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  • 27 Jun 2018

Universities happen to be the best ways for a student to get a taste of what is expected of them in the world at large. It is not all about getting the assignment work ready on time and delivering before the teachers. Though for assignments that are submitted before the teachers a student can always avail the services of my assignment help to obtain a better developed content but same cannot be said about the life lessons. Senior/ junior student bonding, today, is considered to be a barbaric tradition. But, that is, because a few seniors drunk in their newly found power get carried away.

In their madness of retain the authority over their juniors they have caused many a young student lose the confidence, live a life filled with embarrassment and in some, extreme cases their life. What was supposed to be a good experience ends up in being a nightmare for most. But this is not how the makers of the tradition intended it to be.

It was suppose to be a practice that makes the student closer to their classmates, get to know their professors and seniors and somewhat relax in their ever busy college lie as well. But still somewhere round the world it still exists with a new name and identity that is around to set the spirit of the student free, without the assistance of online assignment help.

Now here are some positive yet fun facts about senior/ junior student bonding. Each year, university students all across the world revel in the name of age-old traditions infused in school spirit. They do everything from raising midnight screams, to go skinny-dipping, or anything else as nothing is out of bounds for them. It is the same for each and every student from any given vocation can get involved with it quite similar to them getting essay writing service.

Here are 5 unique University traditions that will blow your mind in a second:

  1. Dragon Day Cornell University in Ithaca, NY

Dragon Day that takes place in Cornell University is as impressive as it is odd. It takes place on every year in St. Patrick’s Day. The preparations are mainly done by freshman students of architectural deftly design and build the soaring dragon. The massive lizard is then paraded all across the campus by inebriated students of every year who join in on the fun. Once the colossal dragon reaches the center of the Arts Quad, it is torched by them. Then the leftover ashes or the pile of coal-black bones and head are taken to the north end of the quad where it, rests for eternity surrounded by its worthy predecessors.

  1. Naked Quad Run Tufts University in Medford, MA

The tradition is in place since the early 1970s. At that time, forces were joined by the all-male Tufts University and the all-female Jackson College students to throw caution as well as their clothes into the wind run across campus at Tufts naked. It happened till the bureaucracy of Tufts put a stop into the shenanigans but students were far from being deterred. They came out with the best response possible. They started the Excessively Overdressed Quad Stroll where they performed the run wearing too many clothes. It did make a lot of noise but the jury’s still out on it.

  1. Birthday Dunk Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA

The Birthday of a person is always special, but at Occidental College they are especially considered so. Each year, students of the Occidental are tossed on their birthdays into the Lucille Gillman Memorial Fountain. The action is so unexpected that even the most prepared student is taken surprise. The birthday boys and birthday girls are taken out of their bed or class by surprise, where they are at, marched across the campus to be flung into the extremely shallow fountain. Given the weather of Los Angeles, that is always hot the Birthday Dunk is a welcome refresher.

  1. Naked Punt Return Yale University in New Haven, CT

Nudity is extremely crucial among countless traditions found in college, but this one alone stands tall while the others were eradicated. During the first snow of the year, the students of lacrosse fraternity at the University of Yale head out towards to their football stadium, wearing only thongs, to put the boot in, while the other football players soar across the stadium attempting to tear heads of the lacrosse fraternity off.

  1. Skinny-dipping in Mirror Lake Ohio State University in Columbus, OH

Every year the week before the football rivals of Ohio State and Michigan, face off in the field, a huge number of courageous Buckeyes braving the freezing weather of November dive into their on-campus Mirror Lake at Ohio State University, to show their support. While most wear swimsuits, a brave few wear nothing other than their birthday suits while jumping it. Each year tens of thousands of students participate in this spectacle willingly, making it an extremely pretty amazing spectacle to be a witness off.

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Obtaining professional my assignment help service often leaves the students with a lot of free time to invest in their study courses and other co-curricular activities that it expected of them. It also provides the students with the certainty of placing a document before their professors that are very much in tune with the rules set by them. No one does it better than the professional writers who have years of experience behind them, that helps the current student a lot when it come to developing a piece of good content.

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