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  • 18 Jan 2022

When you practice something for a long time, you tend to automatically build a routine that your body and brain start following day in and day out.

5 Tips to Make Your Studies More Engaging

With the passing of time, you even get better at what you do. However, there is also a possibility that after a certain point of time, you start getting bored of it and start getting distracted from the disciplined routine that you developed.

Similar kinds of things tend to happen with students or even older adults pursuing their education or studies. When you are involved in a rigorous study routine for a long period of time, you tend to get distressed, distracted, or even bored of it after a period of time. This happens to everyone irrespective of the intensity or level of their studies. Hence, it is important to evolve and develop certain ways to keep yourself motivated and engaged towards your studies when they start getting dull! Assignment Help Australia is the right platform that lets you engage and understand your study tasks in a better way.

How to make it interesting?

How to make it interesting?

When monotony gets created in a study environment, it is important for the individuals to take it upon them and break it by making the studying routine more interesting and engaging. There are certain ways and methods by which a person can add a bit of spice and enjoyment in their study routine. Let's have a look at some of them!

1. Good music is the therapy:

This is a tried-and-true study strategy for a reason: everything is more enjoyable when it's put to music you enjoy. Others have the ability to concentrate even when listening to songs with difficult and intriguing lyrics; some even have the ability to complete an essay while singing along. It's probably worth thinking about whether you're one of those people before you immediately go for your favorite music.

Music is something that is very soothing and calming for a person especially when you are distressed or tired of doing something for long periods of time. It can prove to be a nice relaxing pill for you to charge up and focus better on your studies besides soothing your mind.

2. Experiment with different locations:

At the time of studying, one needs to surround themselves in a calm and soothing environment. A noisy and clumsy surrounding like people laughing, vendors shouting make it difficult for an individual to focus on studying. A park or a green area will have fresh air and a calm area, thus making it suitable for studying. Therefore, one should experiment with different locations to know at what places they feel the motivation and vibes to study better. Good environment will keep your mind fresh and a positive aura will keep you going. 

3. Try different forms to seek interest:

Try different forms to seek interest

Puzzles, quizzes, and flashcards are all study aids that take advantage of the fact that we learn better and are more motivated when we play games. Have you ever spent hours on an app trying to obtain perfect grades while the task you're supposed to be doing goes unattended? Then you'll understand how breaking something down into a measurable and reachable goal makes it a lot more enjoyable.

The type of game you make will be determined by your hobbies and subject matter; for example, history lends itself better to a lengthy 4-hour board game than statistics, where you might instead apply what you've learned to real-world events like sports.

4. Use nice stationery:

If you have a desk full of beautiful pens, pencils, notepaper, notebooks, stickers, and who knows what more, now is the time to put them to good use and enjoy them. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, write with a nice fountain pen; it's not a good idea to use it on the exam, but forcing yourself to slow down a little when taking notes when studying can help the information sink in better. If you use stickers to cover your notes, you'll be more likely to revisit them. Why bother accumulating excellent stationery in the first place if it's not going to be used when you have crucial studying to do?

5. Don’t stress and keep the artist alive:

“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” This saying is perfect to illustrate the situation. Along with studying, one should keep up with their hobbies and interests. Take a break from studies and make time for your hobbies be it dancing, singing, painting, writing or gaming. This will help an individual stay encouraged and not feel too much pressure of studying. Engaging in your interests feels refreshing and gives a sense of positivity as we keep the artist within us alive along with our curriculum. 

The 5 E’s of learning!

Are you acquainted with the 5 Es of learning?

Yes! These are engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate! It enacts as a learning formula for many students. Let’s learn about it in an interesting way!

The 5 E’s of learning!


Studying is a process of learning and experimenting with our knowledge. And it requires a lot of focus and attention so one should have a proper location, posture, and stationery. One should follow the above mentioned tips for better results. Planning is the key to better studying and understanding. Try these steps and let us know which the best ones are. If you are stuck with any of your assignments, do visit the MyAssignmentHelpAu and receive best Assignment Writing Services online.

Familiarize with the five Es of learning and you will find it helpful!

Keep Learning! Keep Growing!

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