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  • 04 Nov 2019

Confused between copywriting and Proofreading? Are both being done for the same purpose?


Let us discuss this in a very simple way. But before understanding the difference between the two, let us understand, What exactly does copywriting and proofreading means?

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is basically a re-arranging of the words in an article. Why is there a need to re-arrange your words? Well, by rearranging your words, you will notice that the reader gets more interested in reading your article. It is equal to presenting a product uniquely to increase sales.

Is copywriting so important?

Well, Yes! After all who does not want to attract his readers and increase their sales?  

Copywriting is a part of marketing. Companies hire copywriters who can write classic content for them. Instead of doing a door to door marketing, copywriters focus on writing blogs and articles, reading which, the readers get more interested in knowing about the product.

Copywriting is different from typical writing. You just do not write any content. You make it more attractive for the reader to read it. Copywriting is an ART. You need skills to be a copywriter. Copywriting is used everywhere. 

A company hires a copywriter to draft messages and articles to reach its potential customers. You might have noticed that many customers are attracted to a product just by reading a few lines about it. In today’s world, the internet is the most promising source for reaching customers. Each company has its own website. Now, if a company introduces a new product in the market, it becomes pertinent for a company to advertise it. Rather than following the traditional style of marketing through door-to-door sales, companies give a brief description of a product on their websites.

People interested in knowing about the product, search for information about it. Do you think people would be interested in reading big blogs upon it? The answer is NO. 

Here comes the role of a copywriter. A copywriter frames the product in his mind and applies all of it in his writing. In a simple two-three line, they can give the best description of the product. Just by reading those few lines, people get motivated in buying the product.

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is a process of checking for the errors that might have been committed in your writing work. Proofreading includes checking errors such as spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, Typo errors, and Formatting issues.

Students are given to write content now and then during their academic careers. They work very hard to find information and write it in their own words. Although being good at writing, there are times when you make some mistakes while writing. It’s completely fine! 

After all, you are a normal human being. But ignoring those errors would be a very stupid task. 

Have you ever noticed that the best of your assignments end up getting poor grades? The main reason behind it lies in the errors you made while writing it. Thus, rectifying those errors is very important. 

Thus, by undergoing proofreading, you will be able to locate all your mistakes and correct them. 

However, proofreading is not editing. Editing involves changes in major changes in your content, paragraphs, and language. Proofreading only encompasses the rectification of small errors. 

Did you notice how proofreading is different from copywriting? 

Still, Confused? 

Let us discuss the basic difference between the two by studying the following table:

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