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Research is defined as a rational and organized hunt for unique and relevant information on a specific topic. It is an important aspect of both non-scientific and scientific subject areas.

Students have to conduct in-depth research on an everyday basis to resolve the assignment problems and understand diverse phenomena as well as processes associated with their multiple subject units.

Research helps the students to develop logical and applicable solutions that can help in tackling the problems raised in the questions. Students are usually expected to conduct extensive research on multiple topics and identify the causes of the issues, suggest solutions, provide a logical explanation, and share applications of the same.

Value added benefits of conducting extensive research during the academic years

Given below are some of the commonly discussed advantages of conducting in-depth research during the crucial academic years of a scholar’s life:

  1. Helps the students to follow a systematic approach to gather accurate data for their assignments and assessments. The rules and procedures associated with the research process help the students to determine an objective for their academic tasks. The students are expected to follow the set ethics and defined code of conduct while making observations for their research or drawing conclusions from the collected data. 
  2. Research helps in improving a student's reasoning skills as the process is based on rational thinking and involves the use of both deductive and inductive methods. 
  3. Research helps in achieving accuracy in almost all aspects of your academic life. The information collected via proper research is true to nature and absolutely accurate. You can attempt to get the required results under the controlled environment of a laboratory to prove your claim in an assignment. The use of multiple instruments to ensure accuracy in research has a positive impact on the final outcome of an assignment or experiment.
  4. Proper research helps the students to improve their knowledge about a particular concept as the data is collected from actual observations and credible sources that allows them to learn new facts about a specific topic almost every day. 
  5. Extensive research allows the students to enhance their analytical skills and ensure that there is no ambiguity in the inference of the data collected. 
  6. Since the students review the collected data on their own there is no chance for irregularities or vagueness seeping in the research content.
  7. The research procedure allows students to ask more questions. With the introduction to new and engaging facts, students become more curious to know more about a specific topic or concept 

Different types of research a student should know about to approach his academic assignments in the right way

The field of research is broadly categorized into two main forms:

  1. The basic or fundamental research 
  2. Applied research

The said categories of further classified into two kinds:

  1. normal research
  2. Revolutionary  research

Depending upon the field or subject area you are researching information for, you would be required to follow a set of defined rules, procedures, and defined concepts that are accepted as a model for accurate research by the pioneers of a specific subject area.

Further, these categories can be divided into more specific forms to ensure that the students or researchers know which direction is best suited for their academic assignments. 

Given below is a brief description of different types of research important for a student during his academic years. So, without any further delay let's delve into the interesting details

Applied research

The research methodology which requires the students to solve a particular problem by using the reputed and universally accepted principles and theories is known as applied research.

Case studies, experimental researches, and interdisciplinary researches usually involves the use of this research methodology. The outcome of applied research usually has an immediate implementation. This research methodology is popular for its practical use in the present activities. 

Applied research involves the study of particular cases without any aim to generalize. The ultimate objective of using this research methodology is to focus on a variable that will make the desired difference.

Applied research is the best way to highlight how things can be altered for the benefit of society. Applied research also helps in correcting the facts that are misguiding. Common language is used while applying applied research methodology.

Fundamental research

Fundamental research or basic research is identified as a methodology that focuses on the examination of elementary principles and causes of the occurrence of a particular problem or event.

It is also known as the theoretical research methodology. Fundamental research generally includes the study of a natural phenomenon or a purely scientific occurrence. The results gathered from this type of research cannot necessarily be applied instantly.

The fundamental research methodology is not associated with resolving a specific problem of the society. It is just a basic study of a characteristic or process. It is generally used to get a deep inside into an issue and share a logical explanation or conclusion for the happening of the same.

Fundamental research is highly used to develop new frontiers in the knowledge of a specific concept. It can be said that the conclusion derived from fundamental research procedure often becomes the foundational ground of conducting applied research.

This research methodology works on the idea of generalization and aims at improving the basic processes. Fundamental research is used to explain why a process occurs as it is. The technical language is used to record this research methodology. 

Qualitative research

The non-numerical and descriptive research methodology that is uses reasoning and terminologies to explain a concept is known as qualitative research.

The ultimate objective of using this research methodology is to derive the meaning, feeling, and ultimate depiction of a particular situation. The data gathered through this research methodology cannot be presented in graphical representations.

Qualitative research focuses on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of a decision made by the pioneers of the industry. This research format is exploratory in nature.

Quantitative research

The number-based and non-descriptive research methodology that implements statistics and mathematical formulas in the study is known as quantitative research.

This research methodology focuses on ‘what’, ‘where’, and ‘when’ of a decision made by the authorities in the past. Quantitative research involves the repetitive mathematical processes through which the evidence is evaluated.

The gathered results are easily presented in graphs and tables for convenient assessment. It is a conclusive research format. 

Mixed research

A research format that involves tit-bits of both the qualitative and quantitative research methodology is known as the mixed research format.

A unique amalgamation of the characteristics of both the research methodologies is found in this format. The gathered data is usually found as a mixture of variables, images, and words as found suitable by the researcher.

Descriptive research

The research methodology that focuses on analyzing the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of a specific situation is known as descriptive research. This research format is more focused on answering ‘what is this’ for a specific scenario.

Exploratory research

The research format that involves conducting group interviews or analyzing particular literature is known as the exploratory research.

This research format focuses on identifying a new phenomenon that can assist the researcher to understand a concept better, identify the future scope of conducting more deep research, establish the suitable methods to be used in the future studies.

This is a broad research area that rarely provides any definite solutions to the issues highlighted in the research. It is usually used to identify the problems and variables of a specific concern or topic.

Explanatory research

A research format that is selected to explain or understand a certain association is known as the explanatory research method. This research format uses interrelations to examine the relationship between different aspects of individuals, situations, or events.

It is used to review how the sections of a particular process are associated with each other. It satisfies the ‘why’ part of a researcher's curiosity. 

Cross-sectional research

The research format that allows collecting data only once throughout the span of weeks, years, days, or even months is known as a cross-sectional research format.

Cross-sectional research studies can either be exploratory or explanatory in nature. This research format is introduced to focus on the things as they are in the present without paying heed to their history or past trends.

Longitudinal research

A research methodology that allows the researcher to collect data at multiple stages of the research procedure is known as the longitudinal research format. Longitudinal research studies usually are carried out to study trends, groups, and units over a period of time.

The longitudinal research format is tedious and expensive than other research formats. It is used to establish a casual association between the different variables.

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With the information presented above, you might have got a clear idea of the different types of research formats used in the academic industry. Remember that these are not just all. There are several other research formats that are less frequently used in the research process. We hope this article will help you to learn what you were really looking for.

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