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This article will tell you about using Google Docs. Google docs are as same as the Microsoft word processor. But Google Docs can be accessed online. It comes with various features that are not present in word processor.

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You can track all the changes done in the document. This article is in the form of questions and we are providing the answers for the same

How you can draft folder?

You can easily sign into the google account. Then go to google homepage and click google drive. The home page will get open and then click on new. Now, you can name the required name to the folder and enter on create. The folder is created where you can save your files by dragging the files in new folder.

How to add page?

You can select the page by entering on last word of page. Then go to menu bar and enter insert. Go to page break situated at the end of list. When you will click page break then you can see new page. The new page will come after clicking the last word of the current page.

How to delete the page?

Select the page that is to be deleted. If there is content on the page, then you can delete the content by selecting it. Then come on the starting of page. Then, you can press backspace and page will get deleted once the cursor shift to the above page.

How to watch word count?

You can easily go to menu bar and enter tools. Then click word count and the box will get open that will tell you word count. If you want to know the word counts of a specific paragraph then selects the para and repeat the above-mentioned steps.

How you can change margins

You can go to the file in menu bar. Then enter on page set up and on right hand the 4 boxes will get open. The box contains the options of bottom, top, left and right. Here, you can enter the required margin and click okay.

How you can add page numbers?

You can enter on insert option and click on the option of page number and header. If you click on page number and header then enter on page number. The box with four options will come. You can select page numbers.

How you can place double space?

You can choose text in which the double spacing has to be applied. Then you can enter on double spacing and click on the option of double. On clicking, the spacing between lines will get double.

How you can hand indent?

You can choose the text in which you want to apply indent. You will see the ruler in toolbar where there is arrow indication on right and left side for both indents. By clicking on left indent you can move to right and clicking on right arrow you can move your text to left.

How can you make landscape?

You can go to file in menu bar. Then enter on page set up and the dialog box will get open. You can click on landscape and then okay.

How you can go for alphabetize?

You can click add on option. Then the dialog box will get open and then you can write sorted paragraphs in search box and press enter. The option of sorted paragraph will get open and then enter +free button. Then another dialog box will get open by signing into the account and click allow. Then, you can add sorted paragraph and choose the text that you want to alphabetize. Then you can click add-ons and sorted para option.

How you can use cover letter template?

You can click template gallery. Then scroll down and stop at letter template. The two kinds of letter format will appear and you can select as per your choice. When the letter gets opened then all the names and addresses can be edited. You can also edit the body of letter.

How can you add fonts?

You can enter on font option and also enter on more font option. You will see a dialog box and on left hand side there are various fonts. On right you will see a box with font lists. You can click on fonts that you want to add in the font list. The clicked fonts will get saved in right hand side. The fonts can be managed by adding or deleting from the font list in right side box. Once you are through the process then click okay.

How you can make rows?

You can go to the menu and click on table. You can tap on insert table and click at the box located on vertically downward. The number of rows will get increased. You can select nos. of rows and then tap on the selected last box.

How you can make columns?

You can click on menu bar and tap on the table. Enter insert table and small boxes will come. You can choose number of columns. When you are done with selection, then enter the last box.

How you can track changes?

You must click on tool bar and click on editing option. The done changes can be tracked. You can also track the changes done by someone else. You can either accept or reject the changes. So, track the changes made and you can enter comments.

How you can insert table of content?

You can click on menu bar and table of contents. You will get two options. There will be table of content with blue links and table of content with page numbers. You can click on the option.

How you can insert text box?

You can tap on menu bar and click on drawing. The dialog box will get open and then enter on T icon. You can drag cursor so that you can make box big. The box is created then enters on the border. You can write in the box and outside the box. You can save and close.

How you can highlight?

You can choose text that you want to highlight. Then tap on text color icon and choose highlight option. You can tap on required color and then the text will get highlighted.

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