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The contingency theory is an essential concept that has to study in management courses. The students are given assignments, projects, and research papers. In this article, you will get to know about the contingency approach in your course.

Contingency Approach In Management

The contingency means a circumstance or event that will occur in the future but the occurrence is not certain. The contingency theory is related to uncertainty.  It is a branch of behavioral theories that predict organizational behavior. It explains uncertainties in decision-making, leadership, and management. You can easily get insight into leadership.

The contingency approach to the management

Activities like controlling, planning, organization, and leadership are dependent on the environment and circumstances. If you want to have insights then Assignment Help will support you to offer sufficient explanations.  

The managers can focus on current situations and devise strategies according to experience and knowledge. The approach is quite beneficial for companies and enables them to learn about changes in policies and circumstances.

It means that the leaders have to adjust according to management strategies and working styles. The contingency theory of management was put forward by Fred Edward in 1964.

Features of contingency approach

  • The theory focuses on the variable attribute of companies and businesses. The managers select the framework that helps to find the solution to the problem. It doesn’t get stick to a specific strategy. They enable the companies to work under differential circumstances and environmental conditions.
  • The approach is based on the complexity of the problem. It shows that management doesn’t have any universal principles and no fixed way to manage them. The different conditions have distinct answers.
  • The theory is based on internal and external factors. The nursing assignment help will support you in finding the right approach to management.

How does the theory work?

Task-motivated leaders are quite beneficial in situations that are favorable. We are discussing the major contingency theory of leadership.

Path-goal theory

This theory tells that leaders can help co-workers to get their goals. The theory tells about leadership in which leaders solve the obstacles experienced by subordinates who want to achieve the goals.

Situational leadership theory

The leaders have behaviors like selling, delegating, participating, and telling. This theory also depicts the maturity of subordinates such as competence, incompetence, unwillingness and willingness. The theory tells that how leaders can get fit into leadership behavior depending on the maturity of co-workers.

Decision-making theory

It recommends that the right decision is based on leader progress and emergence. There are three parameters that help to take the decision such as quality, commitment, and time restrictions. The theory tells about different decisions like autocratic, collaborative, and consultative. Also, Java assignment help will support you in taking the right decision.


This theory provides various benefits to managers. You can find various advantages of contingency theory to management from Nursing Assignment Help Sydney. The theory helps to remain flexible and convert the strategies and policies as per the environment.

The managers can analyze situations, and factors and can make the right decision. They can think over circumstances and variables affecting the present and future solutions. The scope of leadership is widened. The approach provides understanding, leadership styles, and knowledge to the managers.

It also helps them to take decisions depending on situations and circumstances.  It also enables companies to select leaders according to their leadership styles. The concept doesn’t expect that the leaders must tackle all circumstances in the company.


The contingency management theory is not untouched by criticism. Sometimes it leads to wastage of money, time, and resources. However, the contingency is straightforward and all the situations cannot be dealt with the same.

Things can get complicated when applied to real-life situations. It needs analysis and factors that can be considered. So, you can dig deeper into the situation and take superficial decisions. It is not possible for managers to analyze every factor. There are various constraints like cost, time, and resources. It also becomes difficult to collect details and analyze information.

Importance of contingency theory

It provides an approach to leadership. If you use this theory, then you can develop the right decision. You can consider the approach of workers and organizational work. You can also take the support of marketing assignment help.

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