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Essay writing is very common in schools, colleges, and universities. From the very start of our academic career, a student is trained in writing a proper essay. Essays are a short piece of stories depicting the perspective of a writer upon a given topic. Essays can be both formal and informal in nature. Essays can be categorized into four broad topics i.e., narrative essays, descriptive essays, expository essays, and persuasive essays. There is no such hard and fast rule in writing up an essay. However, one must follow a basic structure in writing up an essay.

Writing up an essay is not a tricky task. However, it becomes a little difficult when we write an essay about a particular style. It is wise, to refer to other essays of the same style to get a basic knowledge of its structure. Writing an essay in Chicago style is not very popular. However, it is widely in use by many universities and colleges. The best reference in understanding the Chicago style of learning can be obtained from “The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition”

Before starting to write, it is advisable to keep in mind the format followed in the Chicago style of essay writing. Here are some points for you to follow in writing an essay in the Chicago format:

  1. Drafting the Cover Page

The cover page of your essay must state the title of your essay, your name, and your Id no. The format must be attractive and bold enough that it can be read from a distance. The cover page must be made as simple as possible. The cover page is the front page of your essay. Make sure that you don’t number it.

  1. Page Layouts

There are a few guidelines that one needs to follow while adding the layout to each page of your essay. Try to keep one inch of margin on all the sides of the page. Keep the left-hand side of the margin a little broader to one and a half inches. It gives an additional space while punching the document in a file. Any style of format can be followed until and unless it is funky in appearance. However, you must either follow Times New Roman or Times as they are the standard fonts. Keep in mind that the size of the font is the same in the entire document. You can keep the font size as 12 for the documents and 14 for the headings. See that the same spacing is used between each paragraph. It is very important to number all the pages of your essays.

  1. Adding footnotes.

Essays are written in a detailed manner. However, it must not be very lengthy. In order to do that one must avoid the use of information that is unrelated or not required for the reader. But in some cases, footnotes added to give detailed information upon the discussions and arguments made. Footnotes are one- or two-lines statements that are to be added at the end of the page. They are generally in small font size in comparison to the font used in the essay. However, it must be in a readable size.

  1. Bibliography

The bibliography is written at the last of the essay. It contains all the references from where the information regarding the essay is taken. Information can be taken from any website or book or an article. If it is taken from a website, mention the entire web address. If taken from a book, mention its name along with the name of the author. If it is taken from an article, mention the name of the article.

  1. Drafting the essay

It is always wise to draft your essay in rough before making it a final one. It gives you an opportunity to check whether all the rules and regulations in writing an essay in Chicago format has been followed or not.  You must recheck the essay, again and again, to see that it is proper and attractive. It would be much better if you present your pre-drafted work to your teacher or someone having knowledge about it. Take their feedback and mark the mistakes pointed out by them if any. You must then make all the necessary changes. After getting assured that all the necessary changes have been made, you must then make a final one.

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