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Literary devices refer to a few specific techniques that paves way for a writer to convey a deeper meaning, traveling beyond what is on the page. The devices work in addition to the plot and characters, further helping to elevate a story. Furthermore, it also draws a prompt reflection on society and life.

Literary devices are beneficial for writers to use and heighten the narrative while evoking emotions beneficial to convey a message. Instead of stating things simply, the devices help to manage to bring writing to life while leaving a stronger impact on the readers, especially in the realm of writing assignments.

Can you use literary devices to write an essay?

Yes, you can use literary devices to write the essay and enunciate an easier method of writing assignments. Irrespective of whether a narrative essay, a personal statement, or a critique, you need to know the best ways of injecting a literary device into your writing which can bring a huge difference to the play.

Not only can it be helpful for you to acquire your dream grades, but also help you embrace the art of storytelling. If you have been lazy to churn the same essay over the over again, it is time to make most of the literary devices and take your writing to the next level.

How can literary devices help a student?

If you have decided to go with the latter, here are a few ways in which literary techniques can improve your college essay writing.

Add depth

If you are wondering what the depth is about, well is exactly what hooks all readers and keeps readers invested in the writing procedure. It is this ‘wow’ factor that enriches your essay even further. While using the literary devices to put forward a message, you are able to make individuals ponder the setting you make and characters that tend to develop, and situations you wish to describe. The literary devices have the ability to heighten the writing which would otherwise have been dull.

Evoke a strong emotional response

The best writing is the type of writing which connects with the reader and evokes a strong emotional response. Irrespective of whether you intend to describe joy, sadness, disdain, and anger, the devices can help make readers explain well.

Paint a photograph

The devices are helpful to write clearly and paint a photograph in the minds of readers, which is a lot more powerful than the words written. The devices can help you to achieve so as the readers let you visualize what you are trying to convey and have a greater impact on the minds.

Top 10 Literary Techniques to Improve your Writing

The article discusses the kinds of literary devices that can be used in the essay:


This is one of the most common literary techniques and is used across essays, songs, books, speeches and songs. These are beneficial to compare two distinct unrelated objects and the primary idea is to offer a stronger description in such a manner that the reader interprets it well. Hence, before inserting the metaphor, it is recommended to ensure that it is unique and not overused for being truly effective.


The metaphors are similes are not the same, and even though similes are responsible for comparing two different objects well, they make use of the words, ‘like’ or ‘as’, and make explicit comparisons as opposed to metaphors. Using this technique helps to make writing a lot more descriptive and interesting, and coming up with the similes help to push your creative boundaries.


Symbolism is when you offer a distinct meaning to a subject/object and action and represent a larger concept for the readers to comprehend at an in-depth level. Unlike similes and metaphors, this literary technique is rather a subtle form of comparison. It is almost like making the writing poetic and instead of stating the obvious, it can be used to let readers interpret the analysis on their own and also think deeper.


The word means letter of the alphabet and refers to the usage of words which begin with the letters of the same sound group. This is also referred to the usage of words which begins with using the same letter. These are usually beneficial for drawing attention and make a piece pleasurable to read. Hence, you can use it to name a place and a character.


One of the most common literary techniques, an irony is to highlight situations wherein something is very distinct from what it seems to be. It is beneficial to inject humour and also add a profound sense of meaning. Ironies are divided into situational irony, verbal irony and dramatic irony. It is when the speaker says something which is typically opposite to what is meant. There is a situational irony when the outcome of a situation is distinct from that of the audience’s.


The hyperboles are used when you make use of phrases and words to make something a lot grander and give an effect which is larger than life. Using hyperbole is one of the best ways of conveying the message in an intense manner and also to lay emphasis on a situation. These are used for effect and are not literally taken.


This literary technique is used when you intend to give a human characteristic and feeling to an inanimate object, nature or an animal. It offers your writing a more dramatic impact and lets readers relate a lot strongly with the situation. This is also a powerful storytelling tool that helps to create a strong imagery in the minds of readers.


This refers to a pair of words that are quite opposing and contradictory. It is also beneficial to focus on the meanings of an object. It also makes descriptions and makes them a lot more effective while making readers understand the character and the intensity.


Phrases and words are beneficial to create a mental and graphic image in the minds of readers. This can be used to describe a character, place, weather, emotion, and event. This is typically not limited to the visual senses, instead includes a description that appeals to other senses such as smell, taste, hearing, and touch.


This is an interesting literary technique that refers to the sound words which are spelled and the way in which the sounds tend to sound. This lets readers the sound being written and engrosses them further in the world and situation being written about. This serves as one of the most powerful and simple ways of laying emphasis on a sound.

Although there is no particular rule for the number of literary devices that need to be used, what is extremely important is to maintain a healthy balance and use tools sparingly. This needs to be used in places that can add value and enhance the description while engaging readers.

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