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  • 20 Apr 2020

Solidworks is software used by companies in designing their products and models. It has gained much popularity in recent years. There are great opportunities for students pursuing courses in it.

Students are asked to prepare several assignments on this topic. Preparing a Solidworks assignment is a very interesting job. 

Here, we are going to give you a few tips in preparing your assignment. Go through them with complete attention:

The designing approach:

The content of your assignment depends upon the design you choose. You can either go for a top-down approach or a bottom-up approach. Both approaches have their own advantage and disadvantage. 

The top-down approach is used when a 3D part is created using 2D sketches. Whereas, bottom-up approach is used to create each part independently.

Check your measurements:

The design created for your model depends upon your measurements. All the dimensions must be accurate.

If you do not have the accurate one, altering it would be a hectic task. In order to prepare your assignment perfectly, you are required to ensure this properly.

Properly Displayed:

Your display must be as good as your designing. The much better it is, the much better will your performance.

Properly displayed designs will enable you to prepare your assignment much more attractively.

Use feature trees:

A feature tree is used to examine the sheets, display the features of your design and assemble them in a folder. Your work will become very easy by using it. 

You can even make use of it in completing your other tasks. 

Use sweep tools:

Sweep tools are used to create sketch designs for pipes and handle. It can help you in creating multiple sketches. 

You can drag them all and complete your entire object. The presentation of your assignment will be enhanced by using this tool.

Use Extrude features:

Extrude features are other tools to be used in creating the design for your Solidworks assignment. The main purpose behind using this design is to thicken your designs by developing a 2D sketch in the Z plane. 

You can also use these tools in designing your other geometrical shapes.

Use surface and lofts:

These are similar to sweep tools. They come up with an additional feature of guide curves. The main purpose of using it is to make the designing process smooth.

Apart from the above, students can follow a few more guidelines to prepare their Solidworks assignment creatively and attractively:

Relevant Content:

The content of your assignment must be relevant. This depends upon the information included. Therefore, make sure that no irrelevant information is present.

Also, none of the information must be false or misleading. It would be better if you can add conclusive evidence and information to it. 

Adequate Formatting:

It is very important to add an adequate format to your report. This will enable your assignment to look more presentable. 

Use an appropriate font in writing your content. The size of the words must be neither too small nor too big.

Complete Information:

The information present in your content must be complete by all means. The readers must not feel any need of further researching upon it. 

Error-free content:

The content of your assignment must be free from any error or mistake. Make sure you undergo a proofread before finally submitting it.

An assignment full of errors is not at all appreciated. 

Plagiarized free content: 

Do not copy and paste information from other sources in your assignment. Understand completely and write it in your own words.

It would be much better if you give your personal opinion and observation upon the topic. Your readers will be more interested if they get new information to study.

On-Time submission:

Plan your assignment preparation task adequately. Keep in mind the time remaining with you for completing your task.

Start working on the day you have received your assignment. Try to complete all of your work before 3 to 4 days. Utilize this time to ensure that your assignment is free from any error or mistake.

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