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Writing is an art and writing in cursive is no less than that. Cursive writing is something that both graduates and students need to take a strong grasp of Have you been waiting to write in cursive and learn the essentials better?

Well, this style of writing involves several considerations that the writer makes use of the loop along the italicized writing style. The writing format is being largely practiced across by students, graduates, and working professionals.

It is relatively a good skill to incorporate as it might accentuate the beauty of your written document even further. Moreover, it is largely beneficial for writing letters and invitation cards. Today’s digitized world has evolved and has minimized the need for physical writing.

However, the old charm of communication through handwritten documents still prevails. This is moreover extremely important among individuals for them to learn the unique skill as school authorities often focus on writing skills a lot more than typing.

Few Determinants to know about Cursive Writing

A few essentials you need to know about writing in cursive:

  • Pencil/pen: You need not seek a decorative pencil or pen and the grip alongside needs to be a comfortable one.
  • Eraser: With the help of this tool, you can easily erase the mistakes and resume writing
  • Practice sheet: Practice is what helps a man perfect. You can use lined paper and practice on the sheet as much as possible.

Cursive writing: Why is it important?

There are several benefits when it comes to learning the art of writing. Most of them are usually related to mental development along with intellectual skills. Most of the techniques is a form of creativity and make use of handwriting in several situations.

The primary focus is to practice the joining letters in a manner that makes it look neat and clear enough to be read by the reader.

Most of the benefits are typically related to the development of mental and intellectual skills:

  • Increased ability to write
  • Improve one’s memory
  • Enhanced fine motor skills
  • Increase cognitive ability
  • Acts as a therapy for dyslexia
  • It helps students grab a better grade

There are varied things while learning cursive writing that is definitely worth considering. The very first thing that you need to get a grasp on is the position of the letters written.

This is one of the primary aspects of cursive writing. The carving and style of each letter enunciate distinct importance. This refers to a type of style that has the potential to impress everyone.

Top Steps to writing in Cursive

Sit in a comfortable position

It is recommended to sit in a comfortable position and keep your feet on the floor. The table must be located a few inches above the thighs.

Sit in a straight and upright position and on the bench. Place the shoulders and back relaxed in an upright position. Ensure that the bench is not positioned in an extremely low or high state so that it does not strain your body.

Make use of good quality ink pen

Use a dark-colored ink pen in black and blue color. This will further allow you to view letters clearly as written on the page. Additionally, you can also make use of a pencil if you intend to erase any letter and resume working again.

Grip this pen lightly at a 45-degree angle and should be rested on the middle finger while being held in place by the thumb or index finger. Do not forget to maintain a relaxed and loose grip. Additionally, the grip is not so tight that the fingers might become stiff.

Practice on lined paper

Make use of a lined paper comprising a dotted middle line. This is readily available and can be easily found in any nearby stationary sop.

You might not get hold of the movements and letters might not be uniform. It gives you complete consistency in letters and the sizing, slant, spacing and flow.

Set the paper at an angle

While writing, it is recommended to ensure that the paper is placed at a particular angle that makes it easier to grasp and enunciate the writing process. Ensure that the writing is controlled well and is under your control.

Start the lowercase letters

It is recommended to start writing in lowercase letters as they are extremely easy to learn. You need to learn easy letters having only one stroke such as h, I,j,m,n,w,x,y, and more. The strokes of a few letters might be upwards and for some, it might be in both directions. Start by trying to write ‘u’.

You need to create a downward stroke until the dashed line and move towards extending upwards until the bottom, and then go upwards again. In the same way, you need to learn m, n, w, w, r, y, and w. The letters need an upward stroke which can only be corrected with regular practice.

One of the quick ways to start learning to write and you need to start by learning u. This is also the easiest letter that can help you learn to write cursive well. Start with the easy-to-learn letters and proceed with the difficult ones.

You need to start learning lowercase letters while writing in cursive is a great step to becoming a cursive master. Once it has been accomplished, it is largely possible to enunciate the complex letters.

Uppercase in Cursive

While you begin to write in this style, it is a valuable idea to attempt writing in uppercase cursive once you feel extremely confident with the lowercase ones. The very first capital letters recommended are C, G, E, O, and L. You need to start with L and attempt with the rest soon.

Carry the process forward and go to learning R is one of the hardest letters to start writing on. Once you have a hang of it, it will then come as a second nature to write upon.

Once the letter has been mastered, you can try writing B, D, F, I J, P, and T. Make use of worksheets to follow the steps mentioned.

Select a cursive font

You have the flexibility to choose a font for the writing you wish to practice. Most writers usually choose a style to write that they use for the rest of their lives.

There are a few popular font styles as popular in Microsoft Word. Study the fonts carefully and evaluate the font you would like to make use of, in your work.

Practice regularly

The primary key to writing well is to practice regularly as it is a practice that helps you master any style. In order to master this style, it is recommended to commit some valuable dedication and time to the process.

The time can be any time of the day and you need to spend about 20 minutes focusing on the alphabet.

Additionally, ensure to make it a priority to succeed and gain the skill. Start with the lowercase and slowly move to the uppercase.

This will further make it a lot easier and you shall soon learn the ways to write in cursive. It is also simple to write in this way once you have completely practiced the art.

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