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  • 27 Dec 2019

Every mentor has been a student once and having been through already what you are going through right now, we totally feel you. We understand how you would’ve spent those long days mugging sleeplessly with hopelessness, thinking that this torture would never end.

But no, it’s not over yet. Just when you think you’ve fought the battle, constant pestering of the relatives asking about results comes to the fore. Worry not folks and feed yourself our expert tips to ace well in university exams-

  1. Understand your situation first

In order to take the test, first, motivate yourself. Do not treat your exams like a formality. It is what will ultimately make you sail through your semester. Understand and accept the fact that you need to pass them.

  1. Start studying from the first day onwards

Instead of sitting back and relaxing the entire semester and cramming a term’s worth of material into your head a night before the exam, take it step by step. Make notes, attend lectures and study little by little every day. Before you know it, you would’ve mastered it all.

  1. You aren’t alone

You aren’t alone in the situation. Organizing your schedule and planning everything on time is what sets the difference between a first and last rank holder.

  1. A study from old tests

Old test papers or model test papers that float around the days before exams can give you an effective idea about the battles you will be facing. Having revised the whole syllabus adequately, go through these test papers to ace well.

  1. Isolate yourself from the social world

You need to isolate yourself days before examinations. Your social media life won’t go anywhere, but grades might. Stop wasting time on unnecessary texting, swiping, or forwarding memes. All these distractions can wait for a few weeks for the sake of your career.

  1. Sleep well

This might sound ridiculous while preparing for an exam as many of us bookworms believe in mugging for hours rather than wasting time sleeping. But often we fail to acknowledge that our minds and bodies need rest to work properly. It is better to sleep well and study for 4 hours which creates the output for 16 hours, rather than torturing yourself to mug up for 16 hours and not create an output worth even for 4 hours. 

  1. Eat well

Along with rest, the body and mind need fuel too to sustain well. Feed yourself as per your body type and ensure the adequate intake of all necessary nutrients.

  1. Form a study group

As we all know, knowledge grows by sharing with others. Studying in a group can take a lot of burden from your shoulders. All of you can take up different topics and teach each other. This increases effectiveness and efficiency and makes learning a fun process. 

  1. Understand yourself

Preparing for exams is not a competition. Do not set the day’s goals based on the capacity of others. Everyone is different, so set your limits as per yourself. Take enough breaks as per your requirement, learn the topics to understand for life and not just for passing the exams, do easy topics first.

  1. Do not experiment

While preparing, do not experiment with your study pattern at the eleventh hour. Do not assume that if someone else is a nocturnal creature and mugs up the whole night, you can too. Your body might not allow it and you end up losing all the time. Do whatever has worked for you in the past and not take unnecessary risks.

  1. Test yourself

Take the role of both student and professor after you have done your revision. Gather all your study material and sit in front of a mirror. Question yourself and write the answers with as much sincerity as you would in an exam hall.

  1. Get some exercise

Reading and studying in itself are the fodders for the mind to grow, but do not overlook your physical health. Remember that your mind and body are not parts of two different beings. Exercise well as it increases your mental potential as well.

  1. Read ahead

This is the extension of the previous tip. Always try to challenge your limits and try to do more than you think you can. This does not mean that you should burden yourself with immense pressure, but to increase your potential little by little every day.

  1. Pay heed to your ambiance

Preparing for these traumatic days is punishment in itself for you, so you wouldn’t want to disturb yourself more. For your brain to work effectively, create an ambiance around you that is a treat for all your faculties as all the information that they register goes directly to your brain. So, think for yourself, whether you would do well in the well-lit aromatic room or a cramped smelly dumpster.

  1. Be honest with yourself

Do not try to over-achieve and be honest with whatever you do. Do not go through the material blankly for the sake of reading it. Read with the purpose of understanding. Even if it means doing fewer topics than your friends in a day.

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