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Among the several structured education systems in the world, the Australian Education system is one such that offers a world of opportunities to students in Australia. The entire education system of Australia is regulated by Australian Curriculum, Reporting Authority and through Assessment.

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Being controlled by the Minister of Education, the education realm in Australia touts to being one of the most established and accounts to being as old as a century.

It comprises major schools and universities with being three-tiered, comprising primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education. The highest level of education in the country is at the university level, where you can choose from 43 countries, and 40 out are government funded, while two being international universities and the other being a private one.

Students have the flexibility to choose from bachelor degrees or postgraduate courses, comprising postgraduate diploma, certificate, doctoral and master programs.

Moreover, students can enroll for several vocational courses, serving as a gateway to industry and university education for work. These courses primarily focus on re-defining several practical skills along with industry training, while being offered by government-funded institutions in addition to private establishments.

Learning more about distribution of education system

Understanding primary education

This comprises mainly the early stages of education offered to a child. With this, it includes preparatory, also known as Kindergarten and Pre-school. It runs for a span of 6 to 7 years.

Secondary Education

Soon after the primary schooling is complete, students further enroll for secondary education, and this runs for 3-4 years, as based on distinct institutions. Classes 7-10 fall under this category.

Senior Education

As the name suggests, the senior years is exactly what defines senior education. It is for two years and includes classes 11 and 12.

Tertiary education

Once students complete school education, they soon endeavor towards varied courses as offered in universities and colleges. Students are offered the flexibility to pursue future education from any institution and university of their choice. This section of education comprises post graduate, undergraduate and doctorate programs. While universities get tougher, professional academic solutions are here to offer you Assignment Help, at your service.

What is the language of instruction?

Australia boasts English as their official language and is also the primary language of instruction across the education sector. A number of schools offer bilingual and other programs available in distinct languages.

Understanding the Australian Qualifications Framework

The system is typically distinguished from other countries and by the Australian Qualifications Framework. It was established back in 1995 while being a national policy covering qualifications from tertiary education sector and Senior Secondary Certificate of Education. Do not worry if you ever face trouble with assignments, Marketing Assignment Help professionals are here to take care.

It comprises 10 distinct levels along with links schools, university and vocational education qualifications into one single national system. This furthermore allows you to easily move from one distinct level of study to another and from one institution to another, if students are able to cater to the visa requirements.

This further is beneficial for choice and flexibility in the realm of career planning. The qualifications in the AQF helps you prepare for future studies and professional life.

If you study an AQF qualification, you can be completely sure that the institution is Government-authorized while being nationally accredited. Additionally, you can also be assured to bag a genuine AQF qualification.

The institutions are linked worldwide which enables students to easily move around the education system between institutions and courses, along recognition and formal agreement. This ensures that every path of your academic life shall further contribute to the future, no matter what. If at any time of the course, you feel the dire need of professional assistance, enroll towards Nursing Assignment Help Sydney and seek professional excellence.

Fee Structure

While we are discussing the universities and education system in Australia, we simply cannot miss out on fee structure. The average tuition fee ranges between AUS $20,000 and AUD $30,000 a year.

Schools charge around AUD 8000 to 30,000 a year.

Vocational and educational training courses cost around 5K to 30K per year, and largely depend on the course and institution you are enrolling for.

Financial aid

Students can easily apply to several institutions specific scholarships available in the country. The application requirements and every single important guideline are available online on the official website. It is recommended for students to have a look before applying. JAVA Assignment Help assistance is available for your convenience and ease.

Knowing more about VET (Vocational and Technical Schools)

The education system in Australia allows students to easily enroll for several vocational courses while helping them skip any university education, while enabling you to directly apply to jobs. The courses primarily emphasize on practical learning along with industry skills, and are different to other regular courses, relying heavily on theoretical learning.

Several schools have opened their doors to this form of learning. It is however important to keep in mind that the courses usually offer diploma, certifications along with advanced diploma.

Along with this, some of the popular industries that the students can endeavor to are hospitality, manufacturing, tourism, marketing, business, and more. There are professionals offering Finance Assignment Help, and easing your academic troubles.

Education services offered for ESOS (Overseas Students Act)

This act was established back in the year 2000, and was established with an aim to offer protection to the rights of foreign students studying in the country and on a student visa. The act helps a student in the following mentioned ways:

  • It protects the right to offer and gain information while providing the information about tuition fee, course, curriculum and more.
  • It also helps you to avoid scam and duplication
  • It protects the tuition fee that has been paid to the university.
  • It also helps to complete the refund process, in case the university denies the course.
  • It helps to maintain an equal standard of education

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