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Different Branches of Chemistry for Which Chemistry Assignment Help is required

Chemistry is a widely chosen stream which requires a detailed study, analysis and a thorough understanding of the topic given. Study of chemical actions and reactions becomes a tedious task indeed when students do not have Chemistry Assignment Help by their side to carry out assignments given to them from time to time.

There can be a lot of projects, a lot of assignments and pressure of studies that can prove to be a burden indeed without a professional assistance. When students buy assignment online from a reputed professional assignment writing service they can feel relieved from a tremendous amount of burden. Given here are a few branches of chemistry for which students need to have a professional chemistry Assignment Help as doing so can relieve a massive amount of burden from their shoulders and makes them feel totally relieved.

Five major branches of Chemistry are: Biochemistry, Physical, Analytical, Inorganic and Organic. These are divided into may sub branches etc. There are a lot of intricacies involved in different topics and a need to buy assignment online is felt from time to time.


In the simplest terms Biochemistry is the study of chemical reactions which take place in the living things and it tries to explain them those things in the chemical terms. This can include several things like Stem Cell Biology, Cell membrane and Structural Biology etc.

It includes Genetics, Biochemical pharmacology, Clinical Biochemistry and Agricultural Biochemistry etc.

Molecular Biology:

Is the study of interactions between the various systems of the cells like different types of RNA, DNA, protein Biosynthesis etc.


This is the study of genes, variations in the living organisms and heredity.


This is the study of mechanisms of the drug action and influence of the drugs on organisms. There is a sub branch of Pharmacology as well and this sub-branch deals with the impact of poison the living organisms.

Clinical Biochemistry:

Study of the changes that disease cause in the chemical as well as biochemical processes of the human body.

Agricultural Biochemistry:

Study of the chemistry which occurs in the animals, plants and the microorganisms etc. is known as agricultural chemistry.


Study of the impact of chemical structure on the physical properties of the substance is known as Physical Chemistry. It is rate of the chemical reactions, interaction of molecules with radiation and calculation of structures and properties of molecules.

There are certain sub-branches of the physical chemistry which include the following. Students get assignments on the same from time to time and seek help of a professional Chemistry assignment help


Study of chemical changes which are caused by light primarily is known as photochemistry.

Surface Chemistry:

Study of the chemical reactions that take place at surfaces of the different substances is called surface chemistry. This study includes the topics like heterogeneous catalysts, Corrosion, formation of colloids and chromatography are some of the branches of surface chemistry.

Chemical Kinetics:

Study of the rate of chemical reactions and the factors that affect those rates is known as study of chemical kinetics. Under this mechanics by which reactions proceed are studied.


Spectroscopy is the use of emission, absorption or scattering of the electromagnetic radiations by the matter to study matter and the chemical processes undergoing inside them

Quantum Chemistry:

It is basically the mathematical description of the motion and interactions of the subatomic particles. This branch of Chemistry incorporates several things like wave-particle duality, uncertainty principles and their relationships to the various chemical processes.

Students tend to get assignments on Quantum Chemistry that includes several things.

For carrying out these assignments a reliable assignment writing provider like my assignment help should be hired. Hiring a professional help that has a good repute in the market helps students get the best value for their money.


This particular branch of the chemistry involves qualitative and quantitative determination of the chemical components of the substances. Some of the areas where analytical chemistry is applied are as follows:

Forensic department:

This is application of the chemical principles, various techniques, and methodologies to investigate crime and more.

Environmental Chemistry:

It is the study of chemical and biochemical phenomena which occurs in the environment that relies on the analytical chemistry.

Bio-analytical Chemistry:

Under this category of Chemistry, examination of the biological materials like urine, blood, saliva, sweat is done to test the presence of specific drugs.


It is the study of the properties and behavior of the inorganic compounds. It includes all the chemical compounds except the organic or carbon containing compounds. People studying inorganic chemistry study the things like metals, catalysts and elements in the Periodic table.

Different branches of the bioinorganic chemistry include the following:

Bioinorganic Chemistry:

This particular study deals with interaction of metal ions with the living tissues mainly through their direct effects on the enzyme activities.


Study of the chemical compositions, changes in the rocks, minerals, earth atmosphere etc. is known as Geochemistry.

Nuclear Chemistry:

Nuclear chemistry is the chemistry of the radioactive substances.

Solid-state Chemistry:

Study of the synthesis, properties and structure of the solid materials is known as solid-state chemistry.

Organo-metallic Chemistry:

It is the study of chemical compounds that contain bonds between carbon and different types of metals.


This branch of chemistry involves study of the structure, preparation and properties of the chemical compounds that consist of carbon and hydrogen primarily.

Organo-metallic Chemistry:

Study of all those chemical compounds that contain bonds between a metal and carbon is known organo-metallic chemistry.


Study of the spatial arrangements of the atoms in the molecules and their effects on the physical and chemical properties of the substances is known as stereochemistry.

Physical-organic Chemistry:

Study of the inter-relationships between the structures and reactivity of the organic molecules is called physical organic chemistry.

Students need Chemistry assignment help from time to time to complete assignments on these Chemistry branches to grab high-quality and top-notch grades.

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