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  • 07 Apr 2020

When it comes to contemporary nursing issues, these are not only faced by the nurses working today. In fact, it has been seen that most of the nurses who have been in this business for a long period of time have exclusively faced this all their lives.

It has been very difficult for one to deal with these issues but, it is important that you understand these challenges in detail so that you can have your needs covered in the most convincing manner. In fact, when you are pursuing your course of nursing, you will be asked to work upon assignments related to it.

If you have any difficulty while getting the respective task completed, you can always get yourself connected to a professional nursing assignment help service experts and have the respective task completed without any difficulty whatsoever.

By getting yourself connected to nursing assignment help service providers, you will not only be able to submit your nursing assignment as per the given instructions of the professors but also you will be able to have a complete understanding of the different concepts related to contemporary nursing issues. To make it more easier, we are here to help you with few of the contemporary nursing issues which is being acknowledged by the nurses from all around the world,

Take a look:

Lack Of Staff

The biggest and the most important issues faced by the nurses these days is staff shortage. Yes, with the reduction of manpower it'll get very challenging for the health care service providers to deal with the situation they face on a regular basis. It does become difficult for them to manage nursing services as the crisis of staff is what they are acknowledging on a regular note. So, the biggest issues for them to overcome is filling the gap which they have because of shortage of the nurses.

Poor Staff Management

Because of staff shortage, it does get very difficult for the health care service providers to use there employees effectively. If a single individual is working for hours, it does get difficult for them to provide effective services all the way through. So, it requires proper management so that you can get the best out of the respective nurses and avail effective services all the time. But, with a shortage of nurses does get difficult for them to manage a high number of patients and it is a huge problem in today’s time for the health care service providers.

Patient Expectations

Patients these days are admitted to hospital on the basis of the feedback they get for the nursing services. So, the nurses have to match with the expectation so that can maintain the standard set. But, it is not as easy as it sounds because already they are working overtime and continuously providing top-notch services is certainly not possible for any human being. So, it is important that they are properly managed so that they can deliver excellent quality work which exceeds expectations. But as the nurses are not coming in the same numbers it becomes difficult to provide excellent services.


It does become difficult for the nurses to match with the expectations as mentioned about the work but, it even gets more challenging when a patient acts to it and complains about the service provided by the nurses. Obviously one cannot take the risk of removing the nurse because of its poor service as if there is a shortage in the industry. So it becomes a major issue to deal with.

Decision Making

When it comes to contemporary nursing issues, decision-making has been one of the primary elements related to it. Yes, nurses are not taking the decision making process on their shoulders to handle challenging situations. It can make a huge impact in dealing with critical areas. They are able to make basic decisions but acting multidimensional will certainly enhance the skill set of nurses and enhance better opportunities. But, it is quite challenging for them to take hold of it. 

Critical Thinking

When it comes to taking an action, it is important to bring critical thinking into implementation. But, it has been seen that the nurses are not being able to understand the patient status properly because of the lack of time and poor management of the service providers. So, it is another major contemporary nursing issue which is being faced all around the world.

Quality Service

With all the above-mentioned issues, it does get difficult for the nurses to deliver service with adequate quality. With a shortage of time, it does get very difficult for them to manage their work and deliver effective services all the time.


Another major concern coming in the form of contemporary nursing issue was the lack of resources. Yes, it does get difficult to provide effective treatment if they do not have the required resources to cover the respective processes. So, this is why resource expansion plays a huge role in providing effective services.

Infusion Of Technology

With the inclusion of Technology in the domain of Nursing services, it does get problematic for the nurses to use it wisely and provide quality services. Yes, with nurses not in high numbers, it does get it difficult for them to make the right use of the technologies with patients getting higher in numbers with every passing minute.

Educating Patients

To help patients recover from their problems nurses need to educate them about their problems in detail. But, as they are not able to spend quality time, it does get difficult from them to let the patients know about their problems and exclusively help them get better quickly. So, it is one of the major concerns faced by nursing service.

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