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  • 17 Jan 2020

Hey guys! Are you thinking to pursue criminology? Well, you have chosen the right path. Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes or the True Detective? If yes, then you must have fantasized about being an investigator or a detective. You can make this into reality by opting for criminology as a course. It is quite an interesting field and hey, we all know about the increasing crime rates. We need professional brains to control these crime rates.

So, you will be studying different modules where you will get proper training and consultations on how you can work against crime. Criminology is the study of crime, the legal system, and criminals. You have to study everything from crime detection and prevention, to visiting courts and the prison and various rehabilitation services. Let’s get some detailed insights into this course.

What is Criminology?

Criminology includes studying the psychology of criminals and why they commit those crimes. You also have to deal with ways how to reduce and prevent these crimes. There are various laws in the justice system for criminals. You get to study those laws and how you can improve the justice system for both victims and offenders. Criminology is not just stuck to one industry but, it offers entry into various industries that include Psychology, forensics, law, sociology, etc. Students can choose their area of specialization depending on their interests and future goals.

The aim of criminology is to really understand the motives behind the crimes and how these crimes can get prevented. These crimes leave an impact on society. A criminologist has to analyze and understand the impact of these crimes on society. Another crucial job is to evaluate criminal punishments and rehabilitation methods so that effective changes can be brought in to make the system perform in an improved manner. Don’t you think your work is really valuable? It is. You will be contributing to the betterment of society.

Are you in a dilemma of whether to choose this course or not? Let us help you.

Is criminology the right course for you?

Till now we know what criminology is, but let’s check on what it expects from students. The first thing first, you must have an active interest in learning different fields. You must keep a positive attitude towards developing a focused and critical mind. You will be dealing with various types of psychological behaviors and you have to understand the reason behind those behaviors.

Were you pissed off with the crimes happening around you as a child? You must be wishing that these crimes should stop. But, we can’t stop these crimes until and unless we jump into the system ourselves. Get ready to deal with various criminal cases and mysteries to solve. Criminology students have to prepare their minds as you can’t be a light-hearted person if you want to enter this field. There are various complexities that come upfront when you start investigating, but that’s what it is my friend. You have to investigate by going to crime scenes, then interviewing the criminals to understand their psyche and motives behind the crime, going to courts for cases, and much more. Welcome to the world of criminology! 

These were some of the factors you will be dealing with, but another factor is making various types of assignments like case studies, reports, essays, etc. This sometimes becomes difficult for students to handle as they need to work on practicals as well, so theory gets sidelined. But, this issue is no more an obstacle, because you can easily avail of My Assignment Services, report writing help, case study help, etc. online. There are criminology experts who can do this work for you. You don’t have to worry and can easily focus on your practice.

Which areas can you opt after doing Criminology?

We have mentioned a few areas where criminology will take you. You can opt for any of these as per your interest and future goals.

  • Public administration
  • Risk management
  • Law Enforcement, corrections & policing
  • Victim, Witness, Youth, and Family
  • Consulting firms
  • International development agencies and organizations
  • Government policy researcher or analyst
  • Foreign Service Worker
  • Immigration Officer
  • Regional or Community Planning
  • Advocacy
  • Criminal, forensic, and private investigations
  • Academia and Education

If you thought that criminology is only about studying criminal laws, then you are wrong. As we have already discussed above, there is a range of various other courses that get integrated with criminology. You will be studying Psychology, Sociology, Economics, history, computing science, political science, philosophy, and even mathematics. By studying these courses you will easily be able to choose your field of interest like crime prevention, law enforcement, crime correction, law & law reform, and research analysis and policy.

We have read cases of students saying, that this course has helped them become smarter individuals and has also broadened their perspectives on the crime world. The academic section is divided into two types, one is the theoretical part where you have to write various essays, study cases, prepare reports, etc. Then comes the practice where you will be required out of the classrooms. There is nothing to worry about in these academic assignments. If you feel that you don’t have time for these assignments due to other work at hand, then you can always seek online Essay Writing Help, case study help, report help, and for many other types of academic assignments.


Criminology will built-in you the ability to specialize in different areas like criminal behavior, legal studies, corporate & white-collar crime, and crime science. You have a lot of interesting and intense matter coming in. You will develop your communication and writing skills in this course. There will be various activities performed openly in front of groups and you have to express your point of view. A career in criminology has various options. The salary package is also really good varying from 43,000 USD/year to 79,800 USD/year. It depends on your specialization. We hope, that now you are clear with the facts of being a criminology student. Thank you for reading.

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