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  • 10 Dec 2019

The goal of an organization is achieved only when its people work together for it. Each person has a different mind and a different thinking style. With so many minds working together gives rise to conflicts among them. 

Therefore, it is very obvious that disturbances will arise among them. There is always a need for a person who has adequate knowledge of the project. He/she must exercise their leadership skills and try to solve these conflicts arising. They must not possess any biased attitude toward their subordinates.

A conflict manager is one who can solve these conflicts easily and help the employees in reaching a common point. Conflict managers must possess many qualities. With these, they should endeavor to solve the issues faced by the employees as easily as possible. 

Some of the qualities that conflict managers possess are:

Ability to take Decisions:

Conflict managers must have the ability to take immediate action. They should not ignore or wait for another time to solve the issues. 

Give ample opportunity to both parties to keep their point. Based on both their views, try to come up with a solution. The solution must be such that neither of the parties is negatively affected. The main motive must be to solve the issue and keep the work continuing.  

You also need to take a decision regarding this. The decision taken must be such that these issues do not get repeated in the future.  

Give more of your ear and less of your mouth:

Managers are generally noticed to order their subordinates. They tend to listen less to them. This generally discourages them from speaking. 

This is not at all healthy for sound management. Therefore, it is very important to listen to the situation first. Keep your attitude at such a level that your subordinates are motivated in speaking in front of you.

Rather than directing, try to calm down the parties involved. Rather than acting like their boss, act as a mediator. 

Getting a better understanding:

When taking any decision regarding solving the issues, it is very important to understand the situation properly. Rather than thinking about “why” the situation happened, think about “what” can be done. 

A good manager is someone who can make sound decisions. This can only be done if they are able to understand the situation properly. Therefore, it is very important to understand both the parties involved. 

Emphasize positive thoughts rather than negative ones:

Your main aim of being a manager must be to motivate your subordinates. This is possible only when you fill up their minds with positive thoughts. 

Rather than scolding for the work done, you should focus more on how it can be rectified. This will also be a great learning opportunity for your subordinates. This will motivate them more in working under you. 

While doing this, you must have a very patient attitude. This will help you in solving the conflicts easily. 

Plan your work accordingly:

While working in a group, planning is very necessary. Each of the group members is assigned particular tasks. Inadequate Planning leads to unnecessary conflicts. This ultimately results in a loss of production. 

Ignorance of any issue is never suggested. However, there are cases where some of the issues are left to be ignored. If you keep on attending each of them, your work will be affected. Moreover, this will also help the subordinates to solve the issues on their own. 

Unnecessary issues must never be encouraged. This ultimately leads negatively affects the productivity of an organization.

Educating your staff:

Being a manager, it is very important to educate your staff. Not only regarding the work but also with the corporate culture of the company. 

Make them understand the importance of the project, the cost to be involved and the benefits to be achieved. Motivate them in asking any questions or doubt that comes to their mind. 

Any employee will be more excited to work if they understand it completely. This will lead them to achieve a common goal. This will also reduce the chance of conflicts arising between them. You can also learn about How To Prepare A Best CDR Report For Australian Immigration?


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