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What are Poetic Devices? What are Their Different Types?

Students coming across literature assignments may need online assignment help to write about poetic devices. Given here is a complete idea about what a poetic device is, what the different types of poetic devices are and why they are used.

What are Poetic Devices?

There are different types of poetic devices that are used for creating powerful and memorable poems. They are a special form of literary devices which are used in the poetries. With the help of these devices a poem can be created which is a composite of rhythmic, verbal, grammatical, structural and visual elements. They are the essential tools which a poet makes use of for the purpose of creating rhythms, enhance the meaning of a poem or intensifying any type of feelings or mood.

Poetries have to follow either a strict structure or no structure at all. But, there are different types of poems that make use of the poetic devices which are the tools that poets use for the purpose of creating rhythms, for enhancing meaning of the poem and for intensifying feelings or moods.

Different Types of Devices Used for Creating Rhythms:

There are certain types of devices that can be used successfully for the purpose of creating rhythms, including repetition, rhyming, syllable variations and more. In the poetries, repetition means repeating words, lines and phrases. When you buy assignment online you should make sure that all the things about poetic devices are covered elaborately.


Poetic devices having sonic quality can that achieve specific effects when they are heard. Words with a sound like quality can strike the readers as soothing or dissonant and can evoke feeling and thoughts associated with the same.


Repeated vowel sounds in words when they are placed near each other normally on the same or the adjacent lines. These vowel sounds are stressed or accented to create the best possible musical quality of the poems. It can create an internal rhyme and can increase the pleasure of reading.


Alliteration is a sort of three or four instances of the same consonant sound with one intervening type. Alliteration is used as a mnemonic device to evoke feelings of suspense and fear in the poetry.


These are reiterating vowel sounds in words and placed adjacent to each other generally on the same line. These vowels are normally stressed for the purpose of giving a musical quality to the poems. When an internal rhyme is generated it gives a pleasurable reading experience.


This is a discordant series of unpleasant and harsh sounds for the purpose of conveying disorders. This gets enhanced by the combined effects of pronunciation and complex meanings. For instance:  My stick fingers click with a snicker.


It is a series of pleasant sounds that can give a melodious quality and convey a sense of harmony to the readers.


This is used in the poetries for the purpose of creating aural effects that can mimic the visual images. This is a combination of words which are used for the purpose of creating onomatopoetic effect.


Poetic rhythm is a term which is used for the flow of words within the each meter and stanza to generate a rhythmic effect. This emphasizes special parts of the poem.


Rhyme is used for the repeating patterns for bringing out musicality and rhythm in the poems. It is a repetition of similar sounds that can give poem a symmetric quality.


Repetition makes use of the word associations to express emotions and ideas indirectly. It puts emphasis on a point, can confirm an idea or describe any notion.

Use of the figurative language as a poetic device can function to convey the poetic intention in different ways.


It means drawing a comparison or inference between the two different situations so that the poet message can be conveyed effectively.


This is a brief reference to any person character, to the historical events, to the mythological situation etc.


They are widely used in the poetries for explaining and elucidating feelings, emotions, relations and other sort of elements which are better described by evocative language. Poets can also make use of metaphor for explaining or referring something in a more effective way.


Another most commonly used element in the poems is pun. It is a sort of play with words that have totally different meaning but have identical sounds.


It is the attribution of human characteristics to any inanimate objects, abstract ideas or animals. For instance: the day crept by slowly.


A statement in which contradiction may reveal any sort of unexpected truth and this is an important element of poetry.


It is a contradictory statement or a special type of situation which is used for exposing reality in contradiction to the truth.


This element in the poetry is used for any type of object or for an action which suggests something that is beyond the literal meaning. It means to imbue the objects with certain meanings which are different from the original meaning or function.


It is an animal, event, object or a person that has a special meaning or any special significance.


It is an outrageous exaggeration which is used for giving certain type of effect.


It is not a simple visual representation. In the poetry it comprises of different figures of speech.


It is the combination of two or more different words that have similar sounds.


Punctuation is a non-verbal tool of the poetic expression. It is a semantic and a form of artistic choice. It is used widely for aligning poetic meters. Question marks, exclamation marks, ellipses and paranenthesis are used as poetic objects.

There can be different types of poetic forms that use different elements. Diversified poetic objects can be used in different ways in the poems. With the help of notable assignment writing services like My Assignment Help a perfect justice to the assignments can be done.

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