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  • 05 Jan 2020

Same old boring job streams? Well, not now. There are various job types that are quite quirky and idiosyncratic. So, the basic humdrum jobs that do not capture your interest can now be evaded. Don’t settle for less and live your life to fullest – even the professional one. Take the atypical approach.

There are several job options in different domains and some that you may not have even heard of. However, if you are looking for an exceptional one – that may be out of reach of a common job seeker, here we have listed them for you. These are surely going to amaze your senses and give you a choice on a different career path.

These are a unique line of works that would capture your interest and give your thoughts a new masterminding. These professions involve fun and you feel no burden of work because you love what you do and thus you possess high job satisfaction. This is certainly not a common thing. Most of the people work for the jobs that pay them well. However, there are very few who like what they do and still make good money. So, you create an extraordinary path for others to follow and boost your job profile. 

  1. Aqualoop Testers

Let’s start with the most interesting one.  I am sure you’re not believing your eyes. Yes, you are paid to test water slides. This is concerned with the safety that the parks need to ensure for the people taking the waterslides. Testing the water slide would involve the safety aspect and checking the other measures like, if the water enters the slide, how much of water should enter the slide and should not, the timing for the complete slides, et cetera. So, if you’re one of the people who enjoy water rides,  this is the right job for you. You can take the waterslide a number of times and prepare a report pertaining to the various aspects that have been asked to be checked.

  1. Head-hunters

No no, don’t compare this with the normal job of recruitment. While this job is that of professional recruiters, it's mostly done for the positions that are never advertised. So, at this job, it is not the resume collection that you do, you assist the companies in the enhancement of the operations, together with the baselines through alignment with the prospective candidates for the job, who are the most suitable ones for the organization. The most interesting aspect of this job is that you can choose this if you like to interact with people and provide them assistance with the jobs that may interest them. Hence, in the role of a head-hunter, you can keep well with social life and augment the connections, if that’s your area of interest.

  1. Body painter

This one is a bliss for the ones who love to paint. Yes, now not as a hobby, but as a profession and that too that’s highly paid. You don’t have to frame a painting and wait for the people to purchase it in an auction, you can be a body painter rather. This profession involves painting human bodies in an event or function as a theme. This has been in existence since ancient times, however, is trending in fast pace nowadays. Body painting is in demand in live shows, modeling, commercial settings, political protests, as well as events like birthdays.

  1. Bridesmaid

Yes, so you are paid to attend a wedding as a bridesmaid – professional one, as we may call it. This is not only needed when the bride may lack friends, but also because there are a lot of chores that are required to be performed by a bridesmaid. The brides, who would want their marriages to be perfect, make a choice of hiring a professional bridesmaid. This may even involve shopping, card printing, framing guest lists, and managing the entire event, particularly for the bride’s side. You can actually make good money by doing this even management and freak out in parties.

  1. Professional Assignment Writer

It's exactly what you read. You can help students in completing their assignments and get paid in lieu of the assignment writing services. There are several companies providing assignment help as various students buy assignments online nowadays. So, if you like writing and excel in your subject, you can choose to take writing work as your profession. The student needs assistance with all kinds of assignments – so you can offer range like nursing assignment help as well as MATLAB assignment help.  These are mostly online services so you can even provide these services from the comfort of your home and the pay surpasses that of several good jobs.

  1. Food Scientists

This will suit you best if you love to investigate and create food products – particularly the foodies. As a professional food scientist, you work on the development of nutritious food. Your research and perform experiments to introduce variations in food that is just right for the consumer demands. If you like to eat healthily, you can now work on creating healthy food for the consumers. With the people growing more and more health-conscious, you can contribute towards floating healthy products and create sustainable food systems and packaging. Hence, if you are the one who digs deep into food ingredients, choose the food scientist profession.

  1. Video game Tester

Am sure, you are excited to know about this one. So, the companies that develop games, need people to test the video games and the testers are required to produce a report of the observations. There is a good amount paid to the video game testers. What now, you play games all through the day and take your salary at the end of the month. So, choose this profession if you love to play video games.

Choosing and pursuing a career that captures your interest can have profound benefits for you. The major one, of course, is that there is nothing that could stop you from performing in there because this is what you have always wanted to do. You gain high job satisfaction and encourage others to pursue their dreams. You will stay excited to go to a job every day just by choosing the off beaten path.

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