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  • 22 Jul 2020

The pandemic, COVID-19 has resulted in a major stagnancy across every walk of life and has not spared education either. While the entire world has been affected due to the pandemic, with Australia being one of the most significant victims of the infectious disease.

Australia is largely known for a number of renowned universities, schools, and other educational institutions dominating the educational hub of the country. With the emergence of Covid-19, the country has declared a lockdown that has brought a stagnancy across every realm of life, including education.

Students across the world and in Australia have been consequently impacted by the spread of the deadly disease with the Government announcing a lockdown on the entire country. The state of lockdown witnessed the shutdown of every institution and business proceedings.

With travel restrictions being imposed, and individuals being asked to stay isolated and in quarantine, education indeed suffered vehemently.

Corona Virus has impacted education plans: Drawing an analysis

As per a significant study, respondents were asked whether the virus has impacted their plans of studying abroad or not. The results were extremely surprising where 46% of the entire population agreed on a yes, with 29% reflecting on a no, and the remaining 25% of the population did not adhere to a definite answer.

This stark number display shows how the pandemic had affected students on their plan to study abroad. The study was performed for a longer period, with each week the responses shifting as the crisis starting swelling in its impact. The mid-week of March interestingly witnesses a huge drop in the respondents’ number who said a no to the above-mentioned survey, with most of them changing their response to a yes.

This was also the point when the greater number of students faced a growing uncertainty about the travel plans abroad with the population signifying uncertainty in the above-mentioned study. They in fact changed their answer to a yes, saying that the disease has indeed affected their study and travel plans to a significant effect.

This stark shift in the number game is primarily due to the fact that the week witnessed a rising number of cases with deaths soaring to the peak. This further demonstrated the dramatic escalation of the pandemic, with students and their plans being affected more and more. This is also when; the studies experienced a slow shift in answer with time.

There was another study where the international students were asked how the Covid-19 virus has transformed their plans to study abroad in Australia, and how they have changed their plans. In other words, they were asked whether they have delayed their plan to study in Australia next year or to study in a different country or have canceled the plan to study overseas.

The results reflected that around 47% of the population entailed that they had shifted their plan of studying in Australia to the next year, with 19% of the population citing the need to study in a different country. Among the remaining population, while some said they intend to no longer study overseas, some remained confused.

Unfortunately, these responses also witnessed a significant shift over time. Hence, these trends and reports show how the pandemic has been a strong deterring factor for students planning to study overseas in Australia and enrolling for further education in the country.

Higher education moreover is extremely pivotal for the economy of Australia with a few thousand flying overseas each year to study across multiple prestigious universities thriving in the country. It has been estimated to be a contributing factor with contributing as much as $66 billion to the country.

The crisis hence has exposed the country to significant vulnerabilities of the governance of the education sector. Moreover, with the current state of lockdown, campuses are kept closed the entire time and with it, the universities can experience a major fall on the economical front.

Australian Universities embracing online learning

The complete state of isolation has enforced institutions in Australia to close campuses and resort to online learning. The death tolls are increasing and hence Australian universities are seeking to safeguard the safety of students and introduce a safer form of learning.

Most of the international students expressed that they need to study online due to the restrictions posed on physical space. However, as many as 42% of students cite that they had no interest in studying as the surrounding situations or circumstances have been extremely difficult for them to concentrate properly.

Although universities have been trying to soothe the students and make them feel at ease, the surrounding scenario has been tough and has affected students to a significant extent. Moreover, the inability to acquire professional assistance has dampened their educational interest to them encountering a state of total despair.

Education Assistance by Professionals

With the complete state of lockdown, the country had shut all universities down, with students acquiring zero or no professional assistance. As a result, the students indeed suffered a lot and were unable to grab an understanding of their courses and chapters. This further confused students even more and led them to a state of helplessness.

The pandemic took a toll on students and their understanding of the subjects and assignments given. Without the professional's understanding, it got extremely difficult for them to comprehend the subject courses well and write the assignments with ease.

Are you too feeling the same way and have been looking everywhere for some guidance? Well, this is the time that you can resort to professional assistance to help you with your subject course in Australia. If you are isolated and staying in quarantine, there is no need to worry.

Finance Assignment Help by the professionals is offered to you, right from the comfort of your home. No longer do you need to step outside and risk your safety to acquire professional guidance. The experts offer professional assistance through online platforms, and you can easily get in touch with them online.

Services offered by the academic service providers in Australia

Times might be extremely hard at the moment for students in Australia, however, a bit of stress can be easily relieved with the assistance of the stalwarts in the business. The academic assistance service provider offers its services for students to make most of. Apart from offering help with assignment and submitting the tasks on time, these experts also explain the subject courses well and offer live guidance to resolve all queries.

If you are still hesitating, here are a few of the major services offered by these service providers. Let us explore a few of the most important services as offered by Management Assignment Help experts:

Highly knowledgeable experts

The experts have an in-depth understanding of the subject and the style of writing. This enforces the experts to share the knowledge more proficiently and in the manner that a university abides by. Each of the experts is learned in their subjects and has acquired a significant degree on their course. This propagates deeper learning as they are able to share knowledge resources to the students and offer student assignment help.  

Round the clock assistance

With Australia announcing self-isolation, students have indeed felt extremely helpless and have urged the need for professional academic assistance. This can be availed by the professional writers who offer round the clock assistance and excel in academic grounds.

They are present with their services at all points of the day, to ensure students to acquire maximum help and guidance.

Live guidance

The times have been extremely critical where students have felt the dire need to seek guidance to comprehend a subject material. The expert professionals offer live guidance where they render assistance through online portals and help students’ solve their queries through virtual space.

No longer do you need to risk your safety and seek guidance, instead, you can avail so, from the convenience of your home, in complete isolation.

Cost-effective solutions

No longer do students need to worry about availing expensive assistance services as the professionals charge cost-efficient solutions for every assignment and guidance offered. With the help of low prices, every student can come forward and seek study help while maximizing their learning experience.

Secured payment gateway

Through the safe and secured payment gateway, students can now perform the payment. The professionals accept payment in multiple modes that offer students the required flexibility. No longer do you need to worry while performing transactions online, as it is a smooth affair with the professionals standing by you.

Bid adieu to the stress of the critical times, and the experts are here

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The CoronaVirus times have been extremely hard and hence do not let the times get any harder on you.

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