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  • 01 Sep 2020

While indulging in academic writing, one of the most common questions that appear in the minds of every student is how many pages are 1000 words?

Do you have something to write as accounting 1000 words? Are you wondering how many pages are 1000 words? Well, to be precise, the answer to the question primarily depends on the platform you are writing on.

Individuals use Microsoft Word or Google Docs for several assignments to be submitted to universities. The software offers a tool named a word counter that shows the number of words written on each page and in total.

The number of pages for 1000 words tends to depend largely on the type of font, the size of the font, margin, paragraph structure, and more. Let us look into a few rudimentary calculations for the 1000 words.

Factors determining calculations for 1000 words

Irrespective of whether you are using Google Docs or MS Word, counting the words is pivotal for being involved in academic writing.

Pages usually depend on the number of words, along with the size, font, paragraphs, and spacing. Additionally, the procedure of counting pages tends to depend on the factors mentioned. A 1000 word count creates 2 pages single-spaced or 4 pages double-spaced having normal margins and with the help of 12 pt.

Irrespective of the software you are writing on, whether Word or Google Docs, there are a few basic calculations that you need to adhere to.

  • When you are writing 1000 words using Arial font, it is recommended to keep the font size to 12 pt and along with single spacing. This will comprise around 2 pages.
  • If the font size is around 10 pt along with the font being Calibri, then it will furthermore take as many as 2 pages to complete the words and use double space.
  • There will be a total of 4 pages when you are typing in Times New Roman along with font size 12 with the help of double space.

Example calculations of Words per Page

Example #1

Let us cite the first example where a high school senior is enrolling in a college. In order to enroll, students need to craft a 1000-word essay on a particular topic.

This is when the student makes use of a word counter and tracks the total number of pages and words to be written. The page count tends to depend primarily on the requirements in regards to the font type, font size, spacing and more.

In a few cases, students are needed to write the college application essay with the help of their own hands.

In such an instance, the entirety of pages and the total counting of words tend to depend on the handwriting of the student.

However, on average, a full-length and descriptive 1000-word essay tends to occupy about 2-4 pages depending on the guidelines as offered by spacing.

Example #2

In another example, let us assume that you are typing a whole-length blog for a particular platform. If you are wondering about 500 words, let us tell you that when the post is typed in Microsoft Word or Google Docs beforehand, you would know that 500 words will typically occupy as much as 1-2 pages. 

However, on the online platform, it could occupy an extremely small section or even the entire web page. The layout of the website largely matters and in this scenario, it essentially determines the final look of the context written.

You can use a program such as Google Docs to track the word count easily. This is facilitated with the help of their in-built character/ word count feature.

Example #3

Now assume a scenario where you have to frame something of 1500 words. This again depends largely on several factors that have already been discussed, the font size, type, spacing, paragraph structure, and margins.

A rough page writing 1500 words using 14 pt Verdana fonts along with 1.5 spacing will take around six and a half pages. For students who wish to change the font to Times New Roman, along with altering the font size to 12 pt, the 1500-long word document then will extend to as many as four distinct pages.

Hence, here you can clearly see how the choice of distinct size, font, and typeface plays a significant role in the page count.

Example #4

Let us take examples a step higher and assume how about 2000 words! Let us just create a scenario where a student needs to finish the final paper for a semester in a university.

When asked how many pages are there in 2000 words, a mere calculation needs to be elongated. The primary motive of writing a paper is to make it readable and hence if a student makes use of a typeface such as Arial or Verdana with 12 pt size and double spacing, the 2000 words paper can take as much as seven pages.

Example #5

If a college student intends to frame a paper for the course of History, the full-length word count is 3000 words. The teacher then makes use of a few considerations as mentioned below:

  • Times New Roman Font
  • Double Spacing
  • 12pt Font Size

Example #6

Let us assume that a writer is working on the story and the entire word count is 10,000 words. This is where the writer makes use of Google Docs and the writer adhered to the format as stated by a manuscript, you can use 12 pt Calibri fonts along with double spacing. This will help you figure out a short story approximately of 34 pages.

If the writer however writes a novel, of as many as 50,000 words, the entire manuscript page count will be as much as 172 pages. This does not however consider the story being segregated.

Hence, the page count for a 50,000-word novel is likely going to typically differ from another novel having the same word count as the format will need to be taken into account.

How many pages in 1000 words?

The approximate page thus would be twelve pages, and without illustration, images, or any other added parts. However, if the guidelines need the same paper to comprise several subsections, the page count has the possibility to alter.

 In this example, the primary headings will have Heading 1 format, with the subheadings having Heading 2 format. Additionally, the margins will be kept at 0.5 inches on the right and also on the left side.

While the student makes use of the additional settings on the 3000-word document, the total number of pages is as many as 13.

The page count is subjective in nature

The subjectivity can be explained with the help of an example. For instance, a 20,000-word article might take a few pages and even ten with the presence of advertisements.

This typically depends on the way in which the magazine has been formatted. In another example, there is a children’s book to be written, and it might take as many as 20 pages to be written with the presence of large fonts and pictures being included. Hence, the page count can also be a subjective matter, accounting for the kind of format being published.

Final Thoughts

Hence, practically assuming, How many pages are actually 1000 words largely depends on the font size, the margin, space along with varied other factors.

In addition to this, the place you are publishing and the person you are publishing for is also a great deal to consider. It is simply nothing, but however a necessary element in the realm of academics that helps to keep a track of the count.

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