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  • 27 Mar 2020

Hybrid seeds are formed by cross-pollinated plants. Hybrid seeds are a technique that depends on cross-pollination. The lines depict the required traits and create hybrid seeds. You can do a cross between inbred plants. The combination will result in another plant that will be known as a hybrid plant.

Hybrid seeds are becoming popular. These seeds are effective as compared to other seeds. In this article, we will discuss how to make hybrid seeds. If you have taken botany as your main subject and you are finding it difficult to do the assignment then you can take the support of my assignment help.

Hybrid seeds- Pros

It is affected less from different kinds of environmental stress like plant diseases and insects. It has better performance as compared to non-hybrid seeds. The yield also gets better that is the most important attribute in drought and pest tolerant areas. Farmers can also avoid risks related to yield. Hybrid seeds result in larger and stronger plants. It helps in getting new vegetable species.

Hybrid seeds- Cons

It takes a lot of time and money to prepare hybrid seeds. It is quite costly as compared to any other seeds. The cost is the only reason that many farmers avoid planting these seeds. The seeds can’t be produced with the help of the classical method. These hybrid seeds cannot be saved for the future. If you are feeling that it is tough to do the assignment then you can buy assignments online.

Main steps of production of hybrid seeds

Four major steps are associated with the production of hybrid seeds. They are discussed as follows:

  1. Choice and development of seeds- The female parent must have the male sterling. If the specific and required male sterling is not there then the self- incompatible sample can be utilized. Also, in food grain crops the number of seeds produced in the pollination is restricted. The vegetable seed crops effectively produce many seeds.
  2. Select and develop restorer- it is an important step to produce hybrid seeds. After the self-pollination process, the plants are created and the same process is again repeated.
  3. Multiplication and maintenance of parental seeds- These hybrid programs are 3 lines R, restorer, B Maintainer and, Ms.
  4. Production of F1 hybrid- Both R and Aline are grown together. For improving F1 hybrid the parental lines must be improved.

Key features of production

The person must have the required information about the main features of the production of hybrid seeds. The breeder must develop inbred lines and if in case this step is skipped then the remaining procedure will not get complete. The breeder must have the required information on parental lines. Also, the parental lines must be right. Moreover, the breeder must develop a system for controlling the pollen.

The key problem of producer and breeder

The key challenge faced by the breeder is the parental lines. Also, the breeder faces the major problem of separation of female and male reproductive organs.

Attributes of parental lines

There are two kinds of parents like male and female. The seeds yield high pollen production and they also have long shedding periods.

Certain important hybrids

We are discussing certain hybrids

  1. Roses- It is the common and popular hybrid seeds. There are a large number of hybrid seeds in the market.
  2. Corn- Double sweet, silver corn, and Kandy corn are certain varieties of hybrid corn.
  3. Tomatoes- There are various kinds of tomatoes available in the market.

Hybrid seeds are costly to produce

The hybrid seeds are produced with the cross-pollination. The scientists do many experiments to develop combination. This is done so that the scientist must get the required results.

To develop the required hybrid seeds there is the need to do research. The companies that produce hybrid seeds have to spend a lot of money. They invest a large amount of money in development and research activities. Also, the process of creating hybrid seeds is time- consuming. Individuals make many efforts to create hybrid seeds.

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