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A dissertation is a subject that a student chooses for oneself in his academic life. It is a project that a student gets during his final year of studies. The student chooses his subject, writes down a literature review upon it, notifies his findings upon the subject and concludes his outcomes. It is also known as the thesis. Nowadays students have to make their research projects while undergoing their undergraduate or post-graduate studies. Students are required to present their findings in response to a question in which they choose themselves. The main objective of universities in getting their students to make a dissertation project is to test their research skills. These skills are generally acquired by the students during their studies. A thesis or dissertation report is one of the most important reports that a student needs to make in his academic career. It takes a lot of time to prepare and is usually done under the guidance of a faculty member.

The introduction is the first part of your dissertation report. It must be written in such a way that the reader finds it appealing to read the entire thesis. Though the beginning of a dissertation, the introduction is generally written after you are done with your thesis.

The basic reason for including an introduction in your thesis is to introduce your topic and explaining the main purpose of studying it. The thesis must demonstrate that the topic covered is relevant and not just a hypothetical one. This can be proved by adding some practical and scientific examples. Your main aim must be in making the readers interested in reading the entire thesis report.

Here are a few points that you need to keep in mind while writing the introduction of your dissertation report.

  1. The topic of your thesis.

The writer must begin the introduction part by writing upon the topic of the report. It would be better if a little background information supporting the topic is included. The main aim of describing your topic is to grab the user’s attention upon why the topic is important for study.

  1. Scope of research

After introducing your topic write briefly upon the scope of your research. The scope of research must not be confined. Otherwise, it would lead to incomplete information on the topic. The scope of your research must include the areas that you have considered for research, the period covered by the research paper, the sample of the population chosen for undergoing the research, the areas that the research is concentrated in.

  1. Importance of your study.

The thesis report depicts your motivation and interest in the given topic. A thesis report is not a complete research report.  Therefore, it must depict the insights that can be found out on doing further research upon it. It must be kept in mind that your observation in the report can be applied practically and is not just a mere assumption. You can add precis on how your thesis can be used in solving any practical problem or how it can be used in building up an understanding of the current topic.

  1. Adding Questions.

Adding questions related to your thesis builds up curiosity in the reader to read the entire thesis report. The questions to be mentioned in the introductory content depends upon your entire research method and the objective behind making your thesis. Your questions may also be quantitative. You can include a hypothetical statement along with a conceptual framework to prove them.

  1. Linking current situations

It is always advisable to add the current situation linked behind your research in your thesis report. The readers will thus be able to have a much better understanding. They would be able to link the topic with the situation mentioned. You can also add articles supporting the topic of your thesis.

  1. Research Methodology

It is very important to state the methodology used in conducting the research. The research may be quantitative or qualitative. It may be either primary research or secondary research. If required you can also add the statistical techniques that you have used in undergoing your research.

  1. Summary of chapters.

To enable the reader to have a much better understanding of your research report, summarize every chapter in the introduction part. Keep it clear and concise. The length of the summary of each chapter depends upon the complexity of each chapter included. If needed you may even write the summary in a brief paragraph format. 

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