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  • 12 Sep 2020

If you are a nursing scholar you must be aware of the certificate III individual support branch of the subject. It is recognized as one of those areas of nursing that includes the wordiest and most complicated assignments and course work.

This area of nursing is the reason a maximum number of students face problems in their nursing assignments. In order to achieve the highest possible grades in your nursing program, you should be able to submit a well-written assignment in which all the questions are answered systematically and accurately.

Students studying the certificate III individual support subject need to have the essential skills to apply behavioral support strategies as per a suitable behavior support plan for each individual suffering from any disability.

There are multiple topics covered under this crucial subject of nursing. There are not only just one or two topics covered in the certificate III individual support assignments thus, students often get disheartened and frustrated with the complex questions and start looking for professional assistance with the though assessment solutions.

They are in dire need of some proficiently developed sample solutions for the certificate III individual support assessments that can act as a solid reference for all their complex assignments. 

If you are among the nursing scholars who are looking for an excellent sample assessment solution, the Myassignmenthelpau platform is the right destination for you. The expert assignment writers of the platform are well aware of the marking rubric associated with the certificate III individual support assessments and hence prepare an impeccable solution according to the same.

All in all, there are three tasks that a student needs to successfully complete in order to pass his certificate III individual support assessment. It is important to complete each one of the tasks with the utmost precision to demonstrate your understanding and competences with multiple units of the certificate III individual support subject area. 

Different tasks associated with the efficient completion of the certificate III individual support assessments 

The highly qualified assignment writers of assignment help you platform provide and mark for certificate print visual supports assignment full stop these tasks are classified as:

Certificate III individual support assessment 1:  The written questions

In your initial assignments for the certificate III individual support subject, you would be requested to answer 12 questions surrounding diverse concepts as precisely as possible.

It is essential for a nursing scholar to have sound knowledge of the specific unit in order to pass the subject with flying colors. Take a look at the assessment sample prepared by the diligent experts of the Myassignmenthelpau platform and find the right way to approach these questions. 

Explain the purpose of the common standards set for community care?

There are certain guidelines that are set to define a reform agenda to modernize the administrative functions across community-focused care programs and jurisdictions.

These guidelines are referred to as common standards for community care. These are usually followed to ensure top-notch accuracy during the reporting processes.

Name any three common community care guidelines?

Take a look at the most frequently discussed community care standards:

  1. Effective management
  2. Service user rights and responsibilities
  3. Results and performance measures
  4. Make a list of at least five documents that must be provided to serve as a proof of adherence against the community care instructions?

Given below are some of the documents that prove your efficient service towards an individual:

  1. Patient’s medical records
  2. Medication charts of the patient
  3. Vital signs and observation chart
  4. Handover sheet and admission
  5. Patient’s assessment forms

The above-mentioned questions are just a sneak peek of the 12 questions you would have to answer under the first assessment of the certificate III individual support program.

The stated questions will usually focus on the purpose and role of the common guidelines implemented in the community, the evidence that is essential to showcase your compliance with the set instructions, and the like.

Certificate III individual support assessment 2:  The case studies

In your secondary assignment, you would be asked to read different three case studies thoroughly. Based on the information you will grasp from the case studies; you would have to attempt the questions associated with the specific scenario.

Given below is a brief sample of the case study and questions that are usually assigned to the nursing scholars. Remember that this is just one case study, you would have to tackle three of them. If at any stage you feel stuck and confused you can always reach out to the assignment help experts of the Myassignmenthelpau platform.

Case 1: Imagine yourself to be a community service worker in Sydney. A new client, John, approaches you. John requires your support at his home while he recovers from a stroke. The situation takes a drastic turn when John turns out to be following unhygienic living practices and is a hoarder.

Question: What are the three basic safety measures that you can suggest to approach this work situation safely and smartly?

Answer: As per the above-mentioned situation, I would follow the underlying standard safety measures to prevent transmission of any possible diseases and providing the best possible care to John.

  1. Usage of personal protective equipment.
  2. Following the right waste disposal measures.
  3. Masks, gown, and gloves hygiene measures.

As observed, the case study scenario asked the students to suggest three different measures for operating soundly in the given situation. If you also require assistance in understanding any such case study for your certificate III individual support assessments, you can get in touch with our nursing assignment help experts at any time of the day. 

Certificate III individual support assessment 3: The observation tasks

In your 3rd assignment for the individual support assessment, you would be required to solve three sections under 1 assignment. You would have to approach every section of this task accurately to pass the assessment.

You are provided a specific clinical scenario followed by 3 questions based on be sem. you need to be thorough with your nursing concept in order to answer these questions efficiently.

Here are some of the sample questions that are often addressed to our nursing assignment experts baby driver clinical scenarios:

  1. What action should be taken in each situation of the scenario? Include the details of any specific reporting requirements that should be made.
  2. What are the two major hazards and risks associated with the above-mentioned scenario?
  3. Sate the possible preventive measures the employers should have taken to reduce the risk of illness or injuries.

Your critical observation skills will help you to nail this part of your certificate III individual support assessments easily. If you require professional help at any stage of writing these assessments, you can get in touch with the Nursing Assignment Help experts of the Myassignmenthelpau platform via the live chat option available on our official website. 

Attain top grades with the best nursing assignment help experts online

The My Assignment Help Au platform provides astonishing online Nursing Ethics Assignment Help service to the students pursuing their education in this healthcare field at different locations of the world.

With the support of our professional and ingenious certificate III individual support assignment writers, you might be able to overcome any obstacles or challenges that you were facing with your puzzling certificate III individual support assessments.

Thousands of nursing scholars reach out to our experts time and again for excellent guidance with their academic writing tasks and score the highest possible grades in their program.

You can easily access well-written certificate III individual support assessment solutions without much hassle at the Myassignmenthelpau platform so that the students can get familiar with the quality of writing services that we provide and get a solid reference for their upcoming nursing assignments.

The vast nursing assignment help team guarantees to provide credible and affordable assignment assistance and consultation at your convenience.

To get top quality certificate III individual support assessment solutions all you have to do is visit the official website of the Myassignmenthelpau platform and fill in the requirements of your assignment in the ‘order now’ form available on our portal.

Our customer support executives will reach out to you almost immediately and guide you in the right direction. Reading the sample solution might help you identify the steps you can take to encourage people with disabilities to move ahead positively in their lives.

Perfect solutions will help you to understand how you can showcase positive behavior support to an individual with any disability. We provide specially tailored solutions to each student seeking help with certificate III individual support assessment answers.

Our answers are 100% original with no trace of plagiarism. What are you still waiting for? Prepare yourself to get experience a remarkable transformation in your grades with the astounding assistance of the nursing assignment help experts at the Myassignmenthelpau platform. 

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