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  • 05 Mar 2020

When it comes to Australian aboriginal, they are actually formed by an indigenous group of people that belongs to the Australian mainland and different islands which includes Fraser Island, Tiwi Islands, Groute, Hinchinbrook Island, but it do not has Torres Strait Island in its map.

Aboriginals in the Australian mainland are exclusively combined with a diverse group of individuals and have been existed in this arena for more than 50,000 years. If you are thinking about the impact of Western structures and models on these aboriginals then, you have landed yourself on the right page. Yes, we will be discussing more about the different factors which might have affected the aboriginal and Torres strait islanders quite significantly and have hampered or changed their cultures.

Overview Of Aboriginal Australians

When it comes to aboriginal, it has completely different perspectives according to different professors in Australia. But, the difference is basically based on traditions, descent, urban, and according to it, the respective group will be categorized in an aboriginal category.

This term has been modified from time to time and it exclusively enhances the importance of identifications, community approval, and family lineage. Now let's check out the different impacts the western culture and system have had in this part of the Australian land.

European Settlement

During the time of European invasion, there were different government policies which were related to this part of the world. These policies were implemented by the ones who were not part of this group but, the intention was always for the benefit of aboriginals. The impact of these policies was quite significant in the culture followed by the aboriginal Australians. It helped the aboriginals to get the benefit of western education and Technology which allows them to establish a connection from the world outside. Not only this, but the European connection also had a brutal impact on aboriginal culture, laws, society, lives, and the community places where they used to live. The land rights were revived according to the aboriginal tradition and culture.


When it comes to Australian colonization, it had a huge impact on the islanders who are residing in Australia for thousands and thousands of years. More than 500 indigenous groups were transferred to Australia before the British settlement was brought into existence. The indigenous cultures has been exclusively in this place for more than 50000 years and it does make them the originator of ancient culture in the living world. Every single group used to reside closely to their land. It was identified that more than 90% of indigenous people in Australia got reduced and there were number of reason behind it. One of the most important reason for this reduction was diseases which affected a number of people. Another primary reason behind the reduction was the fight between the indigenous and the colonizers.

Historical Impact

When it comes to the history of aboriginal then, there are a number of things which connects the non-indigenous group and aboriginal Australians. Take a look:

  • Living skills are one of the factors which are connecting both the aboriginal and non-indigenous communities of people. Both the group of people have empowerment concepts which includes culture, recovery, education, employment and also living skills philosophy.
  • Another factor that connects both non-indigenous and aboriginal people is its social and emotional well being. Yes, every individual in both the community is emotionally influenced in different situations.

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