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Academic years are an interesting transition in a scholar’s life. Many a time you are just going with the flow and sometimes you are facing complicated challenges. One such technique that can definitely irritate you despite being very simple is the PEEL writing method.

If you are constantly trying to jot down a spotless essay or assignment for your program and still not getting any positive results, then PEEL writing strategy is the best solution for you.

Once you have a complete idea of the PEEL writing strategy, you will find yourself in a better position to draft high-scoring academic write-ups.

With all the information available at your hand, getting started with the PEEL writing structure is going to be like a cakewalk. Who knows you might get a new insight into your writing abilities with this effective writing technique!

This article will help you to understand the abbreviation PEEL and share relevant tips and tricks that can help you to implement the PEEL writing strategy efficiently in your essays and other assignments. Without any more delays, let’s dig into the details of this superb writing technique. 

Defining the PEEL writing strategy

The PEEL writing technique is a sure shot method introduced for assisting students to develop strong academic assignments for their program. It offers a systematic framework for their write-ups that is suitable for understanding diverse facts and presenting them systematically.

PEEL writing strategy is the soul of any academic essay or assignment. It allows you to approach your assignments with complete excellence. PEEL is a writing method that allows the students to explore their opinions and thoughts to a great extent. It is a hassle-free writing procedure that is preferred and suggested by numerous academicians. 

Here’s the meaning of PEEL:

P: Point 

E: Example

E: Explain
L: Link

PEEL writing format allows the students to combine different sentences together to form a logical paragraph which then leads to the formation of an impressive essay or assignment. As a student, you need to keep in mind that a properly structured sentence is the foundation of presenting information effectively in an assignment or essay.

Well-written sentences merged together to form an informational paragraph that supports one central idea. In order to convey more than one idea on a particular topic, an assignment or essay requires more than one paragraph. Academic essays for assignments include elaborate arguments in a different paragraphs with different central thoughts. 

A thorough explanation of the PEEL writing strategy factors and their usage 

Now that you are all aware of the full form of the abbreviation it is time for you to delve deeper into the meaning of the terms present in this acronym.


If you are following the PEEL writing strategy for your academic essays or assignments you need to be clear that the main point of the very first paragraph of your write-up should introduce the specific idea or central point of discussion.

The ultimate objective of the main point or topic sentence is to engage the reader and inform him why is it worth it to read a particular paragraph. Remember there is no need to add any citations to this sentence.

The main point should always be a factor around which your entire assignment or essay revolves, hence it should always be presented in a way that connects the readers to the write-up. 


The second step of the PEEL writing strategy requires the students to share relevant examples or give adequate evidence to support the main idea or point of their paragraph.

This usually takes up one or two sentences. It usually includes quotes from credible academicians or dominant text pieces, research results, facts, an excerpt, stats, and experimental outcomes.

It is an undeniable fact that whenever you are stating an opinion or point of view you need to present suitable evidence to support it so that the readers can believe in what you are saying.


The third section of the PEEL paragraph writing format enables a student to explain the relationship between the main point and the example shared in a specific paragraph. Try to be as elaborate as possible in your explanation section.

It is at this stage that you decode the example for the reader of your essay or assignment. The explanation requires a student to analyze and critically review the text he is presenting. 

This is the stage where you can add some statements and details that you could not present in the initial lines of your paragraph. 


The fourth and final stage of the PEEL writing strategy requires a student to associate the paragraph with the main question or topic of your essay. It is the closing sentence of a particular paragraph that should strengthen and support the original thought while establishing a connection or link with the next paragraph for maintaining consistency in a write-up. 

Keep in mind that the linking sentence should adequately summarise the paragraph. It should be able to uphold the entire essence of the paragraph in a line or two. The linking sentence should drive your readers right back to where you started. 

Benefits of using PEEL writing strategy 

  1. The right way of presenting evidence in your academic documents.
  2. Allows the authors to engage the focus of the readers on the main topic of the write-up.
  3. PEEL's writing strategy allows the author to incorporate existing information into his work in a balanced form.

PEEL's writing strategy is all about giving an accurate structure to your academic essays or assignments. It is a technique that keeps you organized while writing complex essays.

Remember format is important but so is the content, therefore, even before you start writing, you need to be clear in mind that you are going to approach a properly formatted text piece. This approach will help you to generate ideas in the right manner. An academic write-up needs to be formal thus, a systematic approach is a must-required aspect for a student. 

Tips and tricks for using the PEEL writing strategy to your advantage

Given below are some of the interesting tips and tricks that can help you to produce an excellent essay that will guarantee to fetch the highest possible grades.

  1. Always make sure that each and every paragraph of your academic essay or assignment focuses only on one central idea. Combining multiple ideas together in one sentence can make it confusing for the readers to identify the chief focus of the entire write-up.
  2. If possible try to include only five paragraphs in your academic essay or assignment.
  3. Always use the third person in your sentences. I, we, me, my, you, etc. are strictly prohibited. Your entire write-up should include third-person narratives like it, she, he, or the nouns. 
  4. It is always a smart idea to draft an outline for your assignment or essays to ensure a smooth flow even before grabbing your pen to start scribbling on the paper. 
  5. Always use information from updated and dependable sources.
  6. Do not use contractions in your essays or write-ups. For those of you who are unaware of what a contraction is, the situation in which two terms are combined and certain letters are replaced by an apostrophe is defined as a contraction. iE.g. What’s, that’s, didn’t, etc. It is always beneficial to use complete terms instead of contractions in a formal academic write-up so that it can appear more mature. 
  7. Make sure there are no grammatical, typographical, or syntax errors in your academic write-up. It should include well-written sentences with smooth transiting paragraphs. 
  8. Always cross-check if you have mentioned a clear thesis statement in your introductory paragraph or not.
  9. Remember do not write the way you talk. We usually speak casually, therefore you should avoid writing in the same way. Assignments cannot support a conversational writing style. Avoid using sentences like ‘she was dead meat’.
  10. Remember plagiarism is a strict no-no even when you are using PEEL writing style for your academic write-ups. If you are using information from a credible source, paraphrase it and if you cannot do it yourself, hire a professional.
  11. Ask yourself questions like if you have presented the main point of your essay in a precise manner, if you have provided enough and accurate examples to support the main idea, if you have explained the main Idea and examples adequately, and if the paragraphs are linked to each other smoothly? This will help you to ensure you have not skipped any point while following the PEEL writing strategy for your academic essays or assignment.

Still, wondering if PEEL writing strategy is the best approach for preparing your academic documents. Well, you can use it with any type of essay or writing assignment be it a persuasive or argumentative one.

You might be following this writing design unknowingly. However, if you form a proper outline for your essay using this strategy, the process of writing complicated academic essays will become even more convenient. It is a technique that can help you form a strong foundation for writing high-scoring assignments. 

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