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  • 22 Aug 2020

Language is one such essential communicative note that helps us to convey our thoughts, ideas, opinions and emotions. Among many such languages, we have emotive language which is a kind of language beneficial for achieving emotions being conveyed through words and sentences.

Understanding Emotive Language

This is a kind of language which helps to arouse emotion, and usually through expressing the approval of the writer, the speaker and disapproval of a person or a group of individuals.

The emotions that are aroused by such language can typically be cited to being a strong or hated approval. For example, if anyone is seen disapproving of capital punishment, he might choose to describe it as being murder.

This rather will be a rhetoric affair and is also intended to persuade others and also to reinforce the strong feelings felt against it. The emotive work or murder when used with several other associations of brutal killing and evil, then the speaker will similarly be encouraging the audience to also feel the same way about capital punishment.

This emotion when aroused lets speakers make critical examination of arguments for and also against the practice a lot more challenging. Hence, in other words, it is a kind of language which aims to evoke and convey any emotion in the mind of a reader.

This needs you to choose the words in a careful manner and what best aims to convey emotions while phrasing them in a manner which has maximum impact on the audience. The language hence is the best form of language which helps to connect well with the audiences, and either through verbally or written.

How is the language used?

The use of the language is beneficial towards adding a significant dramatic value to the written articles. You must have been aware of the language usage all your life, however without realizing it enough.

For example, you must have tried convincing your mother about something, or have had a conversation with your teachers on a personal topic. Hence, chances are that the language and words used are typical examples of emotive language themselves.

Emotive language is a quite a subject and every article being written has a specific purpose along with a target audience. This kind of vocabulary is used to efficiently convey a message which can be typically in strong regards to the emotive language for a specific piece of writing.

In the realm of literature, an author makes use of words in close correlation with the primary subject and nature of poems and novels. The nature of the writing aims to decide the specific type of language to be used in it.

Some of the most popular emotions as conveyed by an author are love, happiness, anger, frustration, envy, comfort, pride, contempt, confidence, and more. However, whenever you aim to explain the emotion, you will often find yourself at quite a loss of word.

To explain an emotion is not easy and rather be a challenging task in itself. However, when it comes to reading the novel or poem, the good authors ensure to convey the feeling of love or sorrow about characters present in a narrative. This is done with the help of emotive language and the usage of words and sentences in addition to the context to explain the feeling better.

How can Emotive Language help you?

Let us explore some of the most essential ways in which the language can help you, and also ways in which the language is used in everyday lives.


The language is largely used by advertisements, and particularly for providing a specific emotion inside the mind of audiences that helps to turn their curiosity even further.


Most of the poems make use of literary devices and with the primary motive of conveying the feelings in their own words, out to the readers. This helps readers to grab an improved understanding of the language, the thought and the feeling expressed.


The speeches as offered by the eminent leaders of the country and also orators aim to strike the right thought on the minds of the listeners. This not only helps to express the right feeling, but also installs a thought on the minds of the listeners.


The primary aim across novels is to portray the life of a character in a narrative that helps readers feel exactly what the character or the protagonist feels like. This emerges the need to express the emotive language in a manner that enunciates the feeling even further.

Marketing slogans

Marketing slogans serve as another extremely apt example of emotive language which is felt in addition to making any thought provoking pitches. This is usually performed in an extremely limited amount of words.

Drama and movies

As it is usually said, art is a part of life which is a major depiction of life, and hence is depicted largely in theatre and movies. These make most of the emotive language to express the art of acting and helps viewers maximize the viewing experience.

Public announcements

Any form of public service announcement is usually made for maximizing the benefits of individuals. These aim to strike emotions among the audience and help to bring the much needed change.

This is why public service announcements serve as being the most prominent and efficient example of an emotive language, and is largely used all over the world by eminent speakers.


Journals and diaries written by individuals are again one of the best examples of emotive writing. This personal object is not only an object but is more a personal space as realized by individuals. This is where people share their deepest feelings, secrets, desires and thoughts. Hence, individuals often share and express the truest of opinions while making use of emotive language while expressing one.

Does Emotive Language offer any benefit?

Yes, certainly! Emotive languages offer a large array of benefits, and let us discuss a few of them here.

  • The language helps to keep the readers completely hooked to the reading or listening material
  • The language is also essential for helping readers stay connected with the character
  • It helps to evoke the right sense of readers’ emotions
  • It helps to act as the right expressive tool
  • It helps in conveying the information for the author
  • The language helps to acquire improved responses from the author
  • It helps to offer a cultural background

Tips to improve the emotive writing skill

We have established strong grounds of the language and the right usage of emotive language, along with its benefits. Here, we shall discuss on the best ways to improve your writing abilities that expresses your emotions well.

The biggest challenge faced by authors is to come up with the right and appropriate words to explain the emotions well. Hence a quick expansion of your emotional vocabulary is essential the very first step to grabbing the right set of words to speak on. The very best way to do it is by performing research and reading articles that best utilizes the emotive language.

It is essentially advised to first outline the theme and layout of the story you want to enunciate. Hence, plan out your flow of thoughts that helps readers to attain a stronger grasp of the inner meaning of the written words.

You can also make use of a blend of distinct literary devices to support the writing process even further, including personification, metaphor, hyperbole and more.

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