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  • 07 May 2020

Writing is one of the best modes to connect the reader with your thoughts. As it is rightly said, if you will communicate with the person by writing, then he will clearly understand your feelings as well as ideas. But, it is up to you by which way you can express your thoughts on the paper, either in an effective way or not. In addition to it, some masses have a hobby of writing.

They pursue the hobby as a career and earn a name as well as fame. In contrast to it, in writing, there are great chances of mistakes. However, there are numerous academic writing services that edit your article and make it error-free.

No one is perfect in this world. The masses who write the articles or blogs face various problems right from grammar to lack of thoughts. Grammar is the most general topic to study. It is an undeniable truth that writing is god gifted talent, and not every person has this talent.

In addition, editing is the skill that a person learns from their experiences. Hence, enhance your expertise by editing your writing. Now the first question of the writer is how? It is not rocket science to understand your own mistakes. One can easily select the errors in writing on their own.

So, read the below tips how you can make your handwriting attractive: -

Avoid the passive voice

Your main motive is to put your words on the paper without any confusion. So that the reader can quickly know your point of what you want to say. Apart from it, if you use the passive voice in bulk, then the chances of confusion are surging.

Somehow, readers lose interest in reading due to the excess use of by or the third form. Therefore, it is better to edit the passive voice from the whole article. Stick to the active voice. An active voice attracts the reader to your writing. The academic blog writing Help team is also in favor of editing the passive voice.

Read your article loudly

It is one of the oldest as well as most natural methods to rectify your errors. After reading the article, read it aloud. By this, you will be able to catch your mistakes related to preposition, verbs, tense, and many more.

Apart from it, when you read the sentence carefully from beginning to end, then you will be able to know about the structure. The structure is accurate or required some changes. In addition to it, by pointing out the words, you will know about what kind of changes it demands. Henceforth read loudly in the peace.

Ditch repetitive phrases

Edit all the repetitive phrases from your article because repetitive phrases show that you have a shortage of words. When you write the paragraphs, avoid using a single phrase twice or thrice in it. Alter is with any other expression. If you do not have knowledge about the sentences, then you can prefer academic writing help. Therefore broadening the ranges of phrases make writing worthy as well as attractive. The reader will also gain knowledge about new phrases.

Work on the beginning

As it is rightly said, the first impression is the last. So ensure that you must work hard in the starting of the article. The reader will easily judge your writing skill at the beginning. Make the beginning of the article attractive and catch the attention of the person.

Therefore, modify your thoughts and take the idea from the numerous sites. There is a massive difference between the original theory and copied thought. Furthermore, bringing some modification is enough for the beginning.

Cut the extra written content

It is the essential key to edit your article. While writing, usually, the person does the overwriting. Overwriting means using two or three sentences related to one statement or point. Always follow the formula of quality rather than quantity. When you go through the proofreading, then cut the irrelevant sentences.

Moreover, if you find the paragraph is irrelevant too, then cut the whole paragraph without the second thought. Generally, Overwriting leads to spun in your article.

Editing systematically

Give the proper time or even extra time for editing. The first mistake writers do while editing is they quickly read the paragraphs. If you read line by line, then you can find each and every mistake. Apart from it, the line by line reading creates the system.

By it, you can work or learn from your mistakes. Instead of hurrying, work calmly leads to success in writing. Carefully examine your own words and see how it is interesting to edit your writing. Although it is a lengthy process, yet it is worthy to enhance your writing skill too.

Shorter the sentences

While editing keeps the one thing in mind that, shorter the sentence, better the understanding. Longer sentences are boring. In addition to it, lengthy sentences require the time to understand. Therefore, splits the long sentence into two parts.

The range of words should be 20-25 in a single sentence. So work on it. The same thing applies to the paragraphs. Neither the paragraphs are too lengthy nor too short. Try to cover your paragraphs within the seven to eight lines. Humans want to break while reading. Therefore it is beneficial for you to edit the paragraphs as well as lines.

Eliminate the adverbs

The adverbs like very, really, totally are the common adverbs that deteriorate the quality of sentences. Excess of everything is terrible. For instance, if you want to write very beautifully, then instead of it, use gorgeous.

The words like beautiful, tedious, credulous enhance the quality of writing. While proofreading makes sure that editing the name very is rudimentary. There is a long list of synonyms. You can choose one of them to express your thoughts.

Avoid the extra punctuation

Usually, writers think that hyphen, a comma is useful for writing. However, not all the time, it works. Eliminating the comma, semicolon from your article will be the smart decision for you. Instead of using the punctuation, change it with the new sentence.

Suppose sentence demands for the semicolon, but you use it in bulk. At that time, end the sentence and begin the original sentence. However, do not cross the limit of the sentence.

Change the complicated words

Jargon does not make your writing smart. It increases the complications for the readers. Not all readers have the right hand in English. Few of the readers are frequent users of English. If your article consists of stuffy words, then people avoid your item.

If the person needs the dictionary while reading, then it indicates that you lack somewhere. In addition to it, prefer the familiar words. The englishes are a broad subject and the blend of synonyms as well as meaning. Therefore, select one of the terms.    

These above are some beneficial tips for writers who are keen on editing their own mistakes without taking help from other sources. In addition to that, you can also select the preposition, adjectives as well as verbs. Always proofread the article as the audience, not as a writer. Then think about whether your article is easy to understand or not.       

Apart from that, you can also get benefits from academic writing services. These services rectify all your mistakes and give the options related to changes. Sometimes writers do not have the time for self-editing. Academic writing help is like the boon for them.

It offers the facility of automatic correction, spell checker, punctuation checker.  In addition to it, you can replace your words with their attractive synonyms by the academic blog writing help. What is better than an automatic correction? Moreover, if you have extra time, then firstly prefer self-editing. After that, select academic writing blog help. 

In the end, learning is the never-ending process. It starts from the day of birth and continues until the last breath. In the initial days, writers let themselves down by examining the mistakes. Thinking about writing is not their cup of tea. Instead of it, for gaining success, it is necessary to have the attitude of learning.

Learning keeps you growing and makes you the wisest person ever. After writing, your primary focus should be on perfect editing. Give the final touch either by yourself or by taking help from various applications.      

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