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  • 21 Jul 2020

As a student, you need to submit your assignment within the deadline to complete your education. The presentation and content of your assignment are very important. But, you cannot neglect the grammar in your writing content. A lot of students often complete their assignments in a hurry and overlook grammatical errors.

English is a universal language. Students usually need to write their assignments in English. It is easy to speak and write. But, the writing style means the following grammar to perfection. Even if it is your academic writing services, poor grammar can result in poor grades from your teacher.

Any small, minute grammatical errors can make your work appear unprofessional. As a result, your assignment may lose its value, and you may not get enough marks for it. The truth is, the errors happen due to less amount of concentration on the grammatical part. And, in most of the cases, the errors are unintentional.

Hence, it is always better to give importance to the grammar of your assignment. If you need study help for writing your homework in the proper and correct grammatical style, read this article. You will find a complete guide about how to write your assignment without making any grammatical errors.

The truth is, following grammar rules is relatively easy. You do not need to invest in a lot of time to do it. If you are willing to follow seven simple rules, you can quickly achieve your goal.

Here are those goldern rules-

Try to use active voice in writing

The easiest way to avoid a grammatical mistake is to write using a grammatical error. Active voice is easy to use, and there is less chance of making mistakes.

Your writing style is the thing that represents you in front of the reader. Use of active voice allows you to approach the reader directly. Additionally, it also allows you to clear the miscommunication caused by the passive voice style. Furthermore, the active voice is easy to use, and you will never make any mistakes with it.

Use proper punctuations

 Students often ask for finance assignment help because they do not have a clear idea about punctuation. Punctuation is essential in the case of academic writing. It is because punctuation allows you to convey your ideas through pauses and clarifies how to read your paper.

As a college student or school student wring, punctuation can often lead to a less attractive assignment. Hence, make sure to use punctuation marks correctly throughout your writing.

Use proper and appropriate pronouns

An ideal assignment should be free-flowing and easy to read. It must have a conversational style that allows the reader to relate with your works and directly convey your message. To do this, you need to use pronouns. Pronouns make your writing style diverse. It also saves a lot of time.

Bit, pronouns can become a double-edged sword if you do not use them properly. Incorrect pronouns decrease the value of your writing. Hence, make sure to use the write pronouns in your writing.

Try to avoid using incorrect or unclear modifiers

Modifiers are particular words that describe the characteristic of the subject or the object. Modifiers are essential for mature writing. But, students often use the wrong modifiers in the wrong place. The incorrect modifiers are called "Dangling modifiers".

They do not clear out concepts. Instead, they create confusion about what they are indicating. Hence, your writing style becomes unclear and messy.  Many students often seek management assignment help because they can't write with modifiers accurately. It is not difficult. Try to use modifiers in the right place and check if they describe the object or subject clearly. 

Use the correct form of tense

 In English, Tense is one of the essential formats to describe the incidents and your opinions. Tense is necessary, and it allows your reader to interlink different episodes and points of your work successfully.

But, tense must be in the correct format. If you use past tense in the place of present tense and vice versa, your writing will become unclear. The wrong style of tense often prevents the reader from reading anything. Use current or past or even future tense in proper sequence sp that your wiring remains relevant. Otherwise, it will be useless.

Use proper conjunction words

Conjunctions are a must if you are writing an assignment help. They help you to convey your complex thoughts and ideas. But, in the case of combinations, you need to remain cautious. If the conjunction is not appropriate with the sentence or the message you are trying to give, it loses its meaning.

As a result, a wring conjunction changes the meaning f the sentence or destroyed it. Therefore, if you are using combinations, make sure to use the proper conjunction in the appropriate place. Correct conjunction will keep your sentences and sub-sentences bound together.

Additionally, you need to avoid using too many combinations in your work. Although conjunctions are essential, their overuse causes your writing to become monotonous and bulky. Tedious writing often causes the reader to lose interest. Therefore, try to use conjunctions only when they are necessary.

Never forget, preposition, the right one

Sentences are incomplete without a preposition. They indicate the location and movements of other parts of speech. Additionally, they help you to describe time lapses in your writing. Hence, prepositions are vital, like almost any other parts of speech.

But, propositions are also one of the common areas for mistakes. Most students mistake the usage of prepositions. They either use erring prepositions or incorrectly use them. Hence, they cannot describe the movements through their writing, and their message becomes unclear to the reader.

Prepositions can often change the meaning of a sentence too. So, what to do? The answer is to understand the usage of preparation. Each preparation has its own purpose and usage. Try to follow the rules and use prepositions in the right way to convey your message.

How to improve the grammar in your writing

 If you are not comfortable with English grammar, you might avoid writing assignments and opt for hiring online help with assignment.  But, getting a solved assignment does not solve your problem. You should try to write your job yourself if there is enough scope or time.

Practise is the best way to ace grammar. The more you write, the better you become with grammar. Hence, try to write as much as you can to understand your mistakes. If you can realize your mistakes, you will be able to write it.

Here are some tips you can follow to avoid grammatical errors-

Use a grammar checker

 You can always use a grammar checking tool from the internet. Many tools even allow you to use the service free of cost. You can use the tools to check if your writing has any mistakes and correct those mistakes. The tools are fast and reliable, and you just need to upload your document to check the grammar or punctuation. It is a great help.

Have a grammar book handy

 A grammar book is an effective way to check grammar in need. Therefore keep a grammar book in your book collection. A good grammar book with numerous examples and activity tasks is the ideal choice here. Try to make time to practice the grammar book. It will strengthen your grammar skills and will also help you to understand the correct use of grammar.

Read books

Try to read books in your free time. You can read storybooks or even academic journals or your study books. Reading helps you to understand the writing style. Furthermore, it also allows you to check how grammar is used in different forms.  If you read books regularly, you will develop an understanding of the English language, especially academic writing. 

Make a draft

 If you are not sure about your grammar skill, then the best way is to make a draft. Start with an initial selection and make way for a final format. Make sure to check the grammar with a proper tool.

Use simple language

The best way is to start with simple language. Avoid complicated language to avoid mistakes.

Writing is a form of connection between the writer and the reader. The process is the same in the case of academic writing. You need to write your assignment to convey your findings and opinions. The reader reads and understands your idea and view through your book.

Any language has a grammar that defines the flow and construction of the language. You need to have a sound knowledge of morphology to write correctly. You can follow this article to know the basic grammatical rules for assignment or academic writing.

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