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  • 17 Oct 2019

Writing a speech and delivery it is not only the task of a politician standing in an election or a business executive motivating his/her employee. In the current era, it has become an essential part of a student’s academic career.

Several factors may affect your speech assignments such as the knowledge upon the topic, presentation skills, and the deadlines to be met. Before writing the speech one must ask oneself three question

  • Who is the audience?
  • What is the topic to be presented before that audience?
  • How long will be your speech be?

A basic speech can be divided into three segments

  1. An Opening introduction
  2. The body of your speech
  3. A Concluding paragraph.

Generally, the speech begins with the most important line or paragraph that you want your audience to understand. You must draft points to enable your audience to understand them easily and effectively. It is not important to write down everything that you are going to say in your speech. But you need to ensure that all the points are arranged in a sequential manner allowing the audience to understand the flow of your speech, thereby, inferring meaning out of it.

How to write a speech

To deliver a good speech one must keep in mind the following:

Language Used

A speech does not include a presentation. Therefore, the speaker has to keep in mind that the language used while delivering the speech is easily understandable by the audience. The speaker must use simple words that even a layman may understand. The tone used during the speech must be calm and appealing to the audience. The speaker must avoid the use of any ambiguous language.

Relevant and compelling examples

The speech must contain relevant examples supporting the topic upon which the speech is to be delivered.  Such relevant and compelling examples enable the audience to get a robust understanding of what the speaker is intending to speak.

Calm and Clear Delivery

The tone of the speaker must be very calm. The words must be loud and clear. The speech must be delivered in a manner that the audience participates in it and is also appealing to them. The voice must be loud and clear.

Well Structured

The speech must be structured in a proper format. Before delivering a speech, it must be pre-drafted. The pre-drafted work must be read several times to ensure that it is structured properly and the flow of the topic is maintained. It would be much better if the pre-drafted work is read by some other person who is an expert in drafting and delivering the speech. You must obtain feedback from that person and incorporate the necessary changes required in your speech.

Practice your speech

Once the speech has been crafted, it must be well-practiced before delivering it in front of the audience. One must ensure that the tone is not too loud and fast. All the important points must be summarized and organized. The length of the speech is also very important to be considered. Many a time the audience gets bored out and start losing their interest in what the speaker is speaking about. The speaker must endeavor to deliver it in a manner that is as concise as possible. However, it must be kept in mind that all the important points regarding the topic are taken into consideration. 

It is commonly seen that a well-thought-out, planned and logically organized information can fall short when it comes to speaking it about it. The reason behind it lies a lack of confidence when speaking in front of a huge public. Therefore, to deliver an impactful speech one must ensure that it is in a good flow and well-paced.

Nevertheless, most importantly, in delivering a successful and an influencing speech, one must be very confident regarding his presentation and the content upon which the speech is to be delivered. The speech must be delivered with full passion and confidence.

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