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  • 12 Aug 2020

In today's competitive scenario when a student has to gain professional experience along with his education, working while studying has become a common occurrence but it is also something that is often found to put extensive stress on a student if not approached in the right way. It is difficult for a student to balance work and study simultaneously. 

Be it to gain experience in today’s competitive environment or any financial responsibility of the family or any other reason behind why a student has to work along with his studies, what’s important is to have certain tips and tricks up your sleeves to get through this scenario successfully.

The concept of managing work and study together might seem overwhelming in the beginning but it is definitely achievable with some strategic planning and disciplinary changes. 

This article will share some tried and tested tips that can help you to balance your work as well as studies together like a pro. 

Essential tips to keep in mind if you plan to work along with your higher education

There are thousands of students in every nook and corner of the world trying to find the perfect balance between their education and occupation. Unfortunately, there are many reasons and scenarios that often require them to support themselves while they complete their education.

Handling a job with education is not an easy task. Students often get frustrated while finding a balance between their social life, job opportunity, and academic tasks.

Underlying are 10 essential tips that can help you to learn the best ways to find stability in your hectic academic and work life.

Try to apply for a scholarship or grants and get rid of the tension of school fees

You can always apply for a scholarship or grant that can help you to pay for your tuition fees and textbooks reducing the financial burden to use extent.

If you have a pending student loan debt, you can use the money you earn from your job to pay it off now rather than dealing with the interest payments in the future.

If you pursue a course that has been paid for in present, you will feel more relaxed and calmer on the emotional level and hence be able to focus better on the learning. 

Keeping yourself and others around you informed is essential

If you are recruited at a part-time job along with your education your job and study schedule will inevitably clash at more than one time. In order to steer clear of this scenario, you should always share your class schedule with your boss and colleagues and inform them about being unreachable during that time right from the very beginning.

You can always add the timing for study sessions and examination dates in your schedule as early as possible to keep the employer informed of your commitments. If you provide enough notice at the workplace there should not be much problem in availing yourself a day off from work and keeping your education in priority.

On the other hand, professors or mentors at universities are aware of the fact that several students opt for a job in order to support themselves financially so, you can always seek advice from them if you struggle to meet a stringent deadline because of your work commitments. They are usually quite understanding if you try to negotiate on this account. 

Look for a job opportunity in your respective industry

It is like a cherry on the cake if you can land a suitable job opportunity in your chosen industry itself. It is a great motivation to efficiently manage the work as well as studies. If you are successfully placed at a job in your field you can apply the skills learned at your institution and use the knowledge gained at the work front in your theory.

You will get an opportunity to grasp Relevant work experience earlier than your peers and also the colleagues at your workplace can provide suitable advice and support in both the educational as well as the working sector. 

Create a workable schedule and swear by it

Preparing a thoroughly planned schedule is an exceptional way to figure out your priorities and identify the number of hours you need to invest to get everything sorted. The more elaborate your schedule will be, the more chances are that you will live by it.

You can add information like the class timings, shift timings, study session time, assignment due dates, appointments with the mentor, and details of other commitments.

This approach will help you to clearly distinguish your leisure time from the booked slots so that you can schedule any social outing accordingly. Some experts also suggest organizing your schedule as per color code recognizing a different color for each task to be tackled. 

Learn to say ‘No’

If your friends or family members ask you to do something that will be a hurdle in your way of completing an academic task or your job schedule and it is certainly not a significant activity, you have to say ‘no’.

It is one of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy balance in your work and academic life. People might think that you are available to do everything it is your responsibility to set boundaries and tend to only those tasks that are realistic. 

Always be prepared to tackle the unexpected

 Several experts might have suggested you always adhere to your schedule and follow it in the best possible manner but you need to think practically and also be prepared for the scenarios where an unexpected element is thrown your way.

This can be done by sparing some extra time between the two tasks. By planning ahead for such unexpected situations, you will always be a step ahead and avoid panicking if things don't go as planned.

Your eyes should be on the target and not the reward

Always remember the reason because of which you are working along with your education or studying while working and stay focused on that target.

Create an ideal vision of your planned life and write it down or discuss it with your friends and family members, only if you are reminded of your goals time and again you will not get distracted with the monetary benefits that a workplace has to offer and stay focused on your education as well.

Do not procrastinate till the last moment

No one can perform their best at university or the job when they are up all night preparing for an assessment or completing an assignment at the last moment. It is always beneficial to divide your assignments into small writing goals and cross them off timely as you achieve them.

This way your assessments and assignments will always be prepared on time with better quality content and it will also reduce your burden. As you will be less stressed from your academic front you are bound to perform great on your professional side as well.

There are numerous time management and productivity applications available online to assist students to make the most out of the hours in hand. These are clever tools that are designed to block distractions from social media websites for the time that you are focusing on a specific academic task. Keep in check your schedule by using a suitable application for yourself. 

Do not forget to reward yourself

Appreciating yourself is also a crucial element that helps you to maintain a much-needed balance in your academic as well as work life. As soon as you tick off a task from your to-do list it is only right if you reward yourself for it.

The reward does not need to be lavish or luxurious you can simply have a nice dinner or plan a free weekend or a shopping spree with your friends, something that you will look forward to is enough. This will motivate you to work hard and achieve the set goals efficiently. 

Master the art of managing stress

Studying and working simultaneously can be pretty daunting and stressful but thank God there are numerous ways to release this stress. It's just a matter of determining what exactly your body and mind are alike. Breathing exercises, yoga practices, or meditation are all great stress busters and provide amazing benefits for both your mental as well as physical well-being.

Keeping your stress levels at a down low is extremely important to stay focused and productive at both your academic as well as work front. A calm mind helps you to give in the best of your ability in every task at hand. Several education institutions also have support staff that can have a counseling session with you if you are having issues managing your stress levels. 

By following the above-mentioned tips you can easily maintain a positive balance between your work and study life and also have much-deserved fun at the same time. The idea of recruiting for a job along with dedicating so much energy towards earning a valuable degree is definitely scary but it certainly is not impossible to accomplish. 

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