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  • 30 Jun 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected several students worldwide, together with those desiring to study in Australia. On one side several scholars are reconsidering their plan to study in Australia, but an oversized range of international students also claim that the virus irruption has had no impact on their dreams to pursue their education abroad.

With lectures shifting online for a minimum of the rest of the year, the COVID-19 crisis has reshaped the method Australian universities deliver education on multiple fronts. From the disposal of attractive job opportunities and processing visa applications to missing out on ground zero experience and determining whether or not to defer admissions or to stay on the plan, students are facing the dilemma of how they must plan on studying in Australia amid the pandemic.

We are here to provide an in-depth understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on the Aussie admission process, the safe way to plan for higher studies abroad amid the pandemic, the advantages of studying overseas, and more. 

How is Coronavirus affecting the students planning to study in Australia?

Considering the present scenario, it's not at all astonishing that a large number of students are having a tough time wrapping their heads around the impact on their dreams to pursue their higher education abroad. As per data, a large majority of students had registered at universities across Australia.

The Aussie education sector is presently facing new challenges thanks to the crisis that has caused students to alter their study plans, be it at the undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctorate level. 

On average, the pandemic has affected almost 50% of international students and the movement of scholars has been staggeringly affected. Several Australian universities are all set to suspend all mass lectures for the forthcoming academic year, limit the number of scholars for campus learning, and introduce the culture of online classes. Several universities have allowed their students to join the academic year at the campus after following the quarantine and general public health norms.

Unfortunately, admission exams like the SATs and ACT were called off but now conducting authorities might start administering exams in October, November, and December.

As per the latest data, approximately 210,000 fewer international student enrolments have taken place this year, than expected. This highlights a loss of AU$1.8 billion in income, with 17,000+ jobs lost within the teaching sector. Before Coronavirus hit the country, approximately 442,000 international students get enrolled in Australia, as per the most recent data available.

The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine is providing a much-needed boost to the international student intake. Alan Tudge, the Federal Education Minister of Australia hopes to ascertain a variety of enrolments this year, thanking students for having patience, who are currently registered in Australian universities or stuck overseas. With the availability of safe quarantine measures, the Australian education sector is gradually trying to get back on track. With the borders getting closed last year, the Australian education industry has seen a huge collapse. 

How to manage to study in Australia amid or post-COVID-19?

The toughest challenge amidst all this is to understand how a student ought to address the challenges exposed by COVID-19. Several students have pushed their admission applications till the next year, but there are so many who are looking for education options in different countries and hoping to travel abroad to get a campus learning experience and continue their studies as usual. 

Through these unsure times, the most ordinarily raised concern is about the allocation of funding and scholarships which will ease the monetary pressures on the scholars. Australia has always allotted funds to international education sectors and is proposing to structure its funding even during these sad times. 

Allow us to shed light on a couple of workable options for how students can handle the COVID-19 challenges:

Stick to the path decided: There's no sure sure-shot method to forecast when the pandemic will end or when students will be able to do away with its effects. The only wise thing for the students to continue doing is to stick to their current plan of action and focus on the application process. Several Australian universities have extended their application window giving students enough time to choose whether studying in Australia is the most viable possibility for them or not. This way, students would not lose a year and can attend lectures online initially and later be allowed to join classes on campus. 

Explore universities with a nice COVID-19 response: Nearly every university in Australia has adopted solid measures to adapt to the new normal. The measures could vary from location to location and each university is choosing a totally different approach to assist students to have a smooth sail throughout their academic journey. Several universities in Australia have even reduced their tuition fees in response to the disaster caused by the novel coronavirus. 

Preparation should be your prime concern: With students restricted to their homes, it's the best time to prepare for entrance tests termed mandatory by the varied Australian universities. All test conducting bodies like the College Faculty Board, Graduate Management Admission Council, etc. have introduced an outlying proctoring way to permit students to take tests like the GMAT, SAT, and ACT from the comfort of their homes.

Push admissions by at least a year: One of the studying in Australia choices amid COVID-19 may be to delay admission by a year. Pursuing your education online might eradicate the monetary stress however it'd additionally remove the chance of experiencing a totally different way of life on the Aussie campus. Hence, delaying admission might be a sensible call for some scholars out there. 

What prospective students should be looking for while applying to Australian universities during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  1. Alterations to the applying method
  2. Modifications in application deadlines 
  3. Availability of seats within the preferred course at a university
  4. Changes to the dates of any entrance exams 
  5. Changes to the course structure 
  6. Restrictions on the power of universities to create unconditional offers 
  7. Measures the university has enforced to slow the unfolding of the coronavirus on campus
  8. Changes to English language test needs 
  9. The way to postpone the application 

How are Aussie universities responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Aside from shifting to online lectures and enduring government instructions on COVID-19, universities all around Australia have adopted numerous measures to meet the evolving needs of the students:

  • Several universities are admitting students who don't have GRE or GMAT scores.
  • There's a reduced fee structure at numerous universities.
  • Many universities are accepting online copies of degree certificates as manufacturing the initial copies might be a troublesome task in these times.
  • Universities are exploring ways that to supply courses in a very merging format and guarantee sleek conduct of education such as video calls, online assignments writing, and open book exams.
  • Aussie universities are offering exceptional employer workshops, career services, recruitment events, virtual networking events, etc. to help students enjoy the home learning atmosphere. 
  • Keeping in mind the travel restrictions due to the pandemic, universities have started offering virtual tours to students and their parents.

If you have any other queries you can get in touch with the experts of the MyAssignmentHelpAu portal and understand why it is worth it to study in Australia despite the coronavirus.

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