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Course works are any type of assignment assigned to the students. The main motto of assigning this is to make the students go through at least one major project to assess their grasp on the course.

It is one of the most effective ways of teaching the students and evaluating their performance. Generally, coursework is equated with preparing an essay. However, coursework is considered to be more effective in developing students. Undergoing coursework requires more hard work than an essay. Coursework is more practical work than theoretical.

The entire coursework assignment is divided into topics such as introduction, research methodology, literature review, and conclusion.

The introduction is referred to as an opening paragraph for any report. It must contain a clear thesis statement on the topic. This statement must be backed by an adequate summary. The main motto of writing an introduction is to help the reader in understanding what the topic is all about.

The introduction must be written in paragraphs. The content in each of them must not be more than 5 sentences.

While writing the introduction, keep the following things in mind:

The relevance of the topic:

Your introduction must state the importance of writing on the given topic. Readers will be more interested in your content if it aims to solve a current issue prevailing in the market.

Your topic may even aim for development in a given subject such as science or technology. Start by describing the problems you want to focus on. State the alternative solutions you have devised for it. Give a brief note on the methodologies to be followed in solving it.

Define your topic:

Start your introduction by defining the topic. Let the readers first understand what you are writing about.

Do not define it in a bookish language. Keep the words simple. Try to explain it in layman's terms.

Brief Background:

 After having defined your topic, you are required to present a brief background on it. You may include some relevant facts and information on it.

This will help the readers in getting a much clear understanding of the topic. However, keep in mind not to include any facts that are irrelevant to the readers.

Discussion of the problems:

You are also required to discuss the problems faced while researching on the topic. Prepare a separate paragraph for each of the problems noticed.

Do not just state these problems. Start by discussing the root cause of it. Explain how these are affecting society at a large. Rather than making the readers scared, motivate them by explaining the solutions to it.

This will make your readers more interested in going through your entire report. Moreover, they will be able to focus more on the objectives defined in your report.

Appropriate Solutions:

Having discussed the problems, you are required to discuss the solutions arrived by you. State all the alternate solutions that can be made applicable to solve it.

Out of it, state the best solution to solve the given issue. The solutions must be practical and not just based on a hypothetical situation. Give a brief explanation of how you were able to arrive at it.

The solution mentioned is relevant and not a hypothetical one.

Proper flowchart of your work:

Draft a paragraph explaining the proper flow of contents in your report. This will help the readers in understanding the topic adequately.

Explain each of the content in a step-by-step manner. Present it in such a way that the readers do not get confused in reading it.

State this part as briefly as possible.

The objective of your report:

Include a paragraph describing the objectives behind writing on the given topic. Reading becomes interesting only when you have a pre-mindset of achieving something.

If you are focusing on solving a prevailing issue or developing a particular field, you need to explain it to the readers. This will help them to assess how your article is going to be of any use to them.

Conclude your intro:

In the end, conclude your introduction with a summary of all the important points. The main motto of writing a conclusion paragraph at the end is to restate all the points mentioned.

It should not contain any new points. If any point is remaining unexplained, efforts must be taken to properly explain it.

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