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APA, better known as American Psychological Association is the most common referencing style for citing resources across health sciences and social sciences. Initially developed by the American Psychological Association in 1929 with an aim to create and form a specified set of rules and regulations necessary for writing down an academic paper.

Students studying in universities often are left wondering how to cite a paper in APA format. To make their lives easier, professional services are here to offer them the guidance required.

A reference list refers to a full-length list of references beneficial in a piece of writing that includes the name of the author, title, date of publication, and much more.

The reference list needs to include the following:

  • Must be cited on a completely new page below a document
  • Must be centered
  • Must have the name of the first author in an alphabetical order
  • Need to comprise full references for all kinds of in-text references used

It was crucial for anthropologists, psychologists, and other established individuals such as business managers to have a set of specified regulations that could easily de-clutter the complexities of scientific writing. This is what brought about the introduction of the APA guide, a guide that introduces a set of rules and regulations and offers insight on how to cite a paper in APA format. It is adhered to by the rules that are expected out of an examiner and a publisher for offering maximum authenticity and the correct form of presentation of the written material.

Reasons why you need to cite the courses:

  • In order to demonstrate that others’ research has been considered
  • In order to impart additional information to the readers
  • In order to establish credibility as an eminent researcher
  • In order to impart professionalism, courtesy, and honesty

Common guidelines on How to cite a paper in APA format:

Here, we offer an introduction to our readers about the basic obligations which need to be fulfilled by the writers. Papers written in APA style need to comprise four distinct subparts:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Body paragraph
  • Reference List

Students need to state the number of papers at the top. This is where it is essential to insert the page number for readers to feel easier while navigating the academic paper. The page number needs to be inserted in the extreme right direction of the page. The running head is primarily the shortened version of the paper title. Make sure the word limit is within 50 characters and includes punctuation and spacing.

Tips to organize your paper in the most efficient manner:

Before jumping into the format of how to cite a paper in APA format, let us first determine the kind of paper you are going to achieve on creating:

Paper categories:

Literature reviews

The papers deeply analyze the work of an individual along with a group. The primary purpose is to collect amalgamated data about a particular problem in order to evaluate our current scenario. It largely sheds important light on specific attempts and issues with an aim to fill the gap and enlighten with concrete suggestions for future methods of research.

Empirical studies:

Empirical studies tend to acquire data from a number of experiments and observations with an aim to generate researched based reports. The kind of study is a bit distinct from other forms and is not based on any idea or theory, but on real data.

Methodological articles:

The articles essentially showcase a number of new modifications and advances to existing practice in a particular procedure and the scientific method. The author comprises documentation or data that proves that the new method is an improved one.

A number of evidence are included to support the article. Additionally, the author tends to explain to readers the need to modify the current practices.

Theoretical articles

The papers are quite similar to that of a literature review. While in a theoretical article, the author aims to collect, examine and share data related to a problem or issue with the help of research performed by others, a literature review, however, attempts to solve while explaining a problem and offers a new theory backed up by substantial evidence.

Case studies

The case studies offer information pertaining to a group, larger groups of individuals, and individuals. The subjects are further analyzed for a reason where the author sends a report and conclusion as derived from the study. The author might make substantial research for the future, make a number of theories, and derive solutions to a problem.

Length of paper:

As the APA format is beneficial in the field of science, hence students need to ensure that they are able to put across points in a crisp manner. Students, at this point, need to be clear, direct, and professional. Refrain from using any fluff and unnecessary details in the paper. This will help to keep the paper short and not add length unnecessarily.

Size of margin:

While adding margins, students need to ensure that the margins are kept consistent across all pages. Keep them completely consistent across the right, top, left, and bottom of the page. The four sides need to be crafted by making sure that the margins are marked with equal space. Students need to make use of a one-inch margin. Ensure that you make use of larger margins and should not be smaller than an inch.

Title pages:

The APA format and title cover page is the very first page of an essay or an academic paper. While some universities do not require a specific page on a title, however, some do.

If you are sure about how to cite a paper in APA format, make sure you do not forget to call us.

The title page comprises six distinct components:

  • Title of APA format paper
  • Institutional affiliation
  • Due date
  • Names of the authors
  • Name of instructor
  • Course number and title

Running heads:

As per the rules of the APA manual, it is essential to note that the running heads are not necessary for the academic paper until and unless requested by the instructor. However, it is necessary for students to write down the page number located in the upper-hand corner of every page.

Running heads are important for several professional papers. If you are wondering what a running head is, it is a page header located at the top of each page. In order to make the process easier, make sure you set the work processor and add the components on each page.

The running head comprises two distinct pieces:

  • Title of the academic paper
  • The number of pages

Make sure that you insert the page numbers in the APA format.

Prepare outlines:

Outlines are a beneficial part of an academic paper that helps writers to stay organized. It enables students to determine the research scope. Although it is not stated officially, however, it depends on the student to prepare it.

Components of Title Page:

While writing an academic paper, students need to write the following elements on the title page:

  • Page title
  • Author name
  • Institution name

At this point, the running head needs to be stated at the extreme left. On the other hand, the page number needs to be placed on the extreme right. The page number and running head need to be inserted right at the top.

The title needs to be written using both upper and lower case while placing it at the page center. Make sure that the title does not exceed more than 12 words. Avoid using any form of short forms, abbreviations, or symbols that fails the purpose of the title. Students need to write it using proper full-length words without any short forms or ‘text language’.

Type the title, the name of the author and refrain from using and titles such as Dr, or degrees such as Ph.D. Once you are done writing down your name, state your university name in addition to the address and location of the research. If you are having doubts regarding how to cite a paper in APA format, make sure you give us a call to solve your queries. You can also reach our essay help expert for any guidance.

How to cite a paper in APA format, explained in a few steps:


This section needs to begin on a fresh page and the paper needs to have a running head. Type the word ‘abstract’ below the running head located in the center of a page. There is no need for you to italicize, bold or use quotation marks.

Instead, keep the word at the center while including a concrete summary of the top points that need to be elaborated. If you are wondering about how to cite a paper in APA format, ensure that it is not length

When you are writing down a paper, it needs to be typed while ensuring a 1-inch margin gap on the sides of the paper.

There is no restriction on the font style, however, needs to be easy for readers to comprehend. The writer makes use of the font has high readability. The recommended style of font is Times New Roman and 12pt size.

While writing an assignment, students are often required to resource a number of information from varied authors. This is when it is essential for citing sources in your writing. The referencing style needs to follow a parenthetical citation instead of footnotes and endnotes below the page. It is the in-text citations that offer brief information to readers for them to defer the courses. With the help of using proper explanation, the references get explained in detail.

Remember that you need to quote less than 40 words in the writing. Do not forget to use quotation marks.

Steps to cite a distinct source type:

The in-text citation does not vary as per the type of sources, unless and until the author is not known,

Reference list citations are variable and depend largely on the source type.

How to cite a book in an APA format?

Book referencing is usually the most basic kind and matches with that of the template.

Know How to cite a paper in APA format from the professionals in business:

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