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  • 21 Oct 2021

Online classes were the most significant source of rescue for the students when the pandemic hit the world hard.

online class

When every sector suffered a lot from the crisis, students could not escape from the sufferings. Online classes acted as a bridge between the students and education in the COVID-19 crisis. 

What are online classes?

Online classes are a blend of video recordings and live classes along with tests. The online classes are usually conducted using a virtual portal that helps students gather reading materials, interact with teachers and classmates, view grades, and monitor progress. 

Many digital classes allow the student to choose the time slot of study. But, in some cases, it provides a specific time slot to the students in which they have to be available. 

What was the idea behind online classes?

The primary purpose of online classes is to allow students to choose the time slot as per their convenience and set their own learning pace. Students can select the course on a wide range of programs available to them. The online classes are accessible from any part of the world, and students can also go for customized learning at affordable prices. 

Pros of online classes

Some of the significant advantages of online classes are:

advantages of online class

The freedom to learn whatever you want online learning overcomes all the hurdles because it creates a virtual room for learning to bloom. You may discover plenty of digital course programs. 

It is the platform that allows you to create a course of your choice by yourself. You can drill in-depth as per your desire to learn. The internet has enough information for everyone who wants to extract some data. 

The students are free to learn as per their interests and dig deep inside as much as they want. 

1. Comfort of learning from your own home

It provides the comfort of attending lectures by simply sitting at home. Students need not go to schools, colleges, or universities to attend the classes. Managing jobs and classes could be difficult, and students might get tired that they do not want to leave their homes. 

Online learning facilitates the flexibility to learn as per your availability. You do not have to spend hours travelling and reach college in order to attend the lectures. You can learn with a free state of mind without the grind of waking up early in the morning, getting ready for school/college, spending time in traffic, pushing through the illness to ensure that you do not miss out on any class. 

Students can save energy, time and enhance productivity with a decrease in workload.  

2. ability to work while you study

It is seen that many students apply for post-graduation while they are working. Online classes are helpful for them as they can manage their work and studies side-by-side. 

Even school-going students do some part-time jobs to manage their expenditure. The introduction of online classes is quite beneficial for them as they can easily handle both. 

You can choose the time slot that suits you without compromising with your professional commitments.  

3. Reduced education costs

Online learning is cost-effective; the students who have low-budget can easily access it. 

The main reasons due to which it turns out to be affordable are:

Reduced overhead charges as teachers, professors, and instructors do not need to pay for the classroom accommodation, building utilities, student materials, etc. 

Diversity of courses is available for the students to opt for the course that comes within their affordability. 

Unconventional teachers take charge of the subjects that do not require specialists, like learning a language or crafting. 

Online classes do not require desks, chairs, paper handouts, or any other supplies. 

It supports the use of the same study materials multiple times. 

4. More opportunities for teacher-student interaction

Teachers and students can easily communicate via online mode as and when required. 

The teacher can also ask the student to attend a long discussion over live chat, video call, audio call, or any other mode of communication. 

Through online learning, you can also have a classroom discussion where everyone speaks and share their perspective. You get to know the people closely. 

5. You can study at your own pace

Each one of us has specific interests, hobbies, and learning styles. Online classes offer the flexibility to adapt your pace of learning. For example- some students require revision of the previous chapter while others find it boring to repeat the same concept. 

They need not have to compromise with their learning abilities and can smoothly follow their plan.  

6. Gain greater access to experts in their fields

Through online learning, students can access many highly qualified and experienced experts that are required to deliver the top quality lessons to the learners. The students can choose the teachers on their own from the available options. When to receive education from the best professors assures the delivery of top-standard teaching.  

7. Reduced academic pressure

Students face lesser academic pressure while taking online classes. The reason is that they get enough time for studies as they save their time from travelling. They do not get tired or face major illness problems as they attend the classes sitting at home. 

Reduced academic pressure

Reduced academic pressure

  • it causes social isolation

Online classes snatch the opportunity to meet new people, interact with them, and prosper students' social lives. Sitting at home can cause the separation of the learners to the outer world. 

It is not suitable for the students; they confine themselves inside the four walls. While taking online classes, they usually choose a place nobody can enter until they finish the online lectures. 

  • assessment of the students is limited

Professors or teachers find it challenging to evaluate the student's abilities, skills, and calibre. Online classes provide minor opportunities to judge the understanding of the students. The teachers cannot give each student feedback that seems to be easier when they came face-to-face in the offline mode of learning. Students prefer personalized feedback from their teachers highlighting the weaker section on which they need to focus. 

  • it requires self-motivation and time management skills

Students generally suffer from a lack of motivation due to which they fail to complete the course program. Poor time management skills are also a prominent cause. In traditional classrooms, students find various factors pushing them to keep their motivation up. 

  • lack of communication skills

During online classes, students remain silent and pay attention to the class. They find a lesser chance to interact with other students and teachers. As a result, their communication skills get affected. On the contrary, in traditional learning, this problem never comes as students communicate with their professors to clear their doubts instantly. 

  • it makes cheating easier

Students can easily cheat during examinations or classroom tests when they are sitting at their homes and attending classes. Here, the professors fail to invigilate properly as students can use various methods to cheat. The professors cannot find a way to prevent the students from cheating. 

  • focus more on theory

Online classes focus on providing theoretical knowledge to the students and ignore the need to give the learners practical demonstrations. It is not suitable for them as some subjects indeed require practical knowledge and professors must provide it to the students.

  • it does not support face to face interaction

When students attend live classes from their homes, it is impossible to facilitate face-to-face interaction in online learning. Some students are hesitant in raising a query in between the digital class. They cannot clarify their doubts as they might never meet their teachers face-to-face. 

  • not everyone can access it

In order to access online education, it is mandatory to have knowledge of computerss or at least the student must know how to handle it properly. The people who do not know how to work on computers cannot access the distance learning program. It is one of the most significant drawbacks of online classes. 

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