elaborate any statistical data in the section. Do not provide any brief summary of the findings. Additionally, ensure that you offer answers to all research questions.


If it deems appropriate with the objective, you can connect the results with the recommendations and actions that need to be taken.

Decide the scope

It is again a must to address the necessity of future research as closely connected with the study’s limitations. Do not forget to elaborate any gap in literature not addressed in the paper.

70+ Topic Ideas for performing quantitative Research

Let us explore some of the quantitative research questions and examples for you to decide upon the best topics for you future projects:

  1. How does offering students access to mobiles/ laptops affect the studies?
  2. Discuss the role of preschools in helping students fair better in the school.
  3. Explain the current decline in the unemployment rate of the US
  4. Evaluate the passenger safety in US airport security and with that support it with offering your statistics and views.
  5. Discuss how much exercise an adult needs to do in order to stay healthy
  6. Discuss and analyze how the growth in the realm of healthcare has modified its costs
  7. Has depression impacted the teen population and how?
  8. What is the role of ecotourism on the internet?
  9. Do teens using social media are more susceptible to the side effects and experience anxiety and depression? Support your argument with statistics.
  10. Has smart phones managed to influence workplace productivity? Support your arguments with proper evidence.
  11. What are the necessary changes in the realm of Australian education system and how has it reflected upon the steady improvement?
  12. How has substance abuse affected young adults in the United States?
  13. How effective has the HIV awareness campaigns been and how are they promoting safe sex?
  14. What is the present scenario in the realm of cyber security and what is the role of the government in supporting it further?
  15. Do multilingual students have an improved chance of learning? Support your argument with statistics.
  16. What is the effectiveness of the examinations on helping improve education?
  17. How are online news sources replacing print media? Draw evidence to explain it better.
  18. What is the impact of violent games on the minds of children and how do they influence their behaviour?
  19. How has the impact of the popular Black Lives Matter movement helped to solve racism issues?
  20. The growing age of start-up- How is the age growing and how successful are they?
  21. A detailed report of several criminal procedures with complete analysis and comparison of the different procedures
  22. How effective is home schooling in the present century?
  23. Have there been any statistical changes in the economy in the US since the last election?
  24. What is the current sex education scenario?
  25. Has there been an alteration of US censorship?
  26. Police brutality has been mitigated. How?
  27. What is the effect of VAT in the UAE?
  28. Is refugee issue a hindrance in the European economy?
  29. How has the ‘Me too’ movement altered the corporate world?
  30. What is the contribution of modern technology in the field of education?
  31. How has social media been addressing the recent social issues?
  32. What is the role of citizen journalism?
  33. Correlation between academic pressure and drug abuse
  34. Social media is causing sleep deprivation. How?
  35. What is the role of cell phone radiation in affecting bird population?
  36. What are the natural disasters to have taken place in the past 5 years?
  37. Discuss the loss of net neutrality
  38. How is big data analysis affecting online privacy?
  39. Has freelancing outgrown in the recent decade? How?
  40. Discuss the role of farmers towards contributing in national GDP
  41. The role of American films and their themes
  42. Alteration of online streaming services and content consumption
  43. Is it compulsory to have internet censorship?
  44. Importance of Gulf War towards affecting petrol price
  45. Discuss the impact on space exploration and helping solve earth issues
  46. Role of UN towards eliminating malnutrition
  47. Is artificial intelligence a threat towards employment?
  48. Role of smart phones at work.
  49. How has deforestation changed the statistics?
  50. Is ageing anyhow related to changing motivation?
  51. Discuss the immigration policy of your country
  52. Role of employee wellness program and productivity
  53. What is one child policy of China?
  54. How is the presence of gender stereotypes prevalent in the current scenario?
  55. A quantitative analysis drawing relation between inter-racial marriages
  56. The impact of technology across classrooms
  57. Discuss flexible approaches towards education.
  58. Role of internet towards altering reality and perception
  59. Is technology making people idle?
  60. Social media is leading to social distancing.
  61. How do social media trigger mental health?
  62. The role of media in altering beauty standards
  63. How the education system needs to concentrate on skill-based education?
  64. Discuss the population control policy of your country
  65. Social media and cyber crime- Discuss
  66. E commerce and its role towards altering shopping experiences.
  67. How has domestic violence changed in the recent years?
  68. Is education today more commercial?
  69. How does parental control help safeguard students
  70. Do digital devices deprive our privacy?

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