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  • 11 Apr 2018

Are you familiar with the term ‘case study’? As a student, you must have heard about this type of assignment but before you learn how to write a case study, what is extremely important to know is what a case study is. A case study is a research-based account that provides detailed information about a person, event or organization.

If your teacher has assigned you with case study assignment and you are wondering how to write it in an effective manner then read the below-mentioned steps carefully as these steps will help you a lot in writing a good case study. However, if you feel the need to take help from learned academic writers to write your case study, you can visit MyAssignmentHelpAu. Here you will get the perfect and flawless My Assignment Help service and you will be assisted by competent and highly qualified writers.

Now Let Us Know The Steps To Follow An Impressive Case Study

  • Understand the topic of the case study: It is first necessary to determine and understand the topic of your case study so that you will come to know what your research will be about. Without having a proper understanding of the topic, you won’t be able to present it effectively and to get the desired result, it is necessary to follow each step meticulously. To understand the topic, you have to read the case and instructions given by your teacher for the assignment. Take help of your fellow students to understand it thoroughly. What you have to understand is the background of the case, problems related to it, tools to analyze the case, your previous knowledge of the case and how to present the report.
  • Identify the problem and apply tools to analyze: First of all, identify the problems or issues that are related to the case you are presenting. For example, if you are preparing a case study on an organization, you have to read about the history of that organization so that you come to know about the success and failure, strengths and weaknesses and the activities related to the case. Make notes of the information that you gather. Also, note down your thoughts and findings on the case as these will be useful while writing the report. Now you have to analyze the tools that can be applied to assess the issue or problem of the case. If you are confused about the tool to use then discussing it with your teachers and fellow students will be helpful. In case, you are unable to approach them, you can take help from our writers.
  • Forming recommendations and conclusions: Recommendations are made to know what action can be taken to solve the problem being investigated. These are helpful in removing the problem as they help in making a detailed plan for the solution. Conclusions are formed with the help of the evaluation and analysis of the situation. Before forming conclusions, make sure that you have considered all the limitations of your recommendations.
  • Plan how to write the report: Before writing the final draft, it is essential to first plan its structure. Now let us know how to plan the report. Prepare an outline of the headings that you will write in your case study report. These headings will help you in determining what information to include and where. Develop more ideas to make it presentable and the outline can be changed later on when you develop new ideas. Plan whether you will write conclusion or introduction first. Some writers like to begin with introduction while some begin with conclusions. If you think that introductions are always written before conclusion then you are wrong. In fact, if you have written the main body and conclusion first, you will be able to frame an impressive introduction.
  • Write a draft report: If you prepare a draft first, you will have to do little editing later on. It is quite difficult to write the flawless case study without a draft. Pay attention to the objective of your case study when you conduct research. Review your notes to decide which piece of information is relevant and essential to the case. Writing a draft will help you in creating a logical structure of the report. Read the draft meticulously to avoid grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Write the case study report: Now you have gathered the essential information and your draft is also ready. Start writing the case study in a coherent manner taking help of the outline and draft.
  • Prepare the reference list: Reference list gives information about the sources that you have used to prepare the case study. Your teacher will not give you good marks if you do not present the reference list. Mention the books, journals or articles that you have used in your case study.
  • Edit and proofread: Take a day’s break before editing and proofreading your report finally. It will help you in looking at the report as a reader and not as a writer. You will be able to identify errors in a better way when you are a reader.

To edit the case study, read the guidelines carefully and then the report. Review each section to check the content and structure of the case study. Pay special attention to the figures and tables made in the report. Make necessary changes to present it in an impeccable manner.

If you follow these useful steps while writing your case study, you will surely score topmost grades. So, next time when your teacher asks you to write a case study, you have to follow these steps.

If you feel that you need guidance in understanding any of these steps or any other kind of support to write the case study, don’t waste time in thinking. Go for our assignment writing services and get quality solutions to your academic queries.

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