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  • 02 Nov 2019

Assignments are tasks usually given to students as a part of their academic career. They carry a lot of marks and students need to work upon them seriously. Assignments must be made creatively and attractively. To do so, it is very important to format it accordingly.  Footnotes and endnotes are a part of assignments. Endnotes are notes that give a brief explanation relating to a defined source in your assignment. It is present at the end of every chapter or the end of your assignment. Footnotes are similar to endnotes. However, they are placed at the bottom of the pages of your assignment.

What are endnotes?

By reading the endnotes, the reader builds up a better flow of the narrative. They are mentioned as a separate section of your research paper. It allows you to read the notes at one go. However, sometimes it also becomes haphazard for a reader to read the endnotes. If the reader wants to read a particular text in your endnote, he/she has to flip to the endnote page again and again. This also leads the reader to lose interest in going through the endnotes. Endnotes generally contain the chapter number as well as the endnote number. To find, one has to remember both of them.

What are footnotes?

Similarly, user interest in getting information regarding a particular source mentioned in your assignment can quickly glance to the footnote section. It saves the time of the reader by quickly glancing the note related to the subject without referring to any other notes. However, much use of footnotes can get your page to be cluttered up and hurt the formatting of a page. Lengthy footnotes are generally not considered appropriate in legal assignments.

Footnotes and Endnotes must be included in your assignments by keeping the following things in mind.

  1. Properly numbered.

Footnotes must be appropriately numbered in your assignment. However, footnotes encompassing figures, charts, tables or any other graphical representations must be excluded from numbering. There is a prescribed format for footnotes. Numbers must be added to footnotes in a superscript manner. They are generally placed at the end of a sentence.

  1. Proper Identification

Footnotes and endnotes are generally used to identify particular sources of information in your assignments. For identification purposes, add reference within the text be a footnote and then mention the reference at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind that footnotes are to be present at the end of a particular sentence with appropriate punctuation. Endnotes are included if you want the reader to get information about the source from where the reference has been taken. Your endnotes must appropriately identify the sources or books or articles from where you have taken the references.

  1. Avoid Plagiarism.

 To avoid plagiarism, keep in mind that you mention all the correct ideas and quotations where you are using someone else’s without having their prior consent. Plagiarism is a punishable offense. Keep in mind to avoid it. Mention correct citations that give a chance to the user who intends to look up the quotes and articles that you have used in your context.

  1. Proper notes of your sources.

It is very important to make a proper note of your sources of information as you are to present them in your assignment papers. Therefore, it is very important to write all the correct page numbers, the name of the author, the name of the book from where the information has been taken.

  1. Placement of your endnotes.

Endnotes must be mentioned under a separate head at the end of your paper. Label your endnotes under the name “Notes”. Endnotes are preferred over footnotes as they do not clutter your pages. Thus, it allows you to give a much better format to the pages in your assignment. However, the reader has to flip the pages, again and again, to refer to a particular content in your endnote.

  1. Proper formatting

To make an attractive and creative assignment, it is very important to give proper formatting to your assignment. Generally, footnotes are written in a smaller font in comparison to the other text size in your assignments. Endnotes are mentioned under a separate head. Therefore, the same must be written in the same format as followed for the entire assignment. Add a border to your endnotes mentioned. It enhances the format of your assignment.

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