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  • 31 Oct 2019

Assignments have become an integral part of a student’s academic life. Assignments are issued for every topic. Students are expected to make an attractive and creative assignment within a given deadline. However, due to the limitation of time, it becomes impossible for them to make a good one. Making an assignment doesn’t just include creativity but also a robust knowledge of the subject. For some assignments, students are also required to undergo research on the topics. This takes a lot of time which generally a student doesn’t have.

Assignment making is very easy. However, it becomes tricky when they are not made skilfully. Students do not get proper guidance in making a good assignment. Most of the time they just copy and paste it from a given source and submit them. Assignments carry marks that are included in their final grades. Some students lack behind in getting better grades after they fail in making a good assignment. They may expect themselves in making good assignments. However, the reality is that they fail in making so. 

Below mentioned are the reasons which cause a difference between meeting one’s expectations and the reality of situations:

  1. Time Limit.

Students are allotted a definite period for preparing their assignments. However, they don’t take that too seriously. Some even have a habit of preparing them in the 12th hour. At the starting, they feel completely relaxed thinking that they will be able to complete it within the due date. However, as time passes by, they become tense which leads to a rise in stress concerning their completion of work. It may so happen that they might receive additional work during those hours which makes it even more difficult for them to complete it within the given time.

  1. Presentation

Assignments are not that tough to make. Students in their own overconfident attitude think that they would deal with it easily. Due to which they do not refer to books, articles or blogs before preparing their assignments. Assignments are to be made in the proper format. The much better the presentation, the more attractive an assignment becomes. However, students in giving their assignments a presentable format. Even though knowing the topic, they fail to deliver an attractive and creative assignment.

  1. Pre-Drafted Work

It is generally seen that students do not work upon their pre-drafted assignments. In most cases, they do not even prepare them. Due to this, they become unaware of their mistakes in preparing their assignments. It is always advisable to prepare a drafted assignment. One must check it, again and again, to find out the mistakes and rectify them. It is much better if they present it to their teachers before making a final one. Students feel very tiresome in making such pre-drafted assignments. Thus, there final submitted assignments carry a lot of errors which leads them to score poor marks.

  1. Skills and Knowledge

Students do not get proper knowledge and training in preparing their assignments. They have to do it all on their own. They neither read books for references nor consult someone for proper guidance. Due to which they fail in making an attractive and creative assignment. Due to their lack of skills and knowledge students fail in making an attractive and creative assignment as expected.

  1. Improper Planning

Students do not plan their work before working on it. They do not even maintain a proper schedule of their work. This causes their work to get bundled up. Having all the work to be done without proper planning causes unnecessary stress among students. It becomes very difficult for the students to get their work done within the deadlines specified. Therefore, it is very important for students to plan their work accordingly. 

  1. Academic Results

After working hard throughout the year, students expect to get good marks in their academics. However, it is noticed that some students fail to achieve so. The reason behind it lies in their poor managing skills. At the beginning of the year, it is duly notified to all the students the curriculum that they need to undergo. However, due to their lazy attitude, inadequate planning and their inefficient management, students fail to get good marks. Their results come far poor from their expectations. 

These are the few reasons which give rise to a huge difference between a student’s expectation and reality in preparing their assignments. 

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