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Before knowing the step to write the literature review, the masses must be aware of the definition and purpose of it. What kinds of things make it perfect?

What is a literature review? 

The term literature review stands for the summary of research or investigation that has been done earlier. It reviews the surveys of books, articles, government reports, and many more that are related to fundamental research. Moreover, it consists of description, explanation, evaluation as well as a summary of researches or sources. In addition to it, the literature review is presented as either in the section of the thesis or dissertation.

What is the motive of the literature review?

It is an undeniable fact that without the purpose, anything in the universe is like the body without a backbone. The literature review also has numerous purposes. Apart from it, the purposes of literature reviews are in the following ways:

  • The main purpose of the literature review is to gain knowledge about debate and research that belongs to a particular area. In addition to it, represent your knowledge in the form of a report.
  • To find the particular areas of scholarships for the purpose of eliminating the replica of researches.
  • Give the explanations about how the sources are related as well as interconnected to each other.
  • Mention the valid points related to the future or further research.
  • To find new ways to explicate research that has already been done.

While making the report of the literature review, keep all the purposes in your mind for the best report. In this way, you will be able to cover all the aspects of the report.

What are the basic components that should be included in the literature review?

A literature review is a blend of numerous components. Without these components, the report will complete. Apart from it, here is the list of main components that makes the written report of the literature review perfect.

  • A proper explanation of the publication.
  • Discussions related to gaps in the research.
  • Summarize the main as well as important points related to the publication.
  • How the publication plays an essential contribution to the topic.

What are the types of literature reviews?

It consists of three layers. The first one is primary studies that are related to the publication and execution of research. While second is summarized reviews and provides the latest explanation related to the first layer, apart from it, the third one includes the result or conclusions, opinion of the research. These are informally shared. Apart from it, here is the list of types of literature review.

Integrative Review

It summarizes the reviews related to critiques and the secondary data related to research.

Argumentative review

The word argumentative reveals its definition itself. This literature review is related to either support or refutes any argument problems related to the philosophy that is mentioned in the literature and cover the whole literature. 

Historical review

It describes the research which has been done throughout the period, phenomena that are indulged in literature, evolution, and many more aspects in the report. 

Theoretical review

The main focus of this review is on the depth theory of concept, issue, and phenomena. In addition to that, it shows as well as explicates the relationship between the existing theories.

Systematic review

This review required the proper approach for detailing the timeframe. It is divided into two categories. In addition to it, the first one is a meta-analysis, and the second is meta-synthesis.

Methodological review

It includes the study of substantive fields, data collection, analysis technique, highlight the main issues, and many more.

There are following steps that you will keep in your mind to write the perfects literature review:

Find the literature goal

Do the research related to the topic. If you are writing about theories, then make the hypothesis. In addition to it, firstly find the relevant keywords related to your topic. Make the list of it and look for the article or book related to keywords.

Choose the sources

Now, you will have to look for sources that are related to your topic as well as questions. For the perfect review, you should have a clear idea about the sources. In addition to it, there are several questions that will be helpful for you to find the right source for your topic. The questions are related to results, concepts, the relation between two publications, positive and negative effects of the topic. The reviews depend upon the sources. Hence, do the proper as well as deep studies and investigations related to sources.

Read the source

After finding the appropriate sources, read it. Initially, I read the topic and arguments. With the help of it, you can easily find the relevant source. Make some notes, hypotheses, arguments, approaches for the readings. Consider the one thing that sources should be balanced and contain work of journals as well as the book.

Find the themes, gap

For the purpose of organizing the reviews, you will need to know about the links of the sources. After reading the sources, move towards the concepts of research, conflicts, missing things, weakness as well as positive points of research across the literature. Identifying the research gap is essential for the review. It signifies the complex analysis. You will be able to highlight the original content of the existing research.

Work on the structure

Without accurate structure, no one is able to understand your literature reviews. Plan for the perfect synchronization of the literature review. However, the length of the literature review depends upon the theme, like what type of literature review you preferred or on the topic. Besides, one can also organize their review structure into headings as well as subheadings. Compare and contrast, define the key concepts are also the parts of the structure.

Detailing of the reviews

Divide the lecture reviews into introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. In the introduction, mention the motive and little bit explicate the topic while the length of the body paragraphs depends upon the literature reviews. You can either mention the information related to compare and contrast. Finally, write down the conclusion. Summarize all the valid points in the end.

Details mentioned in body paragraphs

You can elaborate on the positive as well as negative points of the literature reviews, add the significant details related to connections, and many more.

Apart from it, follow the above-mentioned steps for making the report of literature reviews. Keep your topic as simple as possible. Do not run towards complex literature reviews. If you use simple reviews, then it is the first step of perfect framing. Some pupils are not aware of the writing and feel hesitant while writing. For those students, there are numerous samples available. One can check these samples and find ideas related to the topic.

In addition to it, choose the current as well as the latest sources. For instance, if the topic is related to the medical field, and it is the fact that the medical field is developing day by day. Therefore it is a better option to choose the latest source. Always maintain the level of literature review according to the organization. Apart from it, in-depth research makes your report attractive as well as worthy.

There are numerous websites that provide the written report of the literature reviews. The main motive of the online website is to give you quality content. Your reports are prepared by the experts. The experts are highly trained as well as professionals. So, what is better than your file is prepared by the experts.

The literature review written report is demanding in-depth research. Unfortunately, students find it annoying. In addition to it, you will get plagiarism-free content at an affordable price. The main agenda of writers is to give you the best service within the deadlines. Apart from it, the writers know the value of deadlines. Therefore leave a worthy impression on your senior by giving the file before the deadlines.

In the end, nothing is impossible in this world. You can achieve success with dedication, determination, and hard work too. Writing is not a tough task. Students make it difficult. Pay attention to the research, and it leads to the best report. Competition is increasing day by day. Therefore, you can choose the online help for the literature review report.            

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