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Students pursuing higher doctorate level degrees need to write a research proposal as a significant part of the assignment. Enunciating a research proposal forward can be extremely challenging, primarily because of the word count, complex research methodology, research questions and more.

In order to overcome challenges, students need to enhance and develop subject knowledge along with the academic writing skills.

However, having knowledge and skills is although not sufficient, however you need to be completely proficient in presenting and implementing the ideas well and how.

Furthermore, it also needs to be collected in an organized manner and presented in front of the audience. In this article, let us explore the basic elements surrounding a research proposal.

Understanding more about research proposal

This is one of the most popular parts of academic writing and is written for analyzing a specific topic. It offers proposals involved with the theory which have not been utilized before.

The research proposal introduces the purpose of the research and aims to enhance the methods and theories beneficial to support the hypothetical view of point beneficial in the project.

Framing the research proposal comprises an argumentative writing along with research skills. Hence, it is vital to have an appropriate set of skills and write the project well.

What are the challenges to framing a research proposal?

If you have been facing issues to write a research proposal, it is about time to re-think your academic concerns and seek research proposal academic writing services.

If your deadline is about to end and you do not know how to start the assignment, you have come to the right place. The expert writers will offer you a state of the solutions for every queries under the same roof.

However, let us ascertain the challenges that prevent students from writing a stellar research proposal.

Difficulty to selecting the topic

A research proposal is usually written with an aim to determine the primary objectives of the research being performed. Hence, you need to find the subject area of the research in order to opt a topic. This should be written in a concise and summative manner.

Stating the primary purpose of the research

The very first question that you need to answer in a research proposal is the purpose of the research. This is where you need to explain the primary facts along with the importance.

Along with this, you can also start the academic paper through a guided explanation of the way in which things work and assuming that the problem does not exist.

The end should be substantially performed with explaining the essential points that have been explained and the approach being followed.

Collecting several data and statistics

While writing a research proposal, it is vital to develop a summary of the topic that has been selected for the research proposal. You also need to define the methods necessary for collecting research and data intended for the project.

You need to adhere to several qualitative and quantitative methods while collecting statistics and data. If you lack appropriate knowledge to perform the assignment, it can further fail and in ways more than one.

Important Elements of Research Proposal

This brings us to the next topic, the essential elements of a research proposal and what to include. Let us discuss the elements further for students to grab an easier understanding.


We are starting the explanation by stating the most obvious fact, or the working title. This serves as one of the most crucial determinants that help readers to grab an increased knowledge of the proposal and draw in further attention. It should be written in a manner which is memorable, and quickly offers information to the reader about the proposal.

Make sure you always choose the title in close adherence to the subject and the targeted audience. Do not forge to make the title summative and concise.

Background and rationale

This is the second important section of the proposal and includes description of the background along with issues while identifying the discipline. It is mandatory to write a short literature review while explaining the developments to have taken place in the realm of the subject you are writing upon.

Hence, it is recommended to first make the draft of the research proposal, stating the introduction and then check the rest that can be included in it.

Research questions

The research questions need to be extremely clear and must also explain the issues and problems pertaining to the questions.


Each and every research proposal needs to start with introducing the primary subject along with the specific problem that the research intends to address.

This furthermore sets the tone for the rest of the proposal and hence is your opportunity to create a valuable impression. Hence, you need to ensure to make it informative and also well organized.

Literature review

Although this academic paper usually does not include a complete literature review, however you need to offer an overview of the primary studies in the field.

This enables your readers to acquire strong background information while helping them grab a thorough understanding of the ways in which your study will be valuable towards adding to the existing research.

Aims and objectives

Once the research problem has been established, the proposal needs to outline the set of objectives and aims. While the research aim is usually the extensive expected outcome of the study and what the research aims to achieve, however the objectives are comparatively narrower and a lot more focused. This aims to detail the way in which you meet the overall aims of your study.

Additionally, you can also state a hypothesis that the proposal will test on. Seek help from the experts offering Quantitative Research Methods Assignment Help and explore the unexplored.

Scope and research

This is one of the elements that students often tend to miss out on. It is crucial to remember that while working with limited resources and time, your study need to be something which can be performed realistically while being completed on time.

Hence, the proposal needs to include everything that the work will primarily focus on and all that gets unaddressed. Along with this, it also needs to state the limitations of the methods implemented.

Research methodology

This is one of the most vital sections of your proposal and a number of things need to be focused upon.

  • Draw theoretical resources
  • Include a research approach
  • Find optimum research methods to be followed
  • Enunciate the advantages and limitations

Ensure that you identify the methods intended to be used in the study, and especially while performing experimental research.

At this point, you need to consider using the kind of approach, whether qualitative or quantitative, ethical concerns, equipment, analysis and sampling technique and more. It is recommended to be a lot descriptive while including the justification of what has been chosen to be used and why.

Time and work schedule

This academic paper is an extremely lengthy assignment, and can comprise as many as 3000 words. It comprises distinct sections as described above. This makes it important to prepare and design an outline for every heading in addition to the estimated timelines that you have to complete it within.

Outline and timetable

A well written research proposal needs to include a chapter outline along with a timetable. While the chapter outline helps to state how you intend to structure the dissertation, on the other hand, the timetable sets out a step by step plan of your course of action.

This will help you to consider and evaluate the practical side of performing research and make your proposal a lot more convincing in nature. You can dearth in more details by getting in touch with professional writers offering Operation Research Assignment Help.


The section refers to stating a list of books, authorship, the printing, publications and more. It is usually referred to academic works such as research proposals, term paper, dissertation and more. This comprises of the following:

  • Reference lists for articles and texts been explained in the research proposal
  • Relevant sources been used

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