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  • 10 Mar 2022

Impact of Russian-Ukraine on Abroad education

The invasion of Russia in Ukraine has affected national and higher education, specifically the abroad study-related programs. Most of the study abroad programs in these two countries have already been stopped with the idea of sending the students back to their own countries. These study abroad programs have either been forced to be canceled or changed their locations amid this Ukraine-Russia conflict. The impact of this conflict is visible in Russia and Ukraine and in the adjacent countries. It can be said that this conflict has impacted global education.

What Is a Study Abroad Program?

A study abroad program is basically an opportunity for pursuing an educational program in a Foreign Nation. Therefore, it is a possibility of learning and living in a new nation. This always excites the students and leads to the path of studying abroad.

The Goal of Study Abroad Program

Studying abroad is directly linked with exposure to a new world and opportunities. Most of the students study abroad to develop foreign language skills or enhance their ability to work productively with other cultures.

These programs are considered to be the right choice if the student is looking forward to investing in their professional and academic future. It is known for the creation of not only important and better career opportunities but also exposure to cultural and international experiences.

The Goal of Study Abroad Program

Russian Ukraine Conflict and Impact on Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad Programs in Adjacent Countries

It is even essential to consider that the study of broad programs has been affected in these two nations of Russia and Ukraine and in the adjacent countries. In addition, the countries such as Georgia and Poland are also facing similar issues because the college has been rethinking about these programs in the challenging time of the conflict between the two nations.

Suspension of Study Abroad Programs by Council on International Education Exchange

The non-profit education institution such as the Council on International Education Exchange, which was a supporter of study abroad programs, has already announced the suspension of spring 2020 programs in universities like St. Petersburg.

Suspension of Study Abroad Program by Middlebury College

Other institutions such as Middlebury college have already suspended the study abroad program in Russia, considering the safety of the students in this time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Undoubtedly, the safety of the students shall be considered a priority before their education in this time of war.

Recalling of Students in Times of Uncertainty

Many of the colleges and universities are also recalling their students from the Universities and colleges located in Russia and Ukraine.

Safety of Students Over Education

The authorities of the different nations have decided to get back their students with safety as the top priority amidst this crisis of these two nations.

It is visible that the golden opportunity of studying abroad has been disrupted significantly by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The resolution of this crisis will only allow the smooth functioning of study about programs and fulfil all the objectives with which students have enrolled themselves in such programs.

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