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A research paper is a part of academic writing which is based upon the original research of the publisher. Research upon a topic may be qualitative or quantitative. The research conducted may be primary research or secondary research. Different methodologies may also be adopted while conducting research. A research paper is generally written upon a particular topic. The topic chosen must be such that proper research can be conducted upon it. A research report includes the collection of pieces of evidence and information supporting the conclusions drawn on the topic. The writer may obtain primary sources of pieces of evidence by himself conducting the research or may collect information from secondary sources by studying some other research reports. 

A thesis, on the other hand, revolves around answering a single question. It involves more of a brainstorming work. The arguments that are to be presented in your thesis report must support the main idea behind choosing your topic. The thesis report is also known as a dissertation. It may take years in making a thesis report. It is generally done under the guidance of a supervisor or a faculty having robust knowledge upon the subject.

Research papers and thesis or dissertations have become a very important part of a student’s academic life. However, the students need to understand the basic difference between both of them. They carry a lot of marks. Therefore, students are required to make it effectively and creatively to get grades.  

Below are the differences between a thesis and a research report.

  1. Main Theme

The main theme behind making a research report is to find conclusions and pieces of evidence supporting the topic of your research report. The research report concludes the points through the information that you have gathered for your topic in the research report. A thesis, on the other hand, revolves around answering a single question. The main theme behind a thesis is to let the reader enthusiast in conducting further research upon the topic. A thesis aims to arise curiosity in the reader by asking the ‘So What?” question upon the topic. 

  1. Process Involved

The process of making a thesis report and a research report is completely different. A research report is made after all the pieces of evidence and information supporting the topic have been found out. On the other hand, a thesis report is more of a brainstorming work. The research report aims to find out all the information regarding a particular topic. On the other hand, a thesis statement aims in conducting further research upon the topic mentioned

  1. Time Involved

A research report usually involves a month or two in completing it. On the other hand, a thesis report takes years to complete. The time involved in making a thesis report is more as it encompasses to study the entire information upon a given topic and to come up with one’s new idea. However, in a research report, all the information regarding a topic is already present. The writer just has to prove it with supportive pieces of evidence and conclusions. 

  1. Conclusion is drawn

The conclusion statement of a research report aims to summarize all the important points covered in the report. The points mentioned draw the attention of the user to common information or thinking based upon the pieces of evidence and supportive information mentioned. On the other hand, the thesis conclusion aims to summarize all the information regarding a particular topic being mentioned. Its main aim is to raise the curiosity of the reader upon the topic and motivate them to conduct further research upon them.

  1. Length of the report

The research report is not lengthy. It is divided into particular segments such as the introduction, methodology, literature review and conclusion. The format of a thesis report is the same. However, it is very lengthy in comparison to a research paper. 

  1. Further research

A research paper includes all the research that can be conducted upon a given topic. It contains all the information and pieces of evidence supporting the points mentioned in the research paper. On the other hand, a thesis statement is not full and final research. Further research can be conducted upon the topic mentioned in your thesis. The thesis report may also suggest further methodologies that can be used in conducting the research. 

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