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It is an undeniable fact that most of the pupils avoid the essay writing assignment in their college time. But they do not know the exact value of assignment writing. As the competition is increasing day by day; likewise, the expectation of the professors towards the students is also surging.

They want what their students must work hard to meet up with the expectations of the university. Although the education system is flourishing day by day, yet, the academic burden is also increasing. The result is that students want Help with Assignment. 

It is a significant root cause that students are not able to write the perfect essay. Even they do not have enough time to think once on improving the excellent essay writing skills. Due to it, they prefer essay writing service. With the advancement in technology, the way of education has changed.

Now students have plenty of options related to study help. They can prefer online assignment help. This type of services offers help related to all the subjects. These include Finance Assignment Help, Management Assignment Help. In addition to it, they also provide the essay writing help too.

With this help, you are able to clear all your queries related to the essay. They will guide you each and every aspect. Apart from it, most pupils who have excellent writing skills suffer from numerous obstacles. They do not know how to put their thoughts on the paper in an effective way.

Some of the pupils are unaware of the synchronization of the essay. An essay is basically the collection of your ideas. It represents your thinking as well as research skill. It is not so challenging to write an essay. You must have to follow some appropriate guidance.

Here is the list of instructions that you can follow while writing the essay. It is fruitful for you

Choose a topic

In the university, you may face two scenarios: first, when the topic is assigned to you. The second is when you have the freedom to choose any of the issues. When the topic is given to you, then think about what the topic is about.

It requires general information or overview of the statement. Apart from it, when you do not give the topic then choose the exciting topic. Even select the topic according to the present circumstances.

When you decide your topic, then look for the purpose of it and do the in-depth research. With the investigation, you will be able to know about numerous exciting facts about the topic.

Proper organization of thoughts

Organization of thoughts is the primary aspect of writing an essay. With symmetrical thoughts, readers can be connected to your thoughts. Structure of the essay is like the base of it.

If the support is not stable, then the foundation of your essay will be ruined. It is recommended to make the mind map or diagram. What you need to do is draw a circle and write the name of the topic in it.

Draw the branches of the circle. Write your central or essential ideas on the branches. Write your essay as per the criteria of branches. Even, you can outline the topic and make the list of main ideas. It is up to you whether you want to draw a mind map or make a list.

Structure of the essay

Essay writing also has a valid format. Each and every student must be aware of the format. A perfect essay consists of Introduction, Body paragraphs and conclusions.


Introduction reveals about the purpose of your essay. In the paragraph of introduction, pupils must have to mention the thesis statement. The thesis statement clears your idea about the topic. For instance, your topic is related to agree or disagree.

In your thesis statement, you can go either on the favour on the side or oppose the side. After that, your whole essay revolves around it. The introduction must be attractive because the first impression is the last.

Body paragraphs

The length of a body paragraph depends upon the topic. The body paragraphs consist of explanations about the thesis statement. In this, you mention the ideas that are related to your thesis statement. You will have to give in-depth information about your plans. In the general essay, you can make the three body paragraphs.

Otherwise, it depends upon your professor which pattern they will tell you. Student assignment help services also divide the body paragraphs into three portions. It is up to you how you elaborate your points. If you make three body paragraphs, then clearly explain the three ideas in three sections. Do not forget to mention the reasons for your point. The reason will support your point and give a clear view to the reader.


 It is the last portion of the essay. Conclusion and introduction both are the essential points of the essay. You will have to mention the reasons in short that your points support your thesis statement.

The format of the essay is accessible. One can easily understand the format, but the main thing is elaboration. How you elaborate on your essay is the central part. You can follow the formula of what, how, why. If you follow this pattern, you can easily make your essay worthy essay.

Length of the essay

Most of the students are confused about the length of the essay. The first thing you need to do is ask about the length to your professor. They will give you specific guidance about your quarry. You can also ask for the word limit of the essay. Then work on the word limit.

You can write either twenty words or thirty words more than the word limit of your essay. In the essay, make sure that you are not using too long sentences. Sentences must be short and accurate. If you find that your sentences become too long, then divide the sentence into two parts.

Longer sentences show that you are not confident about your essay. In the case of introduction, make sure that it is short. The length of the presentation must be short as compared to other paragraphs. Do not need to write long stories in your introduction.

Mention the one general line, paraphrase the topic and mention the thesis statement. These three things are enough for the openings. If you do not follow these three things, then your essay will become asymmetrical.

Now the question is the length of the body paragraph. The range of body paragraphs relies on the word count. Use the mathematical formula for finding the length of the paragraph.

What you need to do is divide the total word count by five. You will get an idea about the word limit in one paragraph. In addition to it make sure that in your essay, you answer all the questions that are asked in the topic.

Write the conclusion of the essay

The conclusion is one of the significant parts of the essay. Usually, students make numerous mistakes while writing an essay. They do not know what to write in the conclusion of the essay. It is better to avoid the repeat sentence in your end.

Mostly students write the same lines that they mention in body paragraphs. It may ruin your structure of the essay. Write the unique statement in your essay but relevant to your topic. In addition to it, the conclusion is not all about the new ideas. You can not explain new concepts in conclusion. It seems like your essay is irrelevant.

According to the study help, there is one common mistake that students make overall. They use the word overall as a start-up word of the conclusion. But it is wrong. You can use the words like in the end, to wrap my ideas, or to put in a nutshell and many more. These statements make your conclusion attractive.

The conclusion is like a sum up of your thoughts. In conclusion, you reach the last point of your essay. So make it simple and complete it in four to five lines.

The above mentioned is the appropriate guidance on how to write the essay. When you write the essay, then cross-check it. By this, you will be able to know the mistakes. In addition to it if you feel that the essay requires editing, then edit it.

If you find any problem, then prefer student assignment help. They will help you in an effective manner and in the most straightforward way.

If you require any help with Assignment then My Assignment Help Au is the just the stop for you. Our team of writers is capable and versatile enough to offer you exactly what you require, the excellent services for the prices you can afford.

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