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  • 24 Aug 2018

At the time that a new assignment is given to the class, however, only with the guidelines and no specific topic, there is high possibility that the class feels lost because this is generally the most difficult aspect. In academic world, it has become usual that the assignments are structured as per the instructions that have all the details. But in a situation where the topic of the assignment is not given, the students get confused because finding a topic that best suites the writing as well as that which is as per the instructions can be quite challenging at times. There are various questions and doubts that might emerge in the thoughts like, what should be written about, the expectation of the professors, what if topic is not as expected, if the thoughts are running in correct way, etc. Rather than taking tension of doing the assignment in a wrong way, it is advisable to take this as a chance of writing about things of your interest instead of a “stock topic”. Here are some aspects discussed, which would assist you in choosing the topic for assignment.

Understand the assignment

Prior to the thought about choice of topic, it is significant that there is complete understanding of the assignment and what is the student expected to accomplish from it. The fundamental aspects that should be considered are if a report or essay has to be written, what is the extent of research, if it is an explorative paper or argumentative, the kind of analysis that is expected, etc. It is pertinent that one has a firm grasp on the assignments structure as well as purpose so one does not end up to a point where there emerges a need to change the topic as it might not go well with the assignment criteria. 


Research, together with brainstorming is a two-fold process to assist the students with commencement of thoughts of possible topics. Brainstorming is done for getting several ideas put down as a list and then later they can be sorted. It is important here to ask yourself as to the kinds of problems that exist and that could be addressed in this paper. To move forward, research comes in picture. Here, if you are aware of the keywords or one aspect of the assignments and you put that in search engine, it helps you lead to various other keywords and aspects involved in the assignment. In this way, they can all be researched to find out a strong and interesting topic for the assignment that relates to it completely.

Areas of Interest and Patterns

Subsequent to having an ideas list in place, they need to be sorted. Here, it is a good practice to look for idea’s thematic patterns and then arrange them in diverse classes. It is possible here that similar topics seem to emerge frequently instead of other topics and thus it can be good move to focus on these. The prime reason for this is that if you are thinking about one topic more than the other, there is large chance that this topic is your area of interest and thus you would write better on this topic than others.

Scope Definition

This is a critical aspect of the procedure of topic selection, however, is sometimes not considered by the students, Defining of a scope involves narrowing down the topic to a specific one. It has been noticed that the students do not take much pain or not give much attention to narrowing the topic scope and thus what is seen that there is a generalized paper in their hand at the end. Making a choice of specific aspects that would be the paper’s focus would assist in conducting a thorough analysis. The flexibility with this step is that you can choose the specifics while writing the paper as well, however, if it is done in beginning, you can have a succinct research as well. Here, while researching you may find there are other specific topics too that need attention, they may be included or they might be replace the current one.

This is just a guiding and not an exhaustive list of things to be considered. This is meant to help the students arrive at a topic that best suits the requirements given by the professors. However, even after keeping these aspects in mind and using them, the students might be unable to select the topic and find themselves in a mess and confusion. The students may then seek my assignment help, online assignment help, etc to get the problem resolved. In such a situation, you have a rescuer, Myassignmenthelpau. You can connect on the website and provide the instruction file and it is done. The expert who is assigned the work would select the topic that fits the requirements appropriately and also assist in making the complete assignment. The experts are well versed with the way that assignment topic should be selected and thus there are least chances that the topic selected by them is not correct. Overall, they have the solution to all your academic writing needs. They assist in all types of academic writings from report writing to essay writing services.

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