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  • 27 Jul 2020

While you are preparing for an exam, self-help is the best help. Until you prepare a specific routine for yourself to study, it is difficult to concentrate on the vast syllabi of each subject. First of all, you should not keep everything for the last moment before the exam.

If there are assignments to submit, you should do it early or take student assignment help to submit within the deadline. Never keep any assignment for the 11th hour. Now, once you have done all your projects and assignments, it is time to prepare a study guide.

You can take study help from your teacher, tutor, or parents to prepare the guide, but if you plan it by yourself, you can count on it as per your convenience. You know which subject or which chapters you need to concentrate more. So, while preparing a study guide, you can keep more time for those on the routine and practice more to get ready for the exam.

Now, preparing a study guide is easy. With the following tips and guidelines, you can make it quickly and follow it perfectly to prepare you for the exam. What kind of things you need to keep in mind?

Have a look-

Start with the Basic Things

To do well in your exam, you have to be quite organized. Start from the beginning to maintain a flow in your study. You can call this step at the beginning of the beginning.

It means if you attend the classes more, be attentive towards the lessons in the class, arrange all the class notes, and be prepared with the necessary help to study before the exam, you can stay organized while making the study guide. After all, you know what to study for the exam and whatnot.

Make a Schedule

Once you are ready with all the study material, prepare a schedule for each subject. Take paper and divide it into certain segments like time, subject, writing time, and so on.

Make sure which portions of the syllabus require more concentration and which are already in your grip. Give more time to the difficult parts and maintain the routine deliberately. This will help you to prepare with the difficult part while revising the easy ones once again.

Take and Make Notes

This is one of the most important tips to prepare a study guide and also one of the basic tips too. While attending classes, you should follow what your lecturer is teaching and keep class notes. Not only that, but while reading anything, you should be ready with a notebook, pencil, and a highlighter so that you can point out the important points of the study material and write it down. It will help you to prepare the answers without getting you into any trouble.

Following the class lectures are very important as you are introduced to the material and continuous reading and focusing on the topic makes it easy to apprehend. If you keep notes on what your teacher teaches, you can apply those while answering the questions in the exam.

Include Examples

The motive of making a study guide is to make your journey of exam easier. That means, if you can prepare your study material most effectively, you can answer all the questions readily. While you follow the class and take class notes, you can also write down suitable answers in support of your answers.

Your teacher must have discussed some in the classroom; you can come up with examples of a similar kind. This will make your answers exclusive and you can be creative with your answers in the exam. To score better marks in subjects, being unique is very important.

Start Preparing with the Easy Questions

Once you start studying for the exam, begin with the easy topics and questions. Prepare those thoroughly so that you get a good grip on those and if those come on the exam, you can quickly answer those the best. You should have so much confidence about such topics, that you can answer those in whatever form they appear in the exam.

Once you are confident about a certain part of your syllabus, it will help you in getting more time to prepare the complicated parts.

Ask for Suggestions

Before preparing a study guide for yourself, you can take the help of your teachers. If it is about assignments, you can take the Essay Help or like that. But, while getting ready for the exam with study materials, you can ask for suggestions.

There are lots of things in your books which are not always important for the term. So, you can get an overview from your teacher about the important portions which will help you to make the study guide.

Try to Handwrite Your Study Guide

This is an experts’ suggestion while it comes to prepare a study guide. Typing may save a lot of time, but when you write the study guide by yourself, you get slower to think about what to include and what not. You get the idea of what is important more and what you can prepare later.

Such ideas bring the entire picture of your syllabus and you get the idea to complete it. If you have to type it, make sure you have the printed guide in front of you while studying. Once you have it in front of you, it will help you to concentrate more on the study. Following a computerized study guide is not a solution as students get diverted by the internet, and social media, to be precise.

Add Vocabulary Words

You may not have a direct vocabulary session in your exam, but making your vocabulary stronger will help you in the study. Whenever you find any difficult words in your study, you should note it down and find the meaning of it. You can ask your teacher or go through the dictionary to know it. It will help you to make your vocabulary stronger and also don’t let you feel alienated while any unknown words appear on the question paper.

Have a Personalized Guide

In terms of the study guide, you should make it for yourself only. Try not to share it with anyone. The study guide you prepare will suit your learning style, but may not be suitable for others. You can keep a section of group study in your study guide, but the entire thing should only be for you.

So, whether you need management assignment help or preparing a study guide, you should focus on your syllabus, get ready with your class notes, and prepare it. You can get help with assignment from professional services, but for the exam, you have to prepare by yourself. Preparing for the exam is not that difficult that you presume.

You just need to be attentive throughout the year, keep on studying things so that you are familiar with the materials, and concentrate more on your class. Also, you should not keep everything for the last moment as that will only make you confused. Getting grip on the study material will help you to understand things better and you can teach yourself.

The Benefits of Creating a Study Guide

You have got essential tips on creating a study guide. But, many of you will ask why you should create a study guide for yourself. Here are the benefits of preparing a study guide. Have a look-

Helps You to Focus and Comprehend

If you go through the textbook, it will feel like a novel and won’t help you much in answering the questions on the exam. You need to have a clear vision about the concept and also comprehend it thoroughly so well that you can teach it to someone else.

Helps to Remember What You Study

If you go through the entire textbook and presume to remember all for the exam, that is too much pressure on yourself. Study notes come with important points to cover and the parts to focus so that you cover it all for the exam without getting too much confused.

Helps to Prepare Exclusive Study Materials

As you are preparing your study note by yourself, you can be exclusive with your answers in the exam. Every student in a class follows the same lectures and takes the same class notes. Once you prepare a study note, you get to know how to prepare your answers and that can bring additional marks.

Hopefully, now you know how to make study notes and what the benefits of it are. If your exam is close and you haven’t made it till preparing it right now so that you can do well in your exams.

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